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Season 7

Episode 67

(Knowing her background (3)

But Tina had no expression at all. She continued to look at it. She had to understand everything about Violet but this was not what she was expecting.

"She, she is the heiress of the JC Group?" Carol said it out surprised. She had never expected Violet to be the daughter of a wealthy family, and that of the JC Group, the daughter of Jackson and Cherry.

"Yeah, the JC Group," Tina said with a very calm expression. She tried to think of something in her mind,"The JC Group seems to be very famous in this city, and it seems that it had its business expanded overseas too. When I came back last time, I had seen its advertisement in the lobby of the airport."

Tina recalled everything she could remember about the JC Group. Although Violet also came from a wealthy family, she certainly didn't look like one, for which Tina despised her more.

Carol was so scared that she sat on the sofa without control and looked towards the front in a dull manner.

"I think, I finally know. I have met almost all the young ladies from wealthy families in the city. But I have never seen the daughter of the Chu family. One thing I know is that the young master of the Chu family is studying abroad. And someone had once said that earlier their daughter was also studying abroad."

Carol recalled what she heard about the Chu family a few years back.

"Bah, it really sounds like a joke. Mom, do you think Violet has ever studied abroad? She has such a bad taste, and to me, she is just a stupid girl who has no temperament. She must have graduated from some average college at most."

With a disdained look on her face, Tina said casually as she had never felt that Violet might have any nice qualities to boast about.

"It's just a rumor," said Carol. There were quite a lot of rumors in the aristocratic circle, and not a lot of these rumors had facts in it. Whether Violet spent her years abroad or not was not important. What was important now was the Chu family behind her. "Now think about it, in the past few years, Jackson and Cherry have been quietly developing overseas companies. It is estimated that they should still be in Hong Kong now.

Yesterday, I also saw the news about the JC Group's new branch in Hong Kong.

How could their daughter be still living here, in such a low profile? I can hardly believe it!"

"So what? I am not afraid of her, I am telling you very clearly. And Mom, didn't you see this? It's said that when she was ten years old, she was stabbed in many places and there are still scars left. But, the senior executives of the JC Group and the JS Group had suppressed the news, so it did not spread out. But obviously, they didn't suppress it well.

And now I've known it." Tina was very concerned about this. Her eyes were full of excitement. For a girl, staying beautiful was an important thing, but Violet had a flaw in this aspect. Now she had come to know Violet's weakness and the reason why she had no taste.

And this should be the reason for her staying so ordinary?

"Tina, you'd better not mess with her, let her be," Carol said suddenly. If she didn't know Violet was Jackson's daughter, she would join her daughter in removing her.

But now things had changed. She couldn't take the risk to do that.

"What, Mom? Let her go? Mom, have I heard you wrong?" Tina looked up at Coral with surprise. She didn't believe Carol's words. Just now she had got some useful news. In her heart, she had already begun to think about the next step. But now her own mother was asking her to let Violet go?

Carol stood up and looked at her daughter's eyes and said seriously,"Tina, we both agree that Violet does not have any merits, but we cannot change the fact that she is the heiress of the JC Group, and their strength is definitely greater than us. We can't beat them."

Carol was considering the overall situation. She couldn't afford to put the GR Group, which was created by her and Cooper Gu, her husband, at risk by fighting with the JC Group. The result was quite obvious that the JC Group would definitely win.

"Then what should I do? The influence and power of our family is also considerable. Anyway, I won't let her go so easily." Tina did not listen to Carol's persuasion and had to do whatever she wanted.

"Jackson is not easy to deal with, the influence of Chu family is absolutely first-class in this city, and Violet's mother, Cherry, is also not an ordinary person.

Although I have not dealt with her, I don't even know what she looks like since she has never appeared in any social occasion, I have heard a lot about her.

Many rich ladies say that she is a very special woman. As she has always kept her position as Jackson's only love, I think she should have her own skills to do that." Carol had been in the nobility circle for so many years and had seen many rich wives, but the only one she hadn't met was Cherry. Therefore she had left a mysterious impression on her.

It was reasonable to say that she could only believe in Cherry's ability if she witnessed it. But she had heard so many people paying the woman compliments, and these words had drawn in her heart a perfect picture.

"I believe that the woman named Cherry would not be a good person since she has a daughter who loves to seduce men," remarked Tina casually. She believed in the power of genes. Some of Violet's characteristics must be inherited from her Mama.

Carol did not care at all about her daughter's words and continued to immerse herself in her own thoughts.

"The four major groups in the city, the JC Group, the JS Group, the ZM Group, and the H King Group, have very close relationship, and Violet's aunt should be Selina, the woman who is so established and successful in the business world."

Thinking about Selina, Carol was a little scared. In a bidding project a few years ago, she lost to Selina, as Selina was far more superior than her. At that time it had become a hot topic in the wealthy community and she had become the laughing stock among people. Now after so many years no one would mention that thing again, but she still cared about it. She would still be nervous if she had to deal with Selina again.

"Mom," suddenly said Tina impatiently. "I don't understand the business fights between you adults. I don't want to know about these boring details. I only know that Violet has her weaknesses. I can deal with her. That's all I need to know, but the next thing I want to do is to find a way to handle her and force her to leave Greg. If possible, she will never see him again."

Finishing her words once and for all, Tina went upstairs with the documents.



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