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 Season 7

Episode 65

(Knowing her background (1)

After a long while, Roger turned around and said to Violet with a fake smile on his face,"Violet, I wanted to drink some warm water, can you help me, please?"    "Okay,"  said Violet and she quickly got up to get hot water for him.    

 As soon as she picked up the thermos bottle Violet could feel it was empty.   

 "No hot water in there. I'll go and get some for you. Lie down and rest till I come back,"  said Violet.     

"Okay,"  replied Roger.    

 Watching her leave, his eyes went blurred with tears and he felt quite overwhelmed by her gesture and care.  

   Roger turned to look out of the window. There was sadness in his heart. He had met many girls while he was growing and some of them were very pretty too but somehow he only loved Violet. He thought as long as he kept trying he could make her into him. What he did not know was that she already loved someone so deeply that she could not allow anyone else to enter her life.   

Today the weather was very nice. The sun was shining through the windows, and the room was well lit and airy better than before.     

At the same time, a nurse pushed a trolley and entered the ward. She approached Roger and said to him,"Mr. Roger, let me change your medicine for you."   

 Roger ignored the nurse and kept looking outside.     

After a long time had passed, he finally noticed the nurse. Roger turned to look at the young nurse in the white robe, who was changing his IV bottle.     

"When will I be discharged from the hospital?" Roger suddenly asked.   

"It takes at least two weeks. You are not severely hurt, but your condition needs further observation, so you will have to wait,"  the nurse looked politely at Roger. 

She knew that he was the young master of the GS Group and would inherit the company in the future. Therefore she had to be very cautious about every single word she said, or else she might be fired for saying something wrong.    

 "Can't I be discharged from the hospital a little before time?" Roger asked in a very calm tone, though the coldness in his voice could not be ignored.     

"I am not so sure about it. You must ask the doctor,"  the nurse cautiously replied.     
"Then, ask the doctor to come and meet me,"  said Roger harshly.    

 "Okay, the doctor will be coming soon,"  said the nurse. She left the ward after making sure that everything was okay.     

Before long, the doctor knocked at the door and came inside.   

"Mr. Roger, were you looking for me?" said the doctor to him respectfully.    

 "Tell me very frankly, how soon can I be discharged from the hospital?" Roger said very clearly. He couldn't just sit still. 

Greg was back, and he was now in this hospital, and moreover he was so close to Violet. Maybe Violet could meet Greg when she went to get the hot water. But he was lying in the hospital bed. He could not do anything. Roger was feeling quite bad in his heart that, as a man, he could only wait like silly people, and use rhetoric to show love to Violet.     

Seeing Roger was in a bad mood, the doctor immediately lowered his head and said,"Mr. Gu, you will have to stay in the hospital for at least three more weeks."   

 "Can't I be discharged within two weeks time?" asked Roger.   

  "This, this,"  the doctor had no idea about how to answer Roger's question. It was okay for him to leave the hospital within two weeks, but once he came out of the hospital there would be no guarantee that his health would remain perfect, and some wounds might break open again. In that case, the consequences would be more serious. 

  "I am giving you two weeks, treat me with all the right drugs, and find a doctor who can accompany me to exercise my legs from tomorrow, I really have to try to walk,"  said Roger.     

"But Mr. Roger, there are still bruises on your legs, it is not good for you to walk at present." Before the doctor could finish Roger interrupted him.    

 "I am not afraid of the pain. I want to find a way to get better soon. It is your responsibility. Just follow whatever I am saying." Roger directly ordered. He had always been bearing everything gently. However, at this moment, he couldn't go on like this anymore. He had to distinguish the importance of things. 

Though he was happy being taken care of by Violet here, he wanted to fight for his love. The relationship between Violet and Greg was resuming. According to Violet's character, if she had accepted a relationship, even if it was a previous fling, it would still take some time for her to confirm it finally. So he must seize the opportunity and look for every opportunity to tell Violet about his feelings for her.   

"This,"  the doctor was still hesitant, but when he looked up again at Roger's expression, he said,"Okay, I will make a medical plan for you now, and it would be starting from this afternoon."   

 After he heard the doctor's words, Roger felt satisfied in his heart and said to him,"You can leave now."  

  "Okay,"  the doctor nodded and turned around to go away from there.     

When Violet returned to the ward, Roger's mood had calmed down and he looked quite pleasant. He looked at Violet, who was holding a hot water bottle in her hand, and said softly,"You've gone for a while."    

"Yes, there were too many people waiting for hot water in the morning, and I had to stand in the queue for quite some time,"  said Violet, pouring the water into his cup.   

Then Violet put the cup on the table and said to Roger,"I will suggest you drink it later, it is a bit hot now."    

"Okay,"  Roger gently replied and did not say anything more.    

 "Mr. Roger, I wanted to take you out for a walk today, but it seems you are going to have your infusion right now. If you think it is fine I can read a magazine for you. 

This is the latest magazine,"  said Violet, walking to the newspaper column in the corner of the ward as she picked up a magazine from there.

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