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 Season 7

Episode 53

(We still love each other(2)

"Greg, let me go,"  she urged once again. "If you want to tell me something, just say it! Don't drag me like this to God knows where!" But her efforts went in vain. Greg didn't release her or even slacken his hold.     

When they finally reached his car, Greg pulled her towards him and pressed her against the metal door. He stared at Violet as his eyes burned. "Quiet, or I can guarantee you won't like what I do to you next."    

Violet quietened down. She took one long look into his eyes and knew that Greg was not joking. His tight expressions and clenched jaw told her that he was not in a good mood. Greg was on his last nerve and she couldn't imagine what he would do if she made a fuss.     

She stopped struggling and breathed hard.   

Greg released her and opened the car door. He looked at her sideways, saying,"Get in the car."    

"Where are we going?" Violet asked timidly, looking up at him. 'Where was Greg trying to take her?' she wondered. It made her anxious. He was not being himself.     

Greg ignored her question. "Do you want me to pick you up and put you inside myself?"    

Violet paused for a second before finally getting in.     

Greg went to sit in the driver's seat and started the engine. The car raced out of the parking lot at once.    

 The drive was silent. After about half an hour, Greg cut off the engine at the entrance of a hotel. It was the only five-star spa hotel in the city.     

The moment Greg got out of the car, one of the security personnel jogged over to him. Greg threw his keys at the valet and walked over to the passenger seat. He abruptly opened the door. Violet got out, keeping her eyes on him. Greg clasped her arm and moved in the direction of the hotel entrance.   

They went to the service desk where the receptionist waited for Greg with a room key.     

"Excuse me. Are you Mr. Greg?" She asked politely.    

 "Yes,"  Greg said.    

 "Here are your keys. Your room is on the 23rd floor."   

 Greg took the keys from her and walked with Violet to the VIP elevator.    

 In the elevator, Violet remembered that Greg had called a friend during the drive here, asking him to book a room for him.

 She trembled, wondering why he had brought her here.   

They stopped on the 23rd floor and got out. Greg brought her to the door of their room and unlocked it.    

Violet was hauled from the living area and into the bedroom. Unceremoniously, Greg threw her onto the bed. She tried to prop up on her elbows as Greg moved on top of her.     

Violet didn't resist this time. She could tell how angry he was. If she irritated him any further, she would only be bringing trouble on herself.     

Greg looked at Violet up close, unable to hide his affection any longer. His fingers trailed her cheek.    

 "Greg..." Violet started quietly, trying to draw his attention. His eyes seemed clouded, as if he was in a daze. The tenderness in his gaze was plain to see.    
 "Why did you make breakfast for him? How dare you let yourself feed him?" His voice was hard and his eyes were filled with sorrow. 'Violet, I'm the only one you should take care of, ' he thought. 'I'm the one you should cook for. You don't get to serve any other man.'  

"Greg, he got injured because of me. He got hospitalized, for God's sake. It was only right that I brought him breakfast,"  Violet explained. Her words were gentle.

 She did not want to argue with him anymore.     

"Don't be so good to other men, Violet,"  Greg said. His eyes were narrowed.    

 Violet looked into his eyes and pushed him away. She hastily got out of bed and went to stand in the middle of the room, trembling all the while.     

Noticing her reaction, Greg stood up as well.     

Violet was teary-eyed. "Greg,"  she pleaded. "We can never go back to what we had. Just forget about me. Pretend you never met me since you came back."   
 "Forget you?" Greg echoed with disbelief. His eyes were pinned on her. 

He approached her and crossed his arms. "Violet, if I could forget you, I would have done it already. It's been five years. Do you think I like feeling this way?"  

His eyes were pinned on her. He approached her and crossed his arms. 

"Violet, if I could forget you, I would have done it already. It's been five years. Do you think I like feeling this way?"   

 His expression was pained. Violet scanned his face through her tears and wondered if she had really made him so miserable. How deeply was he hurt?  

  "Violet, I wanted to forget you,"  Greg continued. "I wanted to erase you from my memory and my life. But I just couldn't do it. I still can't do it." His voice rose at the last few words. He really couldn't seem to stop thinking about her.

 Ever since she got injured as a child, he had dedicated his life to her. He was determined to be with her.    

 "But Greg, I can't be with you." Violet shook her head, sobbing.    

 Greg seized her arms right away. "Why? I have no interest in Tina, and you're not with anyone either. We can be together like before."  

"It's not as simple as you think,"  she whispered. "It's just not possible, all right?"    

"Is it because of Roger?" Greg asked her forcefully. He was clearly beside himself. "Or is it some other guy?" He was determined to clear things up with her this time. He couldn't continue to live like a zombie every day, always distracted and brooding. He wanted to be with her, protect her and finally marry her.    

 Violet said nothing as more tears fell down her cheeks.    

 "Or is it because of Tina?" Greg pressed, pacing back and forth. "If she is your reason for staying away from me, I can handle it. Tina would not get in our way."    
Violet glanced at his determined face and gathered up her courage. She needed to voice out her doubts.   

  "Greg, I admit that I love you,"  she said. "But we are grown-ups now and we have to face the reality. Your family won't allow me to be with you. I don't want to constantly face their criticism, all right? I don't want to be the object of their ridicule. Do you understand me?" Violet pressed a hand to her throat as she cried. 'Greg, why are you forcing me to say this?' she thought. 'It hurts me so much to talk about it.'

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