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(This Is an Outright Theft of Audiences)

Lu Man used her hands to illustrate. “On the day after the New Year or on the third day after the new year, the second stage of publicity will start. We’ll be letting out a shadow picture of the mystery guests and mentioning some special points about the guests, like what kind of awards they have, that sort of thing. But don’t say something that only the mystery guest has. We must draw a range that can cover multiple big-shots in the industry. Let the audience guess and feel that while this celebrity fulfills the conditions, that celebrity also fulfills the conditions, though the hints must point to an A-list top celebrity. If they feel that it’s a person at the bottom of the A list or even at the B or C list, there’ll be no meaning.”

“For example, say that some audience members feel this condition is very suited to Gao Zishan, but other audience members feel that it also fits Dong Qinrong, then we’ll have ended up using the popularity of those people to our advantage,” Lu Man said part by part, in specific detail.

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui’s eyes shone.


Why did they not think of that?!

Rather than simply letting the mystery guest be known and doing publicity like that, why not use the popularity of the many top-level celebrities?

Chi Xingrui felt that Lu Man’s move was too great. “Wouldn’t you be tricking fans?”

It’s scary to even think about the number of fans that those top celebrities had.

This show’s publicity was a very big thing already.

Lu Man had a bit of evilness in her smile. “What do you mean by ‘tricking’? We’ll never actually give them a name list. We’ll just say that we could invite these people. We will not put out fake news about how our show has already invited a certain person. We’ll just be letting the fans guess it themselves.”

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui instantly felt that Lu Man was evil—too evil!

“While the netizens are excitedly participating in this and guessing, release a small program to show the outline of the mystery guests, and when the show airs, following the appearance of the mystery guest, you can light up the figure officially. Take note that whoever appears, you should light up that figure. This could be a bit tougher, and we’ll need the workers in the production team to watch it.”

“Why do we still have to light up the outline when airing?” Chi Xingrui asked, not understanding. “Since it’s already aired, the audience will already know who it is. I feel that lighting up the figure will be a waste of effort.”

Lu Man shook her head and explained, “Not everyone will be waiting in front of the television for the show. By lighting up the figure when the show is being aired, after the netizens online see it, there’ll be a high possibility that they would instantly open the television to watch, depending on whichever mystery guest they like. Furthermore, it’s possible that the audience watching The Performer would be scrolling about on Weibo while watching the show! If they see the mystery guest, it’s very likely that they would directly change the channel to your show.”

“…” Chi Xingrui took a mouthful of tea. “I’m still too naive.”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

That would be an outright theft of audiences!

That would be akin to stores pulling customers.

So there was this sort of method too!

The reason why Lu Man wanted to wait for the show to start and for the mystery guest to appear on stage before letting the production team release a picture of the guest was that those were the rules of this production team.

The reason why a mystery guest was called a mystery guest was that, before this, you’d know nothing about that guest’s identity.

If it was announced before the show started to air, there would be no surprise to talk about, and the original meaning of this portion of the show would be lost

“This is the suggestion I have about the show’s publicity. You can consider and discuss it more later on. My duty is actually after the show airs. The situation with The Performer, leave that to me,” Lu Man said.

Lu Dongliu instantly said, “The publicity plan you suggested is already extremely good!”




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