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 Season 7

Episode 30

(Farewell at the airport (1)

At Chu Family's house    

In the evening, the entire family sat together in the living room and talked.  

   Sitting next to her father, Violet held one of his arms. Jackson had his other arm around Cherry's shoulders. No matter where he was, he always wanted her by his side. Cherry held her son's hand tightly.    

 "Joe,"  Jackson addressed his son. "The formalities for your going abroad are underway. They might take another two weeks to finish. We've also chosen the school you'd be attending. My friend will come and pick you up once you get there."   

 "Okay, I see,"  Lawrence replied, nodding fiercely.     

Violet, who was shocked at what she just heard, asked,"Daddy, is my brother really going abroad?"  

Jackson nodded but didn't know how to explain this to his little daughter.    

 Cherry looked at her daughter dotingly. "Violet, your brother is going abroad to attend high school there,"  she told her kindly.     

"But why so soon? Isn't he supposed to go to a foreign university too, after high school?" Violet asked, still in disbelief. 'I thought my brother was about to finish his high school here, not abroad, ' she realized. 'I thought he'd still be here with me for three more years!' But now she was being told that he would leave before long. Violet was not ready.    

 Lawrence kept silent and didn't comment on his sister's words.     

"Violet, your father talked to his friend abroad and he suggested we should send your brother for high school there. 

It would increase Lawrence's chances of entering into a competitive college or university. That would be good for your brother's future, so we agreed to it,"  Cherry explained to her daughter patiently.   

Jackson also tried to coax his daughter. "Well Violet, when you graduate from junior high, Daddy and Mommy will send you there too to attend high school and university."  

  "No! I don't want that!" Violet retorted abruptly and tightened her grip on his arm. "I'll not go abroad. I'll always stay here with Daddy and Mommy!" she exclaimed in a determined manner.   

  "Violet, you should also take your studies into consideration. It's important,"  Cherry suggested her. Now that her son's future had been decided, she was keen on her daughter's future plans. She wanted to know what her daughter wanted most. After all, children had the right to decide their future. No matter what their decisions were, their role as parents was to respect their wishes.    

 "Daddy, Mommy, I really don't want to go abroad. I want to go to a local college and find a job after graduation. I want to stay with you both. I don't want to go so far away,"  Violet said decisively. She knew herself well and had no interest in entering into some top university abroad. She only wanted to do what she liked and stand on her own feet.   

Jackson saw the resolve in his daughter's eyes and didn't know what to say. He made eye contact with Cherry and urged her to speak instead.     

"Well, that's fine with your Daddy and me, since you have already made up your mind. Anyhow, it will be nice for us to have you around us. Mommy will be sad if you leave,"  Cherry said tenderly. Seeing her daughter's resolve, Cherry didn't argue. Her daughter was still young. She might change her mind later on. Cherry decided not to worry about it and let nature take its course.     

"Mommy, I know you love me the most." Violet nodded. She turned to her father and said,"Daddy, you don't love me at all. Why do you want me to go abroad to study?"    

"What? Daddy is very fond of you!" Jackson said, feigning offense. 

Compared to his son, he secretly loved his daughter a little bit more.   

"Violet, be fair. Your father spoils you so much, doesn't he?" said Cherry in a teasing manner.     

"All right, all right. I know that you both love me,"  Violet declared, holding out her palms as if to admit defeat. She was very glad to have her Daddy, Mommy and her brother around her. They loved her a lot.     

The four of them chatted happily. The living room echoed with joyous laughter. Late in the evening, Violet felt a little sleepy.     

"Daddy, Mommy. I'm sleepy and want to go upstairs to bed,"  Violet murmured, rubbing her bleary eyes.     

"Okay, I'll come with you,"  Cherry replied, about to stand up and go upstairs with her daughter.   

  Violet shook her head and quickly stopped her. "No, Mommy. Let Lawrence accompany me. He is going abroad soon and has very little time left to stay at home with me. I want to be with him as much as possible."  

Upon hearing Violet's words, Lawrence nodded. "Yes, Mom. I'll go upstairs with Violet. You both should go to your room and have some rest."    

Cherry didn't think it was a bad idea. Even though Violet and Lawrence often quarreled with each other, there was a lot of love between them. Now that Lawrence was about to leave, it would be good for him to spend time with his little sister.   

  "Okay, Joe. Remember not to leave until Violet falls asleep. Make sure you tuck her in,"  Cherry said to Lawrence.    

 "Got it, Mom!" Uttering these words, Lawrence took Violet's hand and went upstairs.     

Watching the children go upstairs, Cherry snuggled in Jackson's arms, feeling a little sad.   

"Darling, I'm a little reluctant to let Joe leave us so soon,"  Cherry cooed.     

"Our son will grow up and leave us sooner or later. In the future, he will marry a woman he loves. Would you be jealous of your daughter-in-law then?" 

Jackson asked her in humor.     

Cherry was not so shocked at Jackson's question. She thought for a while and said,"Maybe. You know my son means a lot to me."  

  "Baby, don't be upset. You know you have me to love and spoil you. As for the children, let them live according to their wishes. When they grow up, they will also find the ones with whom they want to spend their lives with. At that time, the only thing we'd be able to do is give them our best wishes,"  Jackson said affectionately. Cherry had always been sensitive. Even after they had their daughter her love for her son did not decrease, not even a bit.

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