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 Season 7

Episode 48

(His fiancee (2)

"Greg, what is wrong with you? You should be happy to see me. Why are you being so indifferent?" Tina asked him. She grabbed Greg's arms and stepped forward.     

Greg didn't want to be close to her, so he pulled away. "That's enough, we should leave,"  he announced.     

He walked to his car, completely ignoring Tina. There were too many eyes on him even though he had only stood there briefly. It was embarrassing. He didn't appreciate being gawked at by others as if he was a statue.     

Tina was annoyed. 'Why does Greg treat me so coldly?' she wondered. She looked around and saw that they were surrounded by many young girls, who gazed at Greg with adoration. Tina suddenly realized it was ill-advised to keep standing here.   

She opened the car door and got inside elegantly.     

Sitting in the car, Tina was in high spirits as she talked to Greg.    

 "Greg, did you know? After I heard that you came back to China, I quit my job without a second thought and rushed over here. I have decided to stay here with you,"  Tina said in excitement.    

 Greg was impatient and unwilling to respond to her. He held the wheel in both hands and focused on driving the car.   

  "Hey, Greg. Have you decided to be a doctor at XS Hospital?" Tina asked him.    
 "Tina,"  Greg said wearily, feeling a bit helpless. He didn't want to answer her question. Instead, he said,"Roger is in the hospital."  

  "What!" Tina's eyes widened in shock as she stared at him. "My brother is in the hospital? Why did nobody tell me?"  

"Yes, please take me there,"  Tina said with worry. "Even Mom didn't tell me. 

Why is my brother admitted to the hospital? What happened to him?"   

 "A car accident,"  Greg replied briefly. The image of Violet taking care of Roger sprang to his mind immediately.    

"My brother had an accident?" Tina asked in disbelief.    

 "The driver was drunk and hit Roger. That's how he got hospitalized,"  Greg explained to her.     

Tina was anxious,"But how? My brother is always so cautious. How could an accident have happened to him?"   

 Greg ignored Tina's question. He was trying to keep the real reason a secret from her. Roger had saved Violet by sacrificing himself. In the process, he got into a car accident and got injured. He couldn't tell this to Tina, because he knew her very well. If she got to know that Violet was indirectly responsible for Roger's injury, she would make Violet her enemy. Tina would make Violet's life a living hell.   

Tina grabbed Greg's arm and urged him,"Greg, speed up. Take me to the hospital as quickly as you can!"   

 Greg shook off Tina's hands easily and sped up, his car hurtling on the road.    

 When Violet returned home, she saw her aunt walking down the stairs.   

  "Violet, it's good that you are back home early,"  Selina said with a smile.   

  "Hi, Auntie,"  Violet greeted her politely.     Selina walked into the living room. She took Violet's hands and sat on the sofa with her.     

"Violet, I heard that Roger is injured and is hospitalized. What happened to him?" Selina asked with some concern.   

Violet looked at her. She decided to tell her aunt the truth. Selina had always understood Violet's feelings. Violet might get some relief if she shared her heartache.     

"Auntie,"  Violet said, shaking her head sadly,"I was trying to protect a child on the road, but a car rushed at me. Mr. Roger pushed me away to save me and got hit by the car instead. That's how he got injured."  

  Violet didn't leave out any details of the accident.    

 Selina listened to her account and immediately understood what had happened. "Violet, does Roger love you?" Selina asked her.   

  Violet stared at Selina and nodded her head timidly.     

"How about you? Do you love Roger? His mother, Carol, is a difficult person to deal with,"  Selina said. She knew Carol well. 

She was a social elite. Not only was Carol a shrewd businesswoman, but also clever enough to take charge of her household.   

Violet shook her head. "Mr. Roger is my boss, I just have a working relationship with him. It's nothing more than that,"  she explained.    

 Violet still looked preoccupied but Selina didn't understand why. If she didn't like Roger, what was she so worried about?

     "Violet, you look unhappy. What else is bothering you?" Selina asked her.    

 "Auntie, I...,"  Violet didn't know what to say. Her mother wasn't here, so she could only unburden herself to her aunt. She was upset about Greg but how could she tell her that?    

 "What's wrong? Just share it with me. I am a good listener,"  Selina told her kindly. She was worried about Violet, who was under too much pressure. If Selina couldn't help Violet in her time of need, she would regret it immensely.   

"It's Greg. He is back,"  Violet spoke out, her voice breaking.     

"Greg Xiao, Fred's son?" Selina asked. She remembered having read in the newspapers that Greg was back in town.     
"Yes,"  Violet said, nodding.   

Selina knew Violet had been close to Greg. They had been classmates since they were very young. Later, Greg went abroad. Selina didn't know what happened after that, so she was confused about their relationship.    

 "Have you met each other yet?" Selina asked her gently.  

   "Yes, he is a doctor at XS Hospital now. Mr. Roger was admitted to the same hospital,"  Violet pointed out.     

"Does Greg know you are taking care of Roger?" Selina asked her tentatively.   

"Yes. Greg also donated his blood to Mr. Roger,"  Violet told her frankly.    

 "Why did he donate his blood to Roger?" Selina was obviously surprised. Roger was from a rich family, and so was Greg.

 Rich people had too much pride and honor to be considerate of others. It was quite incredible that Greg was fine with donating his blood to Roger.     

"I thought he donated his blood to Roger for my sake, but now I'm not sure whether it was because of me or not,"  Violet added.     

Selina didn't utter a word, surprised. She waited for Violet to continue.    

 "He has a fiancee. It's Tina,"  Violet squeaked. She felt extremely unsettled as the word "fiancee" rolled out of her tongue. Her mind was in chaos.    

 "What?" Selina was shocked. "That's to say, Roger will be Greg's brother-in-law?"  

Selina considered it for a moment. A person like Carol would never refuse such a good match. Besides, she had heard that Fred's second wife was looked down upon by other rich wives in her circle. If her son married Carol's daughter, she too would be influential enough to gain recognition.     

Violet didn't reply to Selina's question. She couldn't focus on the conversation anymore. She was only concerned that Greg was going to marry Tina.    

 Selina noticed that Violet was distracted. The expression on her face told Selina all she needed to know. Violet still cared about Greg.     

"Violet, you love Greg, don't you?" Violet wasn't good at telling lies. She was not good at keeping secrets either. Her heart was always on her sleeve. Selina could read Violet's mind easily.    

 "Auntie, how did you know?" Violet whispered, her head lowered.   

"Violet, I can tell it from your face,"  Selina said, lifting Violet's chin. "Does Greg know you still love him?"    

Violet pondered over it for a while. "It doesn't matter if he knows it or not. We've both changed so much over the years. We can't go back to the old days. 

And now he has a fiancee who is very much equal to him. I have heard that Tina is very beautiful. They would be a perfect match,"  she said sadly.     

Selina gazed at her, troubled. "Violet, I worry about you. You are as good as the others, please remember that. You are heiress to JC Group and Jackson and Cherry's daughter. You're no less than Tina."    

Selina knew Violet had a bit of an inferiority complex. She wished Violet could be more confident in herself.    

 "Violet, I believe you will handle your relationship with Greg well, but..." Selina paused for a second and added,"... but if you meet someone whom you deeply love, you must be confident in yourself, do you understand? You too can be as bright as sunshine."  

"Okay, Auntie. I understand," Violet said, nodding firmly. Warmth coursed through her body. When she was with her family, she felt like a real princess.

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