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 Season 7

Episode 44

(Close like the early days (3)

"Grandma? My Uncle and Aunt aren't awake yet, right?" asked Violet.   

  "No, they are still sleeping. Your Uncle was in his study last night working very late before he went to sleep, so, let them sleep in,"  answered Elsa, who felt bad seeing her son and daughter-in-law working so hard.    

 "Uncle works too hard!" sighed Violet, and then she said,"Grandma, I made a lot of chicken soup. When it's ready, I will take some in a lunch box to the hospital, and you can leave the rest for Uncle and Aunt. They need nourishment for their bodies too."   

 "Okay, that's very sweet. How sensible and intelligent you are!" replied Elsa smiling. She was pleased her granddaughter had stayed with her over the years. She had two grandsons, who were studying abroad and rarely came back home, and she only got to talk to them on the phone occasionally.  

"Violet, have you spoken to your parents recently?" asked Jacob while he tidied up the dishes in the kitchen cupboard.   

 "No, I've been too busy to find the time to talk to them. Wait a minute, since I haven't called them, why haven't my parents called me? They are living a life of leisure in Hong Kong, and forgotten me already! Their lovely daughter!" grumbled Violet. Since her parents moved to Hong Kong a year ago, only her Mom would call her and talk to her from time to time, her Dad hardly ever made phone calls to her. Was he really so busy that he didn't even have time to talk to his lovely daughter?    

 Violet's complaint amused Jacob and he said,"I guess your parents are really busy. It's not easy for the JC Group to gain a foothold in Hong Kong, you know? So, they must have a lot of business affairs keeping them on their toes. But Violet, you need to remember that you are always the apple of your Dad's eyes, even though he doesn't call you."  

"Yeah, I know. Dad loves me more than loves Lawrence,"  said Violet produly. A thought suddenly struck her and she then continued,"By the way, Lawrence has not called me for a long time either! Do you think he has a girlfriend? How could he forget his little sister even if he does have a girlfriend?"   

 "Austin hasn't called us recently, either,"  added Elsa smiling. She was always delighted when she thought about her grandsons.  

   "Yeah, I almost forgot if you didn't mention that. Austin hasn't called me for a long time! Has he been traveling again?" To Violet's thinking, Austin Yuwen, her cousin, who was one year younger than her, was just a playboy. He liked to have fun, jet-setting around the world and wearing the latest fashions. 

She remembered what had happened the last time he traveled to Vancouver. He went there with a suitcase and travel bag, but he came home with only his ID card. He explained to them that his luggage was too heavy, so he just threw it away.   

Elsa shook her head saying,"I don't know. Your Uncle Wilson spoiled Austin, you know? He didn't control him with discipline, but indulged him with fun all around the world."   

 "Grandma, Austin can take care of himself. Don't worry about him so much, okay? Just leave him to play around the world, and he might bring a girlfriend from abroad one day, haha..." joked Violet. She would really be happy for Austin Yuwen if he could find a girlfriend who could get him to settle down and stop him from wandering.   

  "Violet, that's just what I thought too,"  replied Jacob. He would be more than pleased if his grandsons finally made girlfriends.   

  "We always think alike Grandpa,"  Violet commented as she smiled.   

"What can I say, you two are the perfect match of Grandpa and granddaughter,"  joked Elsa smiling. Jacob and Violet always thought alike, but, she didn't and it upset her.     

"Grandma, could you help me with the chicken soup, please? It's almost ready. I'm going to get a lunch box,"  Violet pleaded for Elsa's help.    

 "Alright, just leave it to me,"  replied Elsa.     

With help from her Grandma and Grandpa, Violet packed the chicken soup into her lunchbox and hurried out of the kitchen.    

 "Grandma, Grandpa, I'm not hungry, so, you can have breakfast with my Aunt and Uncle. I'm going to the hospital now,"  Violet stated as she hurriedly donned her coat to leave.    

 "Okay, don't forget to take something to eat, or you'll be hungry, and be careful,"  Elsa reminded her.   

"Alright, I'm leaving now, Grandma and Grandpa, good-bye."   

 In the room on the second floor, the alarm bell kept ringing, but the two people in bed were sound asleep.    

 "Honey, wake up,"  Selina said in a gentle, low voice.     

"Just one more minute,"  replied Wilson as he clung to Selina.     

"Then turn the alarm off, it's so noisy,"  Selina complained as she grimaced childishly. She didn't want to get up, either. It didn't hurt that as the supervisor she didn't need to be at work on time.    

 Wilson blindly stretched his arm out, smacking the air until he found the alarm on the nightstand and hit the button, silencing it. He rolled over to Selina and pulled her closer in his arms as he drifted back to sleep.   

Looking down, she saw Wilson laying next to her, sleeping peacefully, and smiled. It always made her feel content and happiest when she woke up beside him.    

 "Hon-ney,"  said Selina gently waking Wilson with a smile.    

 "Mmhm,"  came Wilson's soft muffled response. He opened his eyes and looked at Selina.    

 "What time is it?" asked Selina. It was time to go to work, but she wanted to still be asleep with Wilson.     

"Don't worry, I worked overtime last night and finished all the work I had for the last few days,"  said Wilson.    

 Speaking of last night, Selina was somewhat annoyed. She stared at Wilson resentfully grumbling,"Why did you have to have sex with me last night, knowing how late it was? Didn't you want me to get a night of good sleep?"  

"You got to sleep in late, didn't you?" Wilson asked chuckling.   

  "You kept me awake until early this morning!" accused Selina. She loved Wilson devotedly, even if he made her angry sometimes.    

 "Alright, alright! Next time, I will finish faster,"  Wilson coaxed    

"Don't wake me up so late next time. And when you want to do that thing, remember to be gentle and don't make any noise, or Violet will know what we are doing,"  Selina said blushing modestly.   

  "Don't worry. Violet is an adult. She will understand,"  Wilson grinned wickedly.  

   "Wilson! Can you stop acting like a pervert?" Selina glared angrily at Wilson.   
"You know, women do not fancy the nice guy," replied Wilson as he reached over clasping his arms tightly about Selina.   

"I hate you!" said Selina as she smiled and squinted at Wilson.

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