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 Falling In Love With The Devil 

Episode 37

He gripped my hips and lifted me. Then he spun us around, so he was sitting, and I straddled his lap. Moving his hand up the inseam of my thigh, he tickled my skin, taunting me as he pushed my panties to the side.

He slammed two fingers into me with so much force he tore a moan from my throat.

“Luca,” I whispered against his lips.

He withdrew his fingers and added a third, thrusting into me again as he filled me. His skilled fingers worked my inner walls, pushing past the thin barrier to make room for another. I felt so full, my pussy milking his fingers until I felt like I might burst. It wasn’t long before I came so hard my orgasm rocked through both of us.

He sucked on his fingers and slid some of my juices across my lip. “I can’t get enough of your pussy.”

I reached for his zipper. “Good. Because I can’t get enough of your cock.”

His eyes widened as I unzipped his pants. I stroked his length, giving him some love before I arched my hips. He was so long and thick, and he filled me to the hilt as he thrust into me. Luca spread me open, breaking through my walls. No matter how many years had passed, it still took me a moment to adjust to his size.

I rode his cock, and he groaned as I cried out his name.

“Rub your clit for me.” He moved my dress up to my stomach and held it there, staring down at my pussy. “Touch yourself.”

I did as he asked, and his eyes filled with lust and insatiable hunger. His teeth grazed my neck as we fucked. I bit him back and slipped my hand beneath his shirt, clawing at his back. He loved when I hurt him during sex and got off on the pain.

His teeth dragged along my skin. It hurt, just like his cock, but it felt too good when my orgasm took over. He covered my mouth with his free hand to silence me. Each time his teeth scraped my skin, Luca did the same with his cock. My entire body hurt, numb from all my battle scars, but it was the good pain that sent a ripple of pleasure down my body.

I screamed his name until it was nothing more than a whisper on my lips, my throat raw and scratchy.

“That’s it,” he growled against the shell of my ear. “Come for me, Queen D.”

He kissed me like he wanted to swallow me whole, devouring me with the madness that fueled him. When Luca buried himself deep inside me, it was as if he was somewhere else. And we were somewhere else. I followed him down the rabbit hole, chasing my thigh, desperate to feel more connected to him.

An orgasm rocked through me like a hurricane, its violent force causing my entire body to tremble. Luca invaded my mouth with his tongue until I hit the peak of my climax. He gripped my hips, his body jerking several times, and then he came inside me.

My Devil held me in his strong arms, leaning back against the cask as he brushed his lips against mine. “We should get back to our guests, Mrs. Salvatore.”

I held up my hand, apprised the giant engagement ring on my finger, and smiled. “I love the sound of that.”

“Me too,” he muttered.

Then he kissed me.

* * *

By the time we found our way upstairs, Bastian, Damian, and Marcello joined Kali and my brother. Bastian sat on Kali’s right with his hand on her thigh while Damian slid his arm across the back of her neck. Kali beamed with delight, smiling so wide I could tell they made her happy. Though, I never understood why she ran from Devil’s Creek three years ago.

We’d never discussed why she left. I wondered if it had to do with her father and not the Salvatores. I also considered the loving girlfriend act was all for show.

My sandals tapped the pavers, and Aiden glanced over at me with a smile. He stopped talking to Marcello, who he’d become closer to since our move to Devil’s Creek. Back then, I hadn’t realized they were friends. I had assumed Marcello was feeding Aiden wrong information at Luca’s request to torture him and annoy me.

I set a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table in front of Aiden. “Do you still like Merlot, or has that changed?”

He nodded, then studied the label on the bottle. “This is the good shit.”

“Nothing but the best,” Luca said as he dropped two more bottles on the table with the rest of the glasses.

“And for the record,” Aiden said to me under his breath. “I haven’t changed. We’re still Aid and Lexie.”

I touched his shoulder. “We’ll get back there, eventually.”

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