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 Season 7

Episode 36

(So we meet again(1)

Violet stood in front of the emergency room door, staring up at the two red words that struck fear in her heart - 'In Operation'. She couldn't calm down. She prayed to the Gods and hoped that Roger was fine, otherwise she'd never forgive herself.     

Leaning against the adjacent wall, she lowered her head. She kept wringing her hands in nervousness.     

Not far from her, Fred and his son Greg walked toward the emergency room. 

Greg put on his white coat as he walked. Even in the hurry, he attracted attention from the people bustling in the hallway. Some nurses stopped in their tasks and turned to watch him, as if his very breath was perfect.     

Violet still had her head bowed down and didn't notice the two approach the emergency room.   

They were in a hurry. As they reached the emergency door. Fred continued forward, even as Greg halted in his footsteps unexpectedly.     

'Wait a minute. Why do I feel this familiar sensation?' He wondered to himself.  

   He did not know why he stopped walking, only that the skin on his neck prickled in a familiar fashion.     

He saw that a woman stood next to him.     
From the corner of her eyes, Violet noticed a man standing in front of the emergency door. She lifted her head to find a tall, thin figure in a white coat. She stared at the attractive man who had short, black hair that seemed shiny and soft.     

'He must be a doctor. Is he going inside the emergency room to save Roger?' Violet wondered.   

  In haste, Violet closed the distance between them and grabbed his arm. 

"Doctor, please save him. Please just save him!" she cried out.   

Greg froze, his eyes locked on her. 'It's her. It's definitely her. It's Violet. Yes, that's the voice I remember, ' he realized.    
 Violet was still crying when she spoke again,"Please, you must save him."    

Slowly, Greg turned to her and stared at her, his gaze narrowed. He had imagined how he would meet her again numerous times. He certainly never expected to see her in front of the emergency room, seizing his arm in desperation and begging him to save some man inside.  

   Greg was aware that the unfortunate patient inside was the son of GR Group's CEO. His name was Roger and he was his fiancee's brother. Greg was confused about why Violet was begging him to save this man. He wondered what their relationship was.    

 Through her tears, Violet looked up at the lean man in the white coat. She was stunned. Her features contorted to reveal amazement. Why was Greg here?   

"Greg,"  Violet said out loud. Her thoughts scrambled in chaos. 'How could it be him? Shouldn't he be abroad? When did he come back?'   

 "Violet Chu. I thought you'd have forgotten about me,"  Greg uttered quietly, nibbling his lower lip. His words dripped with hatred. Five years ago, she had told him she didn't love him anymore and that she wanted to break up with him. With that simple declaration, she heartlessly left him. He still remembered every detail of that memory, of how she had left him in the lurch with no warning.    
 Violet stared at him. "No, no, of course not,"  she said, denying his words. She felt awkward and didn't want to remember their last encounter.    

 "So, why are you here? What's your relationship with Roger Gu? Is he your husband or just a boyfriend?" It took everything in him to muster up the courage to ask her this question. 

Judging from her teary eyes, he knew her relationship with Roger was definitely not ordinary.   

Violet didn't know how to answer him. Truthfully, she had no special relationship with Roger. He was just the vice president of the company she worked for, but she knew that Roger loved her. If she answered Greg's question, she'd have to explain everything else too. And at such a critical moment, she hardly had time to do so.     She swallowed and her mind focused on the patient inside. "Greg, please just save Roger. I'm begging you,"  Violet chose to ignore his question and implored him again.    

 "Violet!" Greg yelled suddenly, grasping her arm. He squeezed it tightly.     

Violet's brows creased. "Ow! That hurts!" she yelped, her arm hurting because of his strength.   

"Do you actually feel the pain? I thought you had no heart and were made of stone." Greg's every word was laced with venom. He did not miss her as much as he hated her. He often wondered why she had tossed him away like some discarded toy.   

Violet didn't speak for a while, feeling embarrassed and guilty. She knew that she owed him an explanation, but she couldn't tell him the reason she had left.     
After a moment, Violet gathered the nerve to look at him. Staring into his eyes, she said,"Mr. Greg, everyone feels pain. As for whether or not I am heartless, you can think what you want."    
Looking at her proud stance, Greg grew even more frustrated. 'How dare she still be arrogant with me? Did she forget what she told me five years ago?' he thought, seething with rage.     

"Violet, do you really want me to save Roger?" Greg asked her coldly. He realized that only the thought of Roger's well-being brought down her pride.   

"Yes, I do,"  Violet replied without hesitation, her eyes fixated on him.   

 "Are you willing to do anything to save him?" Greg asked her again, working his jaw.     

Without thinking too much, Violet nodded eagerly. As long as there was a possibility that Roger could be saved, she was willing to do anything. Roger got hurt because of her, so she owed him this much.    

 "Ah. You two have a very good relationship,"  saying this, Greg snorted. He let go of her arm before turning to walk into the emergency room.     

Greg came near the hospital bed and saw that his Dad and the other doctors were busy performing the operation

Roger lay on the bed and was unconscious. Greg glared at his handsome face. Roger looked good even while in a coma, ever so sunny and attractive.

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