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(Find Another Good Man)

“So, there’s no need to be worried about your side either, it’s all friends. At the start, when I got together with Zhuoli, he brought me to see them. Before meeting them, just hearing these names made me feel nervous and scared that they would be hard to get along with. I was scared that I would not be able to understand their conversation, but after meeting them, I realized that they were all especially cute, and when they are together, they talk like a group of big children. Anyway, you’ll know once you go and see them. You will definitely like them.”

Lu Man’s words made Xia Qingwei relax a bit, and so Xia Qingwei decided to go and give her New Year greetings tomorrow.

After all, they were about to become in-laws. At this time, wouldn’t it be good to instantly give her New Year greetings to the two elderly?

It didn’t matter even if it was two days later.

The dumplings that were wrapped were put to one side, and Lu Man and Xia Qingwei prepared the reunion dinner.

Although there were only the two of them, they did not feel that it was cold and lonely at all. Although there were only the two of them, it was enough that they accompanied each other.

It was just that when eating, Lu Man’s heart sank a bit.

Xia Qingwei could also tell and asked, “What is it?”

“Mom, after the New Year, Zhuoli and I are going to get our marriage certificate. Then, during the Chinese New Year next year, I have to return to the family home with him to celebrate the New Year. So you’ll need to, by yourself—” Lu Man could not continue, and thinking about how Xia Qingwei would be spending the New Year alone, she felt horrible.

During the reunion dinner, how could she eat alone?

Originally, she thought that they could call Xia Qingwei over to the old family home. She believed that the two elderly would be more than happy even if she didn’t suggest it.

But thinking about how Han Dongping was also there, and given Han Dongping’s attitude, if Xia Qingwei went, she would definitely be looked down upon.

On a good celebratory day, why would she make Xia Qingwei go and be looked at with bad expressions by others?

“Mom, have you thought about finding another good man? Finding a man who loves you?” Lu Man asked. “It’s not a must to find one, and there’s no hurry. The main thing is to open your heart. If you meet someone you like, it’s not bad to get together. You are still young now, I don’t want you to be alone forever.”

“This child, what are you randomly saying!” Xia Qingwei said as she smiled.

“I’m not randomly speaking. It’s just that if you find someone who cares about you and can be with you a lot of the time, you can rely on each other.” Lu Man was scared that Xia Qingwei would misunderstand. “I’m not disdaining you. It’s not that I don’t want to care about you either.”

“I understand your meaning,” Xia Qingwei said as she smiled. “You feel that you are not often here. Whether it’s after marriage or because of your work, given your line of work, you’ll be filming and participating in all kinds of shows. You’ll need to run about places, and you can’t stay with me often. If there’s anything happening, you can’t take care of me instantly. So, you want me to find a companion so we could rely on each other.”

“That’s roughly it, but it’s not totally for companionship. To speak the truth, you are still young now. You should not find another half for companionship but because you like them. If you really meet someone you like, just get together,” Lu Man said. “I know that some sons and daughters don’t agree with their single parent finding their other half. I just want you to know, if you meet the correct person, just get together.”

Xia Qingwei smiled. “I understand your meaning. The thing about the Chinese New Year next year, we can talk about it then. I don’t know what things will be like next year. As for finding another half, I don’t want one right now at least. Those who are my age and are single all have their own family, as well as his own daughter and son.”



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