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(What Rubbish Are You Speaking?)

“When it comes to merging the two families, there are too many complicated things. Having not received true love, I really do not have the bravery to deal with it. But at my age, how could there be true love? I’m already past the age of a young girl looking for true love and placing high emphasis on it. I just want to properly live my life.”

“You don’t need to be scared that I’ll be lonely. After so many years, I’m living quite well by myself, and I’m also used to it. Whatever it is, I don’t need to follow what anyone says or bother with anyone. I can do whatever I want, and there will not be any arguments. I want to teach the violin, there’s no need for me to discuss it with anyone and get their agreement. If I want to go and have a holiday, I can go whenever I want to,” Xia Qingwei said.

Actually, she did not say the most important point.

Now that Lu Man was about to marry Han Zhuoli, she would be the Han Family’s daughter-in-law.

If she found another man and got married…

Then what if the other party’s family was no good?

She needed to be concerned about the situation at the other party’s family.

Would they want something from the Han Family because of Lu Man’s relationship with them?

Would they feel that she was considered an in-law of the Han Family and do some very showy things, things that were not good, to trouble Lu Man, causing the Han Family to be unhappy?

Actually, concerning becoming in-laws with the Han Family, Xia Qingwei had always been very careful.

She and Lu Man were ordinary civilians with no background.

She could not help the Han Family and could not be the backer for Lu Man.

Lu Man was just about to marry into the Han Family. If there was any problem, she could not help at all.

She knew that Han Zhuoli would not let Lu Man feel aggrieved.

But she was a mother, and as long as it was concerning her daughter, she could not help but think more about it and be more worried.

She could not help Lu Man much, and all she could do was not drag Lu Man down.

She could control herself, but could she ensure that she could control the other part’s family?

She could not ensure it.

But not every family was like her, with little members in the family.

Since it was like that, then how about she just stay alone?

In this life, her biggest wish was that Lu Man could live well.

She was doing quite well alone now and could ensure that Lu Man was living well. That was enough.

She was quite relaxed on her own; there was nothing to be worried about.

Earlier on, when she was with Lu Qiyuan, she had gone through a lot of heartwrenching things. She did not want to meet with those sort of messy things at this age, when she had just managed to find peace.

It was just that reason that Xia Qingwei could not tell Lu Man.

She was scared that if she said it, Lu Man would feel guilty, feeling like she was the one who was causing her to have to do it.

Lu Man did not know what Xia Qingwei was thinking in her heart and jokingly said, “Mom, if you say it like that, what if I won’t want to get married either?”

Xia Qingwei: “…”

If Han Zhuoli heard those words, he might actually fall out with her.

“This child, what rubbish are you speaking?! Is your situation the same as mine? You met Xiao Han, such a good child, with much difficulty, and he dotes on you so much. Even your in-laws treat you so well. So many girls wish that they would be in your shoes!” Xia Qingwei said, her tone scolding.

“Mom, I’m joking. Of course I know how good Zhuoli is. Otherwise, I won’t marry him either,” Lu Man hurriedly said.

“That’s better.”


Lu Man and Xia Qingwei managed to stay up until 12 with much difficulty. The two of them were about to sleep.

Although the Spring Festival Gala was showing on the television, the two of them were not watching.

It was a good thing that the alarm sound on the television woke the two up.

Xia Qingwei yawned and went to cook the dumplings.



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