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 Season 7

Episode 27

(Greg's present(1)

Cherry looked at Susan and she was stunned. It had been ages since she saw her last time.     

With a professional tone, Susan smiled, looked at Cherry and said,"Nice to meet you."    

Cherry nodded but she was unsure whether Susan was actually pleased to meet her or not. Susan had pretended too well. After all, she had worked for so many years and it seemed that she had mastered the art of pretending by now. She had been a waitress in the past and now she was working in the headquarters of the JC group. Surely she had by now learned how to get her way out.     

Jackson was right there sitting in a chair. He quickly noticed Cherry's presence and walked to meet her at the door. He placed his hand on Cherry's shoulder and said to Susan coldly,"There's nothing I need you to do. Just go and continue your work now."  

Susan said,"Okay." She bowed her head and quietly made an exit from the place without the slightest of sound.     

Cherry was shocked. In her mind she thought, 'Susan has become quite professional and has lost her innocent and warm personality of the past. What a drastic change she has undergone, it is surprising'.     

Jackson was gazing at her with admiration. Finally after a pause he said,"Cherry, what are you looking at?" So far he had never maintained a cold approach towards Cherry.    

 Cherry recovered, but still looking ahead she replied,"Oh, I was thinking that Susan had changed so much."    

Jackson understood what Cherry was trying to hint at. He knew Cherry had previously met Susan in a bar and seeing her like this now would have left her astonished.   

Jackson said patiently,"Baby, time flies really fast, our daughter is 10 years now. 

Ten years is a very long time and everyone changes. That bar was one of our initial businesses and now we are having a well settled business. Don't you think at this pace people would also change accordingly?"   

 Cherry thought and realized that he was so correct. In 10 years people had to change and that was a truth of life.    

 Cherry looked up at Jackson and smiled,"You're absolutely right. Our son is also going to graduate from junior middle school."   

 Seeing her smile Jackson playfully touched her nose with his finger and said jokingly,"Where did you hide my smart and capable wife? Why are you behaving so silly now? Is something wrong?"    

Cherry feigned anger and quickly replied,"You are calling me silly? 

Jackson, I feel you want to sleep on the couch this night? Great. I have been wanting to sleep with my daughter for several days."  

Hearing this Jackson quickly went back on his words,"No, no, no. I was just kidding."   

 Cherry saw a nervous Jackson and she laughed happily. She realized that the charm of her cute husband was still intact.     

Cherry became all serious and said,"Now let's get back to work." She knew that they should not be flirting with each other in Office. It was a strict no no for her.     

Jackson replied,"Okay. Let's sit over there. I'll ask my assistant to bring us two cups of coffee." As he said so, he walked to the sofa and sat down with Cherry.     

At the school    It was time for the afternoon break. Classrooms, hallways and other places of school were full of students.     

Violet was staring at something while all other students sitting beside her were talking with each other.   

One replied,"Yes. she is no longer beautiful. What is the use of being rich and wealthy if you are not good to look at."    

Another said,"She is no more a princess."    

Another agreed,"Yes. Now she does not qualify to be called a socialite."    

Violet was listening to all these painful comments. After hearing this she didn't feel anxious or heartbroken, because she knew that her parents still loved her like before. In particular, her brother wouldn't despise her at all. Her brother loved her and even though she bossed him around he still loved her.     

"Will you stop?" Alice walked to the crowd angrily and shouted at them.  

   One girl said arrogantly,"I was thinking who was yelling. It is you, the daughter of JS Group's CEO right. Are we wrong?"  

Alice retorted,"Just mind your own business. Stay out of Violet's affair." She didn't know from where she got the courage to argue with these students.

Many of them were from rich families and their families were almost as rich and powerful as her own, and felt privileged to do whatever they wanted. On normal days, she would just ignore them when they gossiped about others.

She had no time to think about them. But now, they were speaking ill of Violet. How could she just ignore them?     

One of the girls looked at Alice with strong disapproval and replied,"Why do you care? It's not your business either, is it?"    

Alice replied in an angry tone,"I'm warning you that if you dare to speak ill of Violet again, I'll surely wring your necks!"    

That girl got quite excited and yelled,"Come on! If you dare, come and wring my neck!" She stood up and rushed to Alice.   

  Violet saw that the girl wanted to start a fight with Alice, so she ran to Alice, and pulled her backwards behind her and faced the students.   

Alice hid behind Violet and said nothing. 

She thought, 'I never expected that Violet would pull me behind her. I am just so mad at those people. Why should they mock Violet? If this thing happened to them, would they still laugh and say such words?'    

The girl in front of the crowd said,"Ha ha. You two want to fight us. Fine, let's fight together."   

 Another agreed,"Okay, more people means we will have more fun."  

One of the students said,"Yes. Come on if you dare."

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