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 Season 7

Episode 62

(Clarifying the relationship (1)

"Even if you don't attend the parties, my father has told everyone you are Mrs. Xiao. To everyone, you are Mrs. Xiao, Xiao family's mistress,"  Greg reassured her.     

Sharon's mood lightened when she heard Greg's words. She always thought Greg did not think of her as Mrs. Xiao, but it seems like Greg had already accepted her as part of the family for a long time now.    

 "Of course, yes. You're right. I think too much,"  Sharon replied with a smile. She took one of the food plates and offered it to Greg. "Would you like some more, Greg?"  

  "Yes, thank you,"  Greg nodded and took the plate from Sharon to fill his own.    

 After dinner, Greg retreated to his room and called Violet as soon as he closed the door.   

Violet answered the phone on the second ring,"Hi, Greg."    

"What are you doing now? Are you busy?" Greg kept his voice low. He just wanted to hear Violet say his name again and again. It left him with a warm feeling in his heart.   

  "I was just finished watching a movie with my grandma. Now I'm getting ready to take my night shower and go to sleep,"  Violet answered, as she closed the door to her bedroom and sat cross-legged on the edge of her bed.    

 "Come over here then and we can shower together,"  Greg teased Violet.   

  Violet was glad Greg could not see her blush. "Greg, I will hang up this phone if you utter those words again,"  Violet teased back.   

  "Okay, okay, sorry,"  Greg apologized with a laugh. He wasn't in any hurry to hang out the phone since he and Violet didn't talk for a long time.   

"Are you bored or something?" Violet asked. She knew Greg was in a good mood because he kept teasing her.    

 "A little bit. I've got nothing to do here, except missing you,"  Greg flirted with Violet.     

Violet blushed again but with joy this time. Greg still had that effect on her. "I'm going to take a shower now. I still need to get up early to prepare breakfast."    

"Don't forget my breakfast!" Greg reminded her.     

"I won't."    

Violet held on to the phone for a long time after they both hung up. She was in love with Greg. And she missed him. She thought they would never get back together, after what happened to them the first time. So, this time, she was going to make the same mistake and she was going to hold on to Greg. She would hold on to this love, to this happiness, and to his heart.   

The next morning, Violet woke up early, as usual, so she could prepare breakfast for two.     

Violet had a big smile on her face while she tied her apron behind her back and prepared the food. It was her first time to make breakfast for Greg. And she felt happy knowing that Greg would eat the food that she prepared for him.   

  The kitchen door squeaked open and Selina entered the room. She was surprised to discover Violet smiling and humming while she prepared food. "Well, someone seems to be in a good mood today."    

"Aunt Selina, you're up early today!" Violet stopped humming when she heard Selina's voice. Violet didn't usually see her aunt until later in the day because she's never gotten up this early before. 

    "Yeah, I slept really early last night and I woke up really early. I knew you always made breakfast at this time so I went down here to see if I can help,"  Selina offered. She wore an apron before Violet could reply.   

Selina joined Violet and was surprised to see two lunch boxed beside Violet. "Did you really take out two lunch boxes?" 

Who else are we making breakfast for?" 

   Violet blushed and kept her eyes on the food. "Greg wanted me to prepare him breakfast, too."   

 "So one is for Greg, is the other one still for Mr. Roger?" Selina teased Violet. 

Violet usually just cooked for Roger. But now, she has to prepare food for Greg, too. There's no problem with the food but Violet may not be able to keep this up regularly, getting up early to prepare food for two men.     

"Yes, of course, Mr. Roger always looks forward to the food I prepare for him. I just have to prepare a bigger portion and make it for two people,"  Violet replied automatically. It was no problem for Violet. After all, she was making food for a friend and her beloved.     

"It's still added work for you. I may need to talk to Greg one of these days and tell him to make it up to you,"  Selina worried for Violet.   

"Aunt Selina, it's okay. Greg is really busy at the hospital. He's got no time to prepare his breakfast. I can make it for him, it's not a problem,"  Violet reassured Selina.     

"Okay, I'm just making sure. Now, tell me what I can do to help,"  Selina offered. It looked like Violet did have everything under control so she's not sure how she could help.     

"Okay, you can help me wash the vegetables,"  Violet pointed to the vegetables on the tables and Selina started on it right away.     

An hour later, Selina and Violet finished and Selina closed the lids of the lunch boxes. She handed them over to Violet. "Here you go, two breakfast to go."    

"Thank you for the help, Auntie Selina. I'm going to go ahead. Will you greet Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle for me?" Violet took the lunch boxes from Selina.

   "Of course, take care on the road, okay?" Selina said.     

Now that Violet was done, Selina began to prepare breakfast for the rest of the family.     

When Violet walked out the front door, she saw a familiar car that looked like Greg's car.   

  When Greg saw Violet walk out, he got off the car and called out to her,"Violet!" He ran to meet her halfway.

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