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 Season 7

Episode 39

(Love and hate(1)

Violet stopped at the emergency room door and saw that the words 'In Operation' were still lit up in red. She sat down on a chair and waited anxiously. 

Chanting to herself, she hoped Roger was safe. "God, please save Mr. Roger. Please save him…"    

Meanwhile, Carol Shen, Roger's Mom, was in a hurry. She rushed to the hospital with a troubled expression on her face, her latest Dior designer bag slung on her arm. When she got news that her son had been in a car accident, she had ignored the documents piled up on her desk and bolted out of her office immediately.     

Violet heard the sharp sound of high heels as they got closer and closer to her. She raised her head in the direction of the noise. When she saw Carol Shen, she respectfully stood up and waited for her to approach.   

Carol Shen walked up to Violet and glared.    

 "How are you doing, Mrs. Carol?" Violet took the initiative to greet her. She was Roger's mother, after all.     

Carol Shen breathed hard. Her response was a loud smack across Violet's cheek.     
Half of Violet's face turned scarlet at once. With tears welling up in her eyes, she lowered her head and didn't say a single word.   

  "Why are you always pestering my son? Who on earth do you think you are? Such a shameless bitch! How dare you put my son in an accident?" Carol's words were vicious. 'This girl is so unpleasant, ' she thought. 'Attractive when it comes to looks, but her education, her taste in clothes are all so inferior. She's certainly not qualified to be my daughter-in-law!'  

  "I'm sorry, Mrs. Carol. I didn't mean to get him into an accident. I didn't expect that Mr. Roger would - " Before Violet could finish speaking, she saw Carol raise her hand to hit her again.   

Suddenly a large hand blocked her arm, suspending her hand in mid-air.   

  "Aunt Carol, don't you think you have gone too far?" Greg's voice was enraged. He stood one step in front of her.     

Carol Shen turned her head and was taken aback when she saw who had stopped her. "Greg, what are you doing here?" Carol asked, surprised.    

 "This hospital belongs to my family. Why can't I be here?" Greg replied coolly. He did not mince his words. Why should he be polite to Carol Shen just because she was elder to him? He unmistakably saw her slap Violet. How could he respect a person who hurt his woman?   

  "Oh, I see,"  Carol Shen replied, slowly putting her hand down. She studied Greg from head to toe. He had such an impossibly handsome face and was well-educated to boot. She received news yesterday that he had come back from overseas, now a successful cosmetic surgeon. Carol Shen always wanted to get her daughter engaged to this young and promising man. She was very satisfied with her decision.   

Greg walked closer and stood facing Carol Shen. Violet stood behind him and didn't dare to utter a word.    

 "Greg, did you come back from abroad just yesterday? Tina will also get here in a few days,"  Carol Shen's voice had turned affectionate. A wide smile spread across her face.    

 "Yes, I got back yesterday,"  Greg replied. He didn't give a hoot about what Tina did.     

"Well, that's good,"  Carol Shen said, feeling awkward. She didn't know what else to say. After a while, she found her voice again and continued,"Would you be working in XS Hospital then?"    

"Yes,"  Greg replied shortly as he cast a harsh glance at Carol. He was still cross with her for shamelessly hitting Violet.  

   "You will inherit XS Hospital in the future, won't you?" Carol Shen asked him, her mind scheming. 'If Greg inherits XS Hospital, I would gladly marry my daughter to him. XS Hospital is the top-ranking hospital in the city and is at par with GR Group. If Tina marries him, our company would be stronger and more influential in the future.'  

"Auntie, is that really any of your business?" Greg enunciated each word slowly. This woman was unbelievable. "I think you should care more about the person in the emergency room right now,"  he continued.    

 At his words, Carol Shen suddenly remembered why she was here. In her concern for her daughter's affairs, she had totally forgotten about her son.     "Ah! How is Roger doing now?" Carol Shen asked with worry.   

  "He should be okay. I just donated my blood to him. My father is in the emergency room and operating on him,"  Greg said, emphasizing the words "donated my blood." He cast a meaningful glance in the direction of Violet, who stood behind him.   

Violet wore a poker face. She didn't want to get involved in their conversation. It was a conversation between the nobility. It had nothing to do with her.   

  "You donated your blood to Roger?" Carol Shen asked with incredulity.   

 "Yes, there wasn't enough blood of his type in stock, so I had to,"  Greg replied, his eyes still fixed on Violet. That was absolutely not why he did it. He did it because he would not allow his woman to donate blood to other men. Greg refused to accept her blood flowing in another man's veins.     

"Oh, Greg. Thank you so much. You saved Roger's life,"  Carol Shen said. She was so filled with gratitude that she grabbed one of his arms, eager to thank him.     

Greg only stared at the hand on his arm, his face expressionless.     

Carol Shen noticed Greg's vacant stare and realized that her behavior was out of bounds. She awkwardly retracted her hand.   

"Sorry Greg, I was just so glad to hear Roger is okay,"  Carol Shen said, forcing a smile.     

Greg still did not speak and only glanced at her briefly.    

 Meanwhile, the door to the emergency room flew open. Fred and a few other doctors walked out.     

"Fred, how is my son?" Carol Shen hurried over to him.     

Violet followed Carol. She was anxious about Roger too, believing it was her fault he had been in the accident.   

Upon seeing that Violet walked over, Greg also took a few steps and sidled up to her.

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