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( They Are All Just Unimportant Bystanders)

Everyone took a look. Wasn’t it Han Zhuoli’s phone that was ringing?

Manager Lu: “…”

Could she take back what she said just now?

“It is my phone,” Han Zhuoli said mildly.

Manager Lu: “…”

She did not know if it would be of use if she knelt down right now or not.

The other people were looking at Manager Lu gloatingly. The good thing was that their reaction time was a bit slower just now and they were a bit later to respond.

Manager Lu did not manage to suck up and, instead, managed to embarrass herself.

Han Zhuoli stood up. “Let’s stop the meeting for a while.”

After saying that, he took his phone and went out.

Left inside the meeting room were the managers of the different departments and Zheng Tianming.

Zheng Tianming kept a smile on his face. Only he knew that the CEO had been waiting for Lu Man’s call.

Manager Lu’s mouth trembled a bit, and she asked Zheng Tianming, “C… C-C-CEO didn’t switch his phone to silent mode today?”

Zheng Tianming smiled and said, “What is there to be shocked about? The CEO does what he wants. He can refrain from switching his phone to silent mode, but we can’t.”

Manager Lu had wanted to suck up to the CEO. She had finally gotten a chance, and her desire to perform had been especially great.

Who would have known that it would fail?

Manager Zheng from the production department, whose report had suddenly been cut short, felt a bit unhappy.

But the person who interrupted him was Han Zhuoli. What else could he say?

And it just so happened that Manager Lu had made use of the chance to step on him and show off.


“It isn’t the first time we’ve had a meeting with the CEO. How many years has it been? Could it be that you don’t know that your phone must be turned on silent mode during a meeting? Is there a need for someone to remind him?” Manager Zheng mocked. It made it obvious that someone was being overly smart!

In the end, haha!

Manager Lu’s face turned red; she was embarrassed and angry.

The other people did not say anything, but Manager Zheng’s mocking laughter hid a lot of meaning within it.

It was obvious that they were all very unhappy about her actions just now, stepping on people to suck up to others.


Han Zhuoli naturally did not know about the situation in the meeting room. He had taken out his phone and left the meeting room, and before he even totally entered his office, he had already excitedly picked up the video call.

He had just opened it when Lu Man’s face appeared on the screen.

“You’ve reached the hotel?” Han Zhuoli looked at the background on the screen.

“Yeah.” Lu Man especially pulled the camera further away from her and only showed half of her face to let Han Zhuoli see her hotel room. “It’s the hotel next to Dong Hua Station, don’t worry.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli was especially at ease but was not in a rush to hang up.

Then he heard Lu Man ask, “What about your work right now? Did I disturb you?”

“No. I knew that you were going to call, so I would have kept waiting,” Han Zhuoli said.

If these words were heard by some department heads, they would all chuckle.

Alright, if the CEO said that she did not disturb him, then she was not disturbing him. They were all just unimportant bystanders, not worthy of being acknowledged.

But Lu Man did not dare to disturb him for too long and hung up after chatting with him for a while. Only then did Han Zhuoli return to continue his meeting.


On the second day, which was a Friday, Lu Man brought He Mengmeng and Hu Zhonghui to head to the television station next door to the hotel.

Who knew that they would coincidentally meet Qiao Luna in the lift again?

Qiao Luna raised an eyebrow and automatically asked, “Are you here to participate in the show?”

Lu Man nodded. “To record Classic X Files.”

Qiao Luna felt happy in her heart. As expected, her prayers were answered!

As expected, it was Lu Man who was filming the same episode as her.

“How coincidental. I am also here to film this show,” Qiao Luna said, her expression unchanging.

“I’ve heard. We seem to be in the same episode,” Lu Man said politely. “It’s my first time participating in a variety show. I don’t have any experience, so please take care of me.”



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