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 Season 7

Episode 64

(Clarifying the relationship (3)

Greg grabbed Violet's arms before she could move.   

  "Are you upset?" Greg asked. Greg felt awful when she talked to him with a calm voice but with no smile. He hurt her and he wanted to make things right before she left.   

  Violet avoided Greg's eyes and shook her head.     

"Please look at me. Are you angry with me?" Greg pulled Violet back into the car to face him.     

Violet tried to hide her emotions before she looked into Greg's eyes,"No."    

"Okay, I'm sorry. I won't ask again. Please don't be mad, okay?" Greg spoke in a low, hushed voice. He just wanted to make her happy.   

"Okay,"  Violet nodded and forced a smile at Greg. "We need to go inside now. Mr. Gu is probably looking for me already."    "Let's have lunch together,"  Greg invited her.     

Violet answered with a small smile,"Okay."   

 Greg waited for Violet to enter her department before he reported for work in his department.     

Violet arrived at the wards and went straight to Roger's room. He was still asleep when she got there so she carefully pushed open the door to enter.    
 Despite the quiet entrance, Roger still woke up when Violet came closer. He smiled at the sight of Violet by his bed with his food. She was no longer just in his dreams but already here, by his side.    
 "Violet,"  Roger called out.     

"Mr. Roger, I'm so sorry I woke you up,"  Violet apologized and placed his food on his table. She stayed by his bed and focused on him.   

Violet apologized and placed his food on his table. She stayed by his bed and focused on him.     

"Well, you always arrive at this time so I was already waiting for you,"  Roger declared. Roger looked forward to Violet's arrival every morning. It was the best part of his day.    

 "Are you hungry? Did you eat already? Let me get you some water first, then we'll have breakfast,"  Violet stated with a smile. She took the cup beside his bed and filled it with water.    

 Laid on his back, he was so happy to be served by Violet.     

Roger studied Violet's face and mood. He always knew what mood she was in just by looking at her face. But today, she seemed to be happy but she also felt calm. He wasn't sure what was in her heart.    

 "Violet, is everything okay? About yesterday? My sister can be like that sometimes. She's been spoiled by my mother since we were little. And she's been living abroad for a few years now so her personality and ways are a little different from ours,"  Roger apologized for his sister. "I'm really sorry for what my sister did."  

"It's okay, Mr. Roger, not a problem at all. It's just that some soup spilled all over me and my clothes. I had to go home and change. But everything is fine. 

There's no need to apologize,"  Violet reassured Roger. Roger had nothing to apologize for. In fact, she should be apologizing to him since Roger was in the hospital because of her. She was the one who felt guilty.    

 "If my sister had half your personality, we wouldn't even be talking about this,"  Roger stated with disappointment. They might be the same age but his sister and Violet were very different from each other. His sister never thought about her actions and its consequences. She always believed money could solve every problem. And when she did something wrong, she didn't know how to admit it. 

Their mother always protected her and took care of things for her. He was worried about his sister and wondered how she could live without their mother.   
"I heard your sister is a painter and a very good one. Her paints must be as beautiful as she is,"  Violet changed the subject. She did not want to judge anyone else, especially someone she was not very familiar with. Even if she was Greg's former fiancee, she didn't want to say anything bad about her.    

 "She is and her paintings as well. But I'm afraid her inner self is not as beautiful as yours is,"  Roger answered. "Even Greg did not help her yesterday."   

 His last statement left Violet speechless. She didn't know what to say or how to answer that. Roger must have seen or known something.     

When Violet didn't say anything for a long time, Roger asked her,"Violet, your relationship with Greg, it's not just as friends, isn't it?"    

Violet avoided the question and focused on his food. "Mr. Roger, you should eat quickly. Your breakfast is getting cold."  

Roger knew Violet avoided the question. He was quite sure that Greg had feelings for Violet, after he what he saw yesterday, and after what Violet told him after that. And Violet knew Greg in a special way, based on how she always talked about him.     

"Tina told me Greg had never defended any woman before and that was the first time she saw him did that, for you. You have a special bond with each other, don't you, Violet?" Roger kept pressing Violet for answers. He couldn't sleep because of what happened yesterday. Regardless of Tina, it looked like he and Greg might be fighting for the same woman.     

"Mr. Roger,"  Violet pressed for time and hoped to change the subject once and for all. But she knew she had to tell him, one of these days, that she had chosen Greg.     

"Greg and I are classmates and we've known each other for a long time,"  Violet answered.     

Roger asked before Violet could say anything else. "Is he your boyfriend?"  

Roger thought it might hurt less if he said it out loud instead of Violet but it didn't. His mind was a mess last night and it became even messier now. How could he move on when his day started with such terrible news so early in the morning?     

Violet paused but eventually nodded. 


 When he heard Violet's answer, he turned around and avoided her eyes. 

The silence in the room was deafening even while no one spoke.  

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