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 Season 7

Episode 47

(His finance (1)

In the afternoon, when Violet walked out of the elevator with a meal box in her hand, she saw Greg standing not too far away.     

Greg also noticed Violet the moment she came out. The meal box was quite familiar to him. The chicken soup she prepared for Roger was often packed up in it.    

 Violet tried to walk past Greg and pretended that she hadn't seen him, but Greg had no plans of avoiding her.     

The moment Violet lowered her head to sidestep him, Greg grabbed her arm and forced her to walk out of the hospital lobby with him.     

"Hey! Let me go! Take your hands off me,"  Violet said, resisting him. She didn't want others around them to think that she was close to Greg.   

"If you continue to struggle, you may not like it when I'm unable to control myself,"  Greg warned her. He was hell-bent on achieving his objective, no matter what. 

    At this, Violet lapsed into silence. She followed him submissively.    

 "What's wrong, why are you leaving so early today? Are you going home? Why don't you stay with him for a few more moments?" Greg said, sneering. 'Isn't she always by Roger's side for half of the day? It is still early, so how can she bear to leave Roger alone in his ward?' Greg thought with sarcasm.     

"That's none of your business,"  Violet said. She didn't want to have this discussion with him.     

"Oh, I am just curious. I don't care what you do,"  Greg said with irony. Of course, he cared.     

Violet didn't reply and just walked.    

 Silence fell. The atmosphere between them grew awkward.   

"Did you get off work?" Violet asked him, breaking the silence.   

  "I have something to do, so I am leaving early,"  Greg answered and observed Violet's profile.     

"Oh, I see,"  Violet replied shortly.    

 "Aren't you curious about where I am going?" Greg asked her intentionally, cocking his head. He wanted Violet to know why he was leaving early. He wondered how she would respond to it, and if he could finally get a reaction from her.    

 "That's your own business. I am not interested,"  Violet said, trying to move past him.     

"I am going to pick up my fiancee at the airport,"  Greg told her brightly, pretending to look ahead. He tried not to look at Violet's expression.   

Violet felt as if all breath had been knocked out of her. She paused in her footsteps. Although Greg still walked on, she failed to force herself to move.    

 'His fiancee? He has a fiancee?' Violet sucked in a breath.    

 Greg realized that Violet stopped behind him. He turned around, finding that she was rooted to her spot. She was shocked at his answer. It satisfied him. Violet tortured him for so many years. It was his turn to torture her now, wasn't it?     

"What's wrong? Why are you so surprised?" Greg stepped close and asked her mockingly. His mouth curled into a smile.    

 "You have a fiancee?" Violet asked him solemnly as she searched his eyes.    

 "Of course, I do. Didn't you know?" Greg replied, feigning surprise.   

  Violet just stood still and looked at him, as if she had forgotten how to move or speak.   

Greg grinned and looked around. He shifted his eyes to Violet's and said,"You probably know my fiancee."    

"Who is she?" Violet immediately asked him. She did want to know who she was.     
"It's Tina, Roger's sister,"  Greg enunciated the words slowly. His eyes were still fixed on Violet. He saw the exact moment her eyes grew wide in panic. It told him that she still cared about him.    

 Violet recalled something Roger had told her before. 'I have a younger sister who is abroad.' Was that Tina? Greg's fiancee? The Gu Family enjoyed high social status and so did Xiao Family. 

They were at par with each other. Besides, from what she had heard, Tina was a painter. She must be outstanding. Greg was also handsome and a talented doctor. They were well-matched, weren't they?     

Violet still didn't move as Greg stepped closer. "What's the matter?" he hissed quietly. "You often stay with Roger. Hasn't he told you about it?"  

Violet quickly adjusted her expression. "I don't ask Mr. Roger about his family affairs. But you and Miss Tina suit each other. Both of you are from influential families. It's natural that you want to marry each other,"  holding herself aloof, she answered him.    

 Violet's words irritated Greg beyond belief. Why did she care so little about him? What was worse, she was actually blessing him upon learning that he had a fiancee.     

"Hah. 'Both Gu Family and Xiao Family are influential.' What about Chu Family? Isn't Chu Family influential?" Greg whispered in rage, leaning forward. Was she trying to test his limits?     

"Chu Family is influential too,"  Violet said easily. "JC Group is the largest commercial company in this city. So of course, my family is powerful as well, isn't it?"  

Greg couldn't guess what Violet was getting at. What did she mean?     

"Violet, what do you mean? What on earth are you trying to tell me?" Greg asked her in confusion.     

"I just want to tell you that I am not some princess from a rich family. That's not my identity. I am an ordinary and inconspicuous person who lives a quiet life. I have scars on my body. I could never compare to Tina, because I'm not as outstanding as her,"  Violet pointed out, trembling.     

Greg gazed at her with a mixture of anger and surprise.    

 "Dr. Greg, I wish you a happy life with your fiancee,"  Violet said to him abruptly before darting in the other direction.

     Greg turned to look at her receding figure but didn't chase her. He felt like his heart had been stepped on over and over. 'Violet, I've never wanted to marry Tina. Only you can give me that kind of happiness, don't you understand?'  

Violet cried as she sprinted. She didn't stop until she was hiding in a corner of the street where she could cry with abandon.     

"Greg, you jerk, how could you find yourself a fiancee? You promised to love me forever. You also guaranteed that you would stay with me for the rest of our lives. How can you marry Tina?"    

Violet whispered to herself. She had nearly stumbled when she heard the news from Greg. For how many days and nights had she thought of the possibilities between her and Greg? She even wondered if he would marry another woman. But just now, when she actually heard it from his own lips, she felt like she would collapse. She felt like somebody had ripped the ground from beneath her. Up until now, Violet didn't fully realize how deeply she still loved him.   

Violet cried for a long time. Eventually, she wiped her tears away. 'Violet, you should be happy for Greg, ' she said to herself, trying to be convincing. 'As long as he is happy, there is nothing for you to complain about. It was you who broke up with him, so you are in no position to regret it. You are not equal to Greg. It is impossible for you to marry him because Sharon would never permit it. Besides, you are not beautiful or talented. You have so many shortcomings. Tina is perfect for him. You should wish them happiness.'    

At the International airport    

Greg stood beside his car leisurely and waited for Tina. Sure, he came here to pick her up, but he would never walk into the concourse to seek her out himself. 

She could find him on her own. If she couldn't do that, he would abandon her and drive away.     

A tall and thin woman appeared at the airport, pulling a suitcase. Her wavy hair was golden and her big sunglasses nearly covered her entire face. She wore a brand new windbreaker, black slacks and a pair of high heeled shoes.   

Tina stopped, looking unhappy. 'Greg promised he would come to pick me up, but where is he? I waited a long time for him at the exit. Did he not come?'    "Wow, he is so handsome!"   

 "Yes, he is. Is he waiting for someone?"   
 "He must be."    Listening to the remarks, Tina looked around. Her gaze stopped at a person not too far away. She smiled and walked to the man she had been looking for.    

 "Greg,"  Tina greeted, stopping in front of him. She intertwined her arms around his neck.     

Greg was peeved. A few moments later, he pulled her hands away from him.  

"Welcome back," Greg said coldly. He took his eyes off Tina and looked around, bored. 

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