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Season 7

Episode 55

(Meeting Aunt Selina for the first time (1)

Greg caressed Violet's hair softly and said in a doting tone,"Now you should take some sleep and I will go out to buy some food. I guess you haven't had breakfast."    

"How did you know that?" asked Violet, blushing and feeling a little embarrassed.     

"I know you well. You can keep yourself busy doing things for others and that has always been your true nature,"  said Greg. How couldn't he know her? She always thought of others and never even once thought about herself.     

"Fine. But I am indeed famished now,"  Violet put a hand on her belly and then looked at Greg pitifully.     

Looking at this delicate and touching girl, Greg always felt very protective. In a very tender voice, he whispered,"Okay, now do as I say. You go to sleep and I will go out to buy some food."  

"I will. But what about your work? Won't that be affected?" Violet suddenly realized that Greg still had a lot of pending work to do.    

 " You tell me what is more important, you or my work?" retorted Greg angrily.  

   Violet pondered for a second and gave him a bright smile, then replied,"It seems that now I am more important."    

"Then go to sleep right now and I am going out. Stay here quietly!" Greg ordered her.    

 "Yes, sir!" Violet answered back loudly.  

   One hour later, when Violet woke up and rubbed her sleepy eyes, she saw that Greg was already sitting on the bedside watching her intently.     

"Oh, Greg, when did you come back?" Violet asked as she got up from her bed.   
"I just came back for a minute," Greg replied softly. When he saw the tiredness on her face, he felt distressed. "Silly girl, why do you get up so early every morning? Don't tire yourself so much." 

"It's okay for me! Really I am not tired!" Violet pretended to be strong and smiled at Greg coyly. She felt very warm and touched by his concern for her. Greg fondled her cheek and softly kissed her on the forehead. He then gently said,"Now, let's go and eat something." 

"Okay," replied Violet. Her heart was filled with happiness and joy. Greg sat beside her watching as Violet ate the food that he had brought, feeling quite happy. He loved to see her smiling and her happiness was the biggest wish he had! "Greg, but why don't you eat with me?" 

Violet suddenly realized that only she was eating and Greg was just looking at her. He had brought her a generous meal and she could hardly finish all that by herself.   

Greg shook his head and looked at her with indulgent eyes. In a tender voice, he said,"I've had some breakfast and I am not hungry! You just hurry up and eat it."    
"But it's too much and I can't eat all of that!" Violet picked up some food with chopsticks and stretched it before Greg's mouth. In a flirtatious tone, she said,"Open your mouth and today I will feed you."  

  Greg obeyed her and enjoyed the feel of eating from the hands of the girl he loved so tenderly.    

 "Come on, one more bite,"  Violet picked up another chopstick of food and fed Greg. In her heart, she loved to share everything with him and, her heart felt secure and calm wherever he was.    

 "That's enough. I am full now and you'd better eat some more!" Greg hastily declined another bite that Violet's offered him. This woman was still the same. She had always been considerate with regards to him. He still remembered the time when they had meals in the canteen, she always fed him after she had taken a bite. Those were such beautiful memories and she always had a smile on her face! Even though many years had passed she hadn't changed at all!   

After Violet was stuffed completely, Greg asked the server to clean up the table. 

    Greg and Violet then sat on the sofa resting. Violet habitually snuggled into his arms, trying to feel his breath and scent.     

"Greg,"  shouted Violet suddenly. She knew now was the time to get to the point.     

"Yes?" replied Greg, lowering his head and watching the woman who was nestled in his arms.   

"I am afraid...that I will still look after Roger when he is in the hospital,"  Violet said gingerly, fearing that Greg may be seriously mad at her. She knew perfectly what kind of a person Greg was and he would not want to share his love with anyone. How could he bear that his woman should be looking after another man? They had discovered their love for each other only recently and they still had many problems to resolve: Tina, Xiao family, and even Roger. Violet was afraid that Greg would leave her again if she was careless and did something totally wrong.     

As expected, Greg's face darkened immediately on hearing that and he stared at Violet. In a cold voice, he said,"Isn't there a nanny in the Gu family? Why should you, the daughter of such a noble family look after him personally?" 

   Greg loved Violet dearly and he didn't want her to be tired. She always forgot her identity and behaved like an ordinary girl just to treat others humbly. But in Greg's eyes, she was like a precious princess. How could that princess look after others?   

"It's not like that, Greg!" seeing that Greg was slightly mad at her, she immediately tried to explain. "Roger was hurt because of me and I will feel really bad if I don't look after him."   

 "I can hire a nanny for him,"  said Greg. He then turned his head away and did not look at Violet after that. Because he was afraid that when he sees her loving and caring face he would be forced to give in to the demands.   

  Violet shook her head, stretched her hands and held Greg's face so that he could turn his head and look into her eyes. In a tender voice, she said,"Greg, I know what you are worried about. But if you were in my shoes, I am sure you would understand and support me. I did not pay any medical fee for him and the only thing I can do is to look after him. I hope that he will be recovered soon and then I can relax."  

Greg's mind was shaken when he saw the persistence in Violet's eyes. Only this woman could force him to change his mind.     

"OK, In return, you will have to prepare breakfast for me every morning!" Greg had no other choice but to compromise.     

From Greg's words, Violet could understand that he had agreed and she was so excited that she exclaimed,"Of course I will. I promise you that I will send you your breakfast from tomorrow morning."

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