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 Season 7

Episode 63

(Clarifying the relationship (2)

Violet was happy to see him first thing today before work could start. Violet ran towards Greg with two lunch boxes. "Greg, what are you doing here?"   

 "I missed you and I couldn't wait until I get to work to see you,"  Greg replied. He caressed Violet's cheek with his hand. 

"Thank for you making my food, too."    Violet's grin grew so wide with happiness. She smiled at Greg. "You're welcome."    

Greg took Violet's things to the car. "Come on, I'll drive you to the hospital."    "Okay, thanks!"   

 In the car, Greg helped Violet get settled in her seat and with the seatbelt before he drove away.     

"I was going to call you when I got to the hospital. I didn't expect to see you as soon as I got out the door,"  Violet gushed. She was surprised at Greg's appearance outside her house.   

"Can you imagine how much I miss you? Can you imagine how much I want to see you, even so early in the morning?" Greg asked while he drove. He was just so happy to be with Violet.    

 "You really wanted to see me so badly, huh?" Violet teased Greg this time so she could see his reaction. She was happy but she still wanted to find out how he'd react.    

 "Of course I do. You are my sun. Rain or snow will fall in my world if I don't see my sun,"  Greg was serious but couldn't help but smile at what he said.   

  "Did somebody teach you to say all those sweet words to me while you were away for five years abroad?" Violet turned to look at Greg when she said that and was mesmerized by his looks. His face was beautiful. And his white skin and perfectly chiseled face made her heart beat so fast.   

Greg turned to look at Violet and caught her staring at him. "What?" He kept teasing while he drove,"Speaking of which, what are you doing? You just can't stop staring at your most handsome beloved, right? Am I really that good looking?"    

Violet tore her gaze away and lowered her eyes to the floor. "No, don't flatter yourself, Greg."   

 "But seriously, Violet, were you into other guys when I was not around? Did you also stare at them with love and tenderness?" His jealousy couldn't help but resurface again. He had no idea whether she dated anyone during that time they weren't together. He was worried she did, so much that he could no longer hold back his questions.   

  "Do you really want to know?" Violet looked at Greg with a serious look in her eyes.     

"Tell me,"  Greg didn't know what to expect but knew in his heart that he wanted to know.   

"No, I won't tell you,"  Violet finally said after a few seconds. She avoided Greg's eyes and looked out the window instead. She couldn't tell Greg. She needed to keep this to herself.     

"Are you playing hard to get?" Greg asked with a smile to lighten the mood.    

 He suddenly stopped and parked the car at the roadside.     

When Violet realized they weren't moving, she turned to Greg,"Why did you stop the car? We need to go to the hospital. You're working today, too."    

"Violet, will you tell me or not?" Greg turned his body to face Violet and looked into her eyes.    

 "No,"  Violet shook her head. "I don't want to tell you."   

 Suddenly, Greg felt a sudden urge to grab Violet. He took her cheeks in his hand and planted a kiss on Violet's cherry-like lips. At this time of the day, she was more attractive than breakfast.   
Greg let go of Violet after that long kiss. He let go of her when he saw her red face.     

Violet looked down without a word to Greg.     

"If you don't answer my question, I'm gonna do that again,"  Greg said before he kissed on Violet's forehead.     

Violet turned to Greg with sad, serious eyes. "Greg, you know that you're the only I love."   

 "Am I really? Then why did you end things with me when I left?" Violet never explained why she broke up with him that day five years ago. And he had always wanted to ask her, to know what her reason was.    

 Violet took a deep breath to calm herself down. Gradually, her facial expression changed. From peaceful, she became nervous. From happy, she became quiet.     
Violet pushed Greg away. She looked out the window and spoke in a hushed tone that Greg could still hear. "Let's go. You might be late for work."  

The atmosphere in the car totally changed.     

Staring at Violet's back, Greg didn't understand what happened. Was it really so difficult to tell him the truth? It didn't matter to Greg what happened. She could tell him anything. They might have broken up five years ago but they were back together now. There was nothing she could say to make him hate her. She was always been there for him and inspired him to change.     

"Please, Violet, I really want to know. I won't blame you for telling the truth,"  Greg pleaded to Violet.     

"Please don't ask again because I won't say anything,"  Violet reiterated. Her hands began to tremble. She still wasn't sure if she did the right thing. But it was over now. What's done is done. And, besides, she didn't know to tell him.   

  Greg did not want to force her but he couldn't help but let her mood affect his. He didn't want to force her because he didn't know what she'd do if he did. He would blame himself if he made her do something she didn't want to do.   

Greg shifted himself in his seat and gripped the steering wheel. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down before he started the engine and drove away.     

Greg parked his car when they arrived at the hospital. Violet unfastened her seatbelt and handed Greg his food.   

  "Here's your food. You can eat it later in the office. I have to go,"  Violet mumbled and opened the door to exit the car.

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