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 Season 7

Episode 66

(Knowing her background (2)

"Well, then I won't be too bored then,"  Roger twitched, trying to squeeze a smile. He just wanted to see her sitting next to him, and wanted to quietly watch her. For him, her voice was the most beautiful music.     

Violet took out the magazine, sat near him, and began to read one of the articles for Roger.     

Inside the mansion of the Gu family, the whole living room was mainly golden yellow, European-style decorated. The curtains were all in golden color with intricate hand-made embroidery. There was a unique style coffee table in the center of the living room, and that was also surrounded by gold and gray leather sofas. The entire living room had an aristocratic atmosphere.     

Coral and Tina were sitting in the living room. Carol had a cup of coffee in her hands. Holding the tray of the cup with her right hand, she picked up the cup with her other hand, as she took a sip of coffee elegantly.   

Sitting beside Carol, Tina was reflecting on something with her right hand holding her chin.    

 "Tina, don't worry, we'll know the answer later,"  Carol said calmly. She would like to check what kind of background people like Violet could have. Carol knew that Violet was considered attractive not only by her son but her would-be son-in-law as well. If Violet did not have a strong background, then she would surely eliminate her in the way she usually did. 

She couldn't tolerate a little sand in her own eyes. As long as there was even a little bit, she did everything she could to clean it up and remove it.     

"Mom, I am not worried. I am just trying to understand how could this shameless woman attract Greg, and even my brother actually believes in her,"  there was a murderous look in Tina's eyes. The expression on her face was tight, and her original thick eyebrows and eyes were about to become a seam. The anger and resentment in her heart were crossing all limits.   

"Bah, she is nothing in front of our family, not a problem at all,"  Carol looked straight forward and said angrily.    

 "Mom, I am your daughter. I can't let people like Violet take my fiance away so easily. She can have my brother if she had to, but I cannot let her take Greg." 

Tina firmly said. She had long started identifying Greg as her future husband, and she mustn't lose him.     

"Nonsense,"  said Carol angrily. She turned to Tina, looked at her seriously and said sternly,"I know that you have deep feelings for Greg, but she will definitely not marry your brother either. Your brother's bride must be from a wealthy family, and they must be able to help us in building our family business.

 Otherwise, I will never allow her to step in our lives."  

Seeing that her mother was getting angry and realizing that she had said something wrong, Tina quickly took her mother's arm and apologized,"Mom, I was wrong, but please try and understand me. How do you expect me to be in a good mood after Greg said all those things to me yesterday? I didn't sleep well last night. Whenever I think of all this I feel very uncomfortable, that is why I said something so silly. Please forgive me,"  said Tina.     

Hearing her daughter's words, Carol calmed down a little. She knew it was difficult for her daughter to remain composed when her fiance was taken away by a nobody, and in such condition, it was easy for her to say or do something in a rush.    

 "Tina, we must remember that in the elite circle, one has to marry someone with a similar background. We must not allow the disqualified to join us, otherwise, the whole circle would be ashamed, and those who made such mistake would be despised by the nobility circle. Can you understand?"  

Carol tried to put some sense in her daughter. She felt that her daughter could understand her own words as she had been teaching her all these things from a very early age. In terms of education or tastes for daily life, her daughter never lost to other young ladies from all the wealthy families, so she didn't have to worry about this either.  

   "Well, Mom, I do understand, I can't understand why those poor people want to join the nobility circle, where they obviously do not belong to,"  said Tina. 

She thought about Violet in her heart, 'Violet is just a countrywoman and she has no elegant gesture. She's neither noble nor wealthy, and she couldn't even afford attires or handbags with some taste. Even her hairdo is always in a mess. All she has is just a delicate face.'  

  Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Carol and Tina looked at the door at the same time and saw that the babysitter had already stepped forward to open the door.   

A man in black uniform came in carrying a paper bag in his hand.   

  Tina knew in advance who was coming, and she couldn't wait to stand up and watch the black people approaching.   

  "How is everything going on? Have you brought all the materials along with you?" Tina asked immediately.     

The man in the black uniform first looked at Carol and then Tina. Then he handed the documents that were in his hand to Tina.   

  "Here is all the information we were able to collect about Violet."    

Tina couldn't wait to see the documents and she quickly opened the bag.     

Carol was also anxious, she stood up, and leaned closer to her daughter, trying to seriously look at Violet's information. 

  In the first second, the expressions were normal for both of them, but after the next second, Carol's expression had undergone a huge transformation.     

She widened her eyes in shock as she glowered at the document. She couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. In order to confirm, Carol once again checked the contents of the column she had just seen. When she was absolutely certain, she couldn't help but cover her mouth with her hands out of surprise.

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