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 Season 7

Episode 37

(So we meet again (2)

A nurse broke the silence. "Sir, the patient is experiencing a lot of blood loss. We don't have much of type B blood left in the blood bank. What should we do?" The surgical mask hid the nurse's expressions but one could tell from her eyes that she was anxious.     

"Ask his family to donate blood for him,"  Fred didn't lift his head as he spoke. 

Most times, the family donated blood when a patient faced a serious blood shortage. It was the usual protocol.    

 "All right, sir. I'll ask his family,"  the nurse replied    and went out of the room.   

  Greg didn't pay attention. He still stood rooted to his spot as he stared at Roger, immersed in his thoughts. 'Why is Violet attracted to this face? Does she really love him? Is it because of his rich family? Or is it just because he is Roger?'  

After quite a while, Greg realized what the nurse had pointed out. 'There isn't enough of Type B blood? But there is only one person outside the emergency room: Violet. Her blood type is Type B.'

    As he realized this, Greg bolted out of the operating room, attracting looks from his colleagues. He didn't see Violet at the door. Only two members of the hospital staff in white coats stood in the long hallway. Violet was nowhere to be seen.

     'She must have gone to donate her blood, ' Greg deduced.     

In the bloodletting room, Violet looked at the nurse anxiously. "I can donate as much blood as he needs, but you must save him,"  she pleaded.    

 "The patient needs 500 milliliters of blood, but you..." The nurse replied, looking her up and down. Violet was too thin to donate 500 milliliters of blood. If she drew out that much blood, Violet's body wouldn't be able to withstand it.   

Violet noticed that the nurse hesitated to draw her blood. "I can do it. I'll be fine,"  she immediately reassured her.    

 "I will draw 200 milliliters and send it to the emergency room. If that is not enough, I'll draw your blood again,"  the nurse responded decisively.    

Violet agreed to do so and rolled up her right sleeve.     

As soon as the nurse put the cotton bud on her arm, the door burst open.  

   Greg abruptly walked in the direction of Violet. He pulled her up from the seat as if she weighed nothing. Pushing her behind him, he sat down on the chair instead. 

  "Dr. Greg, what are you doing?" The nurse was astonished.    

 Greg rolled up his sleeve. "I'm also of type B. I can donate blood to that patient,"  he remarked.   

The nurse was confused. It was usually the patient's family who donated the blood. What was the doctor doing? "But this is the patient's family, so..." she paused.    

 "Just draw the blood quickly. You think the patient has time to wait for you?" Greg fumed at her words.    

The nurse widened her eyes, unwilling to go against Greg's wish. He was not only a doctor here but also the son of the hospital's chairman. XS Hospital belonged to his family. She couldn't afford to offend this rich and powerful guy. "Okay,"  she said faintly.   

Violet stepped forward from behind Greg. "No!" she exclaimed. Why did Greg want to donate his blood?    

 "Nurse, I should donate the blood. I'm the patient's family. It's only sensible that I do so,"  Violet said and put out her arm, blocking Greg's.   

The nurse didn't know what to do, placed in this unusual situation. "Um..." she looked at Greg in embarrassment.   

 Greg stood up and glared at Violet. "If you don't want Roger to die, go outside right now. Don't challenge me,"  he warned her slowly.    

 Greg pushed Violet's arm away and ordered the nurse to draw the blood quickly.     

The nurse was helpless. She had no choice but to draw his blood.     

"Dr. Greg, the patient needs 500 milliliters of blood. Should I draw that much?" she asked.     

"Just do it,"  Greg replied without hesitation.     

The nurse did as Greg ordered.    

 Violet saw the blood bag swell up slowly. She stood next to Greg and glanced at his side profile. Violet didn't know how to express what she felt at the moment. Greg was still so nice to her. Was it just because of her, or was he so good to everyone else too?   

Greg pressed his arm with the cotton bud. "Go and send it to the emergency room,"  he ordered the nurse.     

"All right. I'll go to the emergency room with the blood. Dr. Greg, you should go inside the lounge to rest,"  the nurse replied. Her voice was concerned.     

"I know,"  Greg replied indifferently.    

 Violet and Greg were left alone in the room. Violet walked a few steps in front of him. "Well, thank you,"  she said lightly.   

  Her words only made him feel more bitter. Why was she being so distant? He stood up on an impulse, paying no heed to the remnants of blood on him. Greg grabbed her arm and walked to the lounge, ignoring her protests.   

The lounge was empty. Greg walked in and pulled Violet inside before closing the door.    

 "Greg, what is it?" Violet asked him. Her nerves were unsteady and her heart raced.     

Greg disregarded her question and pressed her against the wall, kissing her fiercely.     

He missed her. He missed her smell, her taste. He missed how good she felt against him like this. Greg didn't want to lose this opportunity. He had tried not to miss her every day for the last five years.

 He had told himself to hate her. But now seeing her after so long, he had no control over his feelings. He was still crazy about her.     

Violet resisted the kiss but it was meaningless. She was too weak to push him away.     

Eventually, she gave up. She couldn't stop Greg from demanding this kiss.   

Minutes slipped by before his lips left hers. He looked at her face up-close. The face that haunted him in his dreams almost every night. He couldn't forget her at all.     

Violet looked up at him. "Miss Violet Chu, why do you wear these dirty old clothes?" Greg mocked her. Her clothes were indeed shabby. 'She is from a rich family and is supposed to have a lot of money. So why does she wear these ratty clothes? I've never seen her in designer wear, ' Greg thought to himself.

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