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(Looking at Her in a New Light)

Xia Qingwei smiled and patted Shen Nuo’s hand. “It’s nothing, I know.”

“What certain person are you talking about?” Han Dongping said angrily. “If you have anything to say, say it clearly!”

“It’s the New Year, and you’re insisting on making trouble?” Old Mr. Han said angrily. “I don’t understand. Zhuoli being with Lu Man is Xijin’s family’s matter. What does it have to do with you? Why are you so concerned about it?!”

“What did Shen Nuo say wrong?” Old Mrs. Han chimed in. “It’s something that has nothing to do with you, and no one is concerned about your opinion, yet you are thinking of yourself as important. Is that wrong? It’s the first day of the Chinese New Year today. I don’t want to show my temper. If you want to celebrate the New Year, you can stay. If you don’t, then leave!”

“I’ll leave, then!” Han Dongping told Lin Liye, “What are you standing there stunned for?! Our family doesn’t welcome us!”

Lin Liye was holding her grandson and playing with him. Mildly looking at him, she smiled slightly and said, “I’m not going.”


Lin Liye had become brave!

Lin Liye directly told Old Mrs. Han, “Mom, can I stay here these next few days?”

Old Mrs. Han also knew that if Lin Liye followed Han Dongping home, she would argue with him, and so she nodded. “Alright, you can stay however long you like. If you can bring my cute grandson and stay over, that would be the best.”

Xia Yixin smiled awkwardly. She could not bear to leave Han Linkai here.

Old Mrs. Han could tell as well. She was just joking; she did not think that this granddaughter-in-law would take it for real.

Old Mrs. Han instantly felt that it was quite a waste.

The eldest son of the family was a mess. It was the New Year, and they came to make trouble early in the morning.

And she even liked Lu Man.

And had things to chat about with Lu Man.

Lin Liye could also see it and understood the unhappiness in Old Mrs. Han’s heart.

She did not understand. The Han Family was full of intelligent people, so why was there a Han Dongping whose genes were different?

Han Dongping himself was not intelligent, and yet, he chose for Han Zhuoling a dumb one like Xia Yixin.

Lin Liye instantly felt a lack of interest and placed Han Linkai back into Xia Yixin’s arms. “You can carry him.”

Then she quietly went back to sit and smiled at Old Mrs. Han.

Old Mrs. Han sighed in her heart. This older daughter-in-law was really smart. It was really a waste for her to be with her older son.

“What about you two?” Han Dongping looked at his two sons and Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin looked towards Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling said, “I have to go give my New Year greetings with Zhuoli and Zhuofeng later.”

“Good! Good! Good!” Han Dongping said over and over again, then turned around abruptly and left.

Xia Qingwei saw everything and was speechless.

But she did not say anything like it was all because of her. If she’d known earlier, she would not have come.

Those words were meaningless, and the two elderly were trying to help her. If she said that, it would be a bit pretentious.

So she acted as if nothing happened and chatted with them normally.

Xia Qingwei then smiled and told Lin Liye, “I heard Man Man say that Linkai is very cute. I’m seeing him for the first time today. This is my present to Linkai. It’s not something valuable, it’s just for the child to play with.”

Xia Qingwei took out a box from her bag.

Lin Liye saw Xia Qingwei’s reaction to the trouble Han Dongping made just now and was looking at her in a new light.

Her impression of Xia Qingwei before this was that she was a gentle person, but aside for that, she was quite ordinary. There was nothing special about her.

But only now did she find out: having an outstanding daughter like Lu Man, how could Xia Qingwei be ordinary?


Lu Qiyuan was an idi*t. Lu Man could not have taken after Lu Qiyuan, so she must take after Xia Qingwei.




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