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 Season 7

Episode 45

(Recalling the past)

When Wilson and Selina went downstairs, they saw Jacob and Elsa sitting on the sofa, watching TV.     

"Hi Dad, Mom,"  Wilson said to them.     Selina too greeted her in-laws politely.   

  "You both are up,"  Jacob said. "Let's have breakfast together in the dining room,"  he said to Elsa.   

  "Okay, I will prepare it,"  Elsa replied, standing up and heading to the kitchen.    
 "Haven't you both had your breakfast yet?" Selina asked in surprise. She thought they would have had their breakfast already, since she and Wilson got up so late.     

"Not yet. Elsa said we should wait for both of you to wake up before we ate,"  Jacob explained.   

"Dad, if we get up late next time, don't wait for us. You and Mom should eat first,"  Wilson said. There was warmth in his words.     

"That is fine, we can manage. Let's go and have breakfast now,"  Jacob said. Wilson smiled and followed him along with Selina.     

As the family sat around the table eating, they talked casually. "Has Violet had breakfast yet?" Selina asked, showing concern for her niece.    

 "No,"  Elsa replied. "She told us that the Vice President of her company is hospitalized. So she made some chicken soup for him early morning and went to give it to him in the hospital."   

 "Roger is hospitalized?" Wilson asked in astonishment. He had learned recently that GR Group's CEO, Cooper Gu, was abroad. The company was under control of his son Roger right now. But since Roger was hospitalized, his mother Carol must have taken charge of the group.   

"Seems so,"  Selina said, nodding. She knew about GR Group but didn't bother about their current situation. "Our Violet is so warmhearted."    

"I agree. When your Father and I went downstairs, she had already made the soup,"  Elsa said with pride. She was lucky to have such a thoughtful and sensible granddaughter with her.     

"I admire Cherry so much! She has a smart son and a kind daughter. I am sure Jackson and Cherry will take great pride in their children in the future,"  Wilson remarked.     

"All my three grandchildren are great! I love them all, but Lawrence and Austin are abroad. Only Violet is with us,"  Elsa said with a smile.     

"Mom, after Austin graduates this year, I will ask him to return home,"  Selina comforted her. Selina didn't want her only son to be there all alone. Maybe it was selfish of her, but she wanted her son by her side.   

"That's good! You can arrange for a position for him in H King Group, so he doesn't have to wander from place to place,"  Elsa said as her smile widened. 

She had been wishing for a long time that her two grandsons would come back home, but neither of them had returned yet.   

  "I will. I suppose he's had enough fun abroad now,"  Wilson said cheekily.     Elsa was unable to conceal her delight. "I can't wait to see my roguish grandson."  

  "Yeah. Mom, did Cherry and Jackson tell you when will they be back?" Selina asked her suddenly. She had been too busy these days and hadn't contacted Cherry in some time. She wondered how Cherry and Jackson were doing lately.   

  Elsa shook her head. "No. I am afraid it will take them some more time to deal with the business there."  

"Then let them go about their business. I'm sure they are not concerned about Violet living with us. She is so sensible that we don't need to worry about her at all. I'm assuming Cherry and Jackson won't get back until JC Group's business has been stabilized in Hong Kong,"  Wilson commented. He did not feel troubled for Jackson and Cherry. JC Group was the biggest business group in the city and it had a firm foundation. 

Even if Jackson was not here, it could run by itself without any problems.    

 "You are right! I just feel sorry for Violet. Her parents are not with her and she has to work so hard." Elsa shook her head, pitying her granddaughter. She loved her dearly.   

  At her words, Wilson and Selina paused. Everyone pitied Violet when they saw her. Other children from rich families went abroad for further education. Only Violet lived a quiet and ordinary life.   

"Jackson and Cherry tried everything to get rid of the scars on Violet's body, but they failed. The doctors said they couldn't help her,"  Wilson recalled what had happened thirteen years ago. That was a tough time in their lives. Cherry used to cry every day and Jackson had been in despair.    

 "I asked many of my foreign friends too. They all expressed their helplessness about the situation. We tried our best,"  Selina said further.     

"But things are not that bad! I can tell that Violet doesn't care much about her scars. She's happy and that's what we should concern ourselves with. I know she has endured and suffered a lot, but I hope from the bottom of my heart that she is always happy,"  Elsa tried to comfort everyone. However, she still felt grief for her granddaughter.   

"Violet is doing very well. She likes her life and she is always smiling. It's enough to make me happy,"  Jacob consoled them.    

 Selina hastily echoed him to assure her mother. "Dad is right! As long as Violet is happy, it doesn't matter what kind of life she is living. She still has us. We will take care of her and do our best to help her for as long as she needs."    

"You are right. We must let her live happily,"  Elsa agreed, calming down.     At the hospital ward, Violet patiently fed Roger the chicken soup that she had cooked in the morning.   

  "Violet, did you make this soup for me?" Roger asked her, grinning.     

"Yes. I cooked it early this morning, so you should drink it all up,"  Violet replied, smiling at him. Her only wish was that Roger would recover soon.     

"Yes, I will have it if you feed it to me,"  Roger said, beaming. He was overjoyed that Violet was taking care of him personally. This was rare for him. Earlier, whenever he tried to talk to her, she always managed to escape from him. 

But now he was hospitalized, and it was a golden opportunity for them to hit it off. She even cooked soup for him! For Roger, this was a god-gifted miracle. He hardly felt any pain from the accident.  

 Roger relaxed as he looked at Violet. She fed him the soup carefully.     

As he scooted over and stared into her eyes, she flushed with embarrassment.     Violet tried to break the ice. "Roger, thank you for saving me,"  she said sincerely.     

"Violet, don't you understand why I did that? I don't want your thanks. I want you to be my girlfriend, all right?" Roger gazed at Violet, waiting for the answer he had been hoping for.     

Violet felt uncomfortable. She bowed her head, not daring to meet his eyes. "Roger, I've told you before that we are not right for each other,"  she said in a low voice.   

"That's your excuse? I don't believe it. I really like you! Just accept me. With time, you'll understand that I'm right for you,"  Roger spoke his mind.     

Violet shook her head and didn't answer him.     

After a pause, Roger continued,"It's okay. Don't feel overwhelmed about choosing me. I will wait for you. I will always be here until you agree to be with me." He didn't want to push her or force himself on her. He loved her and would treat her kindly with all his heart.     

Violet remembered the agreement between Carol and her. She knew she'd be leaving GR Group soon after Roger got discharged from the hospital. She would not get the chance to see him again.     

Violet decided to let him down gently. She put the soup aside and looked directly at Roger's face. "Roger, I already love someone,"  she said in a resolute voice.   

Roger was stunned. His eyes widened in disbelief at her words.     

Greg stood at the ward door reluctantly, eavesdropping on them. He heard what Violet said and glowered with jealousy. From the very first glance, he could tell that what Roger had was a case of unrequited love. Violet was not the kind of a person who gave her heart away easily. But what was she saying? She had a lover? Who was it if it was not Roger?     

"You... you love someone?" Roger asked in astonishment.     

"Yes, I have always loved him. And..." Violet didn't know what to say. "He treats me very well,"  she blurted out.

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  1. What even happen to mond Xu,, no update on him at all


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