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 Season 7

Episode 46

(Recalling the past (2)

Roger was shocked at her words. Standing at the door, Greg's eyes sparked with fury and his lips tightened.     
Hot, burning anger blazed in his heart. 'So Violet fell in love with another man who is not Roger. She sure seems to have a chaotic life! She broke up with me five years ago, and now she's involved with someone else. And here she is, feeding soup that she herself made to her boss, when she kissed me just yesterday. Wow!' Greg thought, disgusted.    

 Greg turned away and left. His shoulders slumped slightly, revealing deep loneliness and despair.     

"Are... are you two together?" Roger continued to question her. He was determined to get all the details from Violet. As long as there was even a glimmer of hope, he would not give up on her.   

Violet shook her head. "Not yet. He is abroad and I am waiting for him to come back,"  she replied.     

Violet's mind was fixated on Greg. What she told Roger was not untrue, because it was a glimpse into her past with Greg.     
Violet looked outside the window. "We know each other since elementary school. When we were juniors, he expressed his feelings for me. By high school we were lovers. We have been together since then,"  she said tenderly.

     Listening to her, Roger could tell she had strong feelings for this man. There was a reminiscent look on her face and she was smiling unknowingly. 'She must really love this man, ' Roger thought sadly.     

"But later, he went abroad for further studies." There was an acute sorrow in her voice as she reached this part of the story. To ensure that Roger gave up on her, she said,"I've been waiting for him since then."  

"Did he ever say that he would marry you?" Roger questioned her. Affection and marriage were two different things. 

Affection might not be taken seriously, but marriage was. And they had been apart for so long. Time could change a lot of things. It could have changed their love too.     

"Yes,"  Violet nodded eagerly. She showed Roger the necklace that hung around her neck. The Heart of Ocean. 

"This is what he gave to me in promise. I've been wearing it since then."   

 Upon seeing the necklace, Roger realized how deeply she loved this man. Violet had spoken from the bottom of her heart. Her face was emotionless, but in her heart, she held sincere love for this man. And that man was not Roger.    

 "Oh, that's great,"  Roger said with disappointment. His heart had shattered and he didn't know what else to say.    

 "Yes, it's great,"  Violet agreed, convincing him. "Roger, I hope you understand that the relationship between us is purely that of a boss and his subordinate. I was hired as your employee at GR Group."  

"Violet, would you allow me to give up my love for you only after you get married?" Roger insisted. His heart was broken. He was serious about Violet and loved her desperately. He could not throw away his feelings for her in an instant. He needed some time. His feelings would fade away gradually, but he needed to see that Violet was happy with that man, only then would he truly give up. After her marriage, he wouldn't disturb her anymore. He sincerely wished for her happiness.     

"Well..." Violet trailed off. She knew that was impossible because she would never marry Greg! They had broken up five years ago and weren't likely to make up again.    

 "Violet, I'm only going to give up on you after I see you happy with that man,"  Roger persisted. There were many beautiful girls around him, but he felt this way only about Violet. She already had a lover, and Roger might be digging his own grave, but how could he rest until he saw her happy?   

Not knowing how to reply to him, Violet stood up and wrung her hands awkwardly. "I am going to the washroom!" she announced.     

Violet left the ward. She knew she was escaping Roger, but she had no idea how to face him again.    

 Greg staggered to his office. He rubbed his face and sobered up. Taking a look at his wrist watch, he realized that he still had one hour left before he started his consultation.    

 In the meantime, he tried to distract himself but failed. He couldn't help but recall what Violet said just now. He realized that he didn't even know her anymore. She was no longer the girl he loved five years ago. She had changed completely.   

His thoughts went to the past. When they had been in junior high, the love between them had already sprouted. It was so pure. They hung out with their friends, neither of them saying a word of their attraction to each other. Their eyes used to meet several times. Greg always paid extra attention to her. Both of them knew how the other felt. It wasn't until their senior year that he started holding her hand. He could never forget the night he had kissed her soft lips for the very first time.    

 It was an afternoon on Tuesday. After school, Greg had accompanied Violet to a bookstore. It had been early and Greg had wanted to stay around her for longer, so he treated Violet to a coffee at some cafe. It was not until it got dark that Greg escorted her back home.     

On the way to her home, Greg pulled her hand and led her on a different path. 

Violet had been surprised. "Greg, where are we going?" she kept asking him. "This isn't the way to my home!"  

Greg took no notice of Violet's words, instead, he pressed her back against a wall. Looking into her eyes, he felt her breathing hard. Her smell was intoxicating.     

"Greg, what are you doing?" she asked in a low voice. Violet was too shy to meet his eyes.    

 "Violet, have you had your first kiss yet?" He gazed at Violet's lips eagerly.     

Violet blushed, knowing what Greg meant. "I saved it for you,"  she replied timidly.     

Greg's heart skipped a beat. "I... I really want to kiss you. Can I?" he stumbled over his words.     

He didn't expect Violet to take the initiative. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.     

Greg moaned, unable to suppress his desire. He kissed her back passionately.  

 This was the most wonderful evening of his life. Greg could never forget it. They had both saved their first kiss for the person they truly loved.     

The morning sunshine peeked into Greg's office. He didn't notice, lost in his memories. He still sat on the chair, looking ahead in a daze. The only thoughts in his head were of Violet. 

Suddenly, his phone rang, drawing him back to the reality.    

 Greg glanced at the name on the screen. His eyebrows knitted together.    

 Impatiently, he swiped to accept the call.     

"Hello, what's up?" Greg said briefly.    

 "Greg, don't forget to pick up Tina this afternoon. I just called to remind you,"  Sharon's voice sounded on the phone.   

  "Would you stop? It's none of your business,"  saying this, Greg hung up straight away.   

His eyebrows were still furrowed and his face dejected. It looked at odds with his handsome face.     

'Violet, what am I going to do about you?' he wondered miserably.     

After a while, he opened his eyes. A thick, bright tear fell on his cheek.    

 Greg looked at the white ceiling, his eyes brimming with sorrow. He didn't know what to do. What should he do to make Violet come back to him? He didn't think he could live without her. She was like his own special venom and he had been poisoned by her. He didn't even intend to heal himself. He hoped the poison would spread like a virus, across his body, mind, and soul.     

Time ticked by in silence. Greg's mind was in chaos as his gaze flitted over the ceiling. Suddenly, his eyes grew sharp with fury and determination. 'Violet, you are mine. You can only belong to me in this lifetime. I will never lose you. You are mine, ' Greg promised her in his thoughts.

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