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 Falling In Love With The Devil

Episode 51

As the song flipped to “you should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish, I rubbed my pussy against his cock and sung the words.

“Give me a lap dance,” he ordered, a wicked smirk tugging at the right corner of his gorgeous mouth. He pulled on the strap of my dress. “Let me see this beautiful body.” He shoved the strap down my arm to encourage me. “I think you secretly like when people watch.”

“Maybe I do.”

He leaned forward and licked my lips, teasing me for a second before he sucked my lip into his mouth. “Take off your clothes, baby girl.” His hands explored the front of my dress. “I need to touch you. Feel you. Taste you. Fuck you.”

I moaned as he twisted my nipple, then slid off his lap.

His eyes followed me as I swayed my hips to the beat and took a few steps back to give us some distance. To make him want me so badly, he was ready to beg by the time I touched him. I had little to strip off, but Kali’s insistence that I wear black fishnet stockings with an attached lace garter belt would serve their purpose. When she had suggested it, I dismissed the idea. But now I had to laugh to myself because she must have known.

I gripped the edge of my dress, inching it slowly up my thighs as I approached him, maintaining eye contact. Luca licked his lips as I hiked up my dress. The fabric was soft but tight and a little too restricting for a lap dance. So it had to go.

Swaying my hips, I moved between his spread thighs and pressed my palms to his knees. He groaned as I ran my fingers up his inner thigh and then withdrew them.

I spun around and rubbed my ass on his cock. “Unzip me.”

He tugged on my zipper, and I jumped off him, sensually sliding one strap and then the other down my arms. Turning to face him, I made a show of it as I bent forward and did a little shimmy, exposing a see-through black lace bra.

Luca gave me an impatient look that earned him a smirk in response. He was used to getting what he wanted the second he wanted it.

Nope, not tonight.

I stepped out of the dress and dropped it onto his lap. His blue irises flickered with complete and total madness. He reached out, and I shoved his hand away.

“You can’t touch until I finish dancing for you.”

I smoothed my hands over the front of my body, massaging my breasts over the bra, slowly making my way down to the matching panties. Luca rested his elbows on his knees, giving me his undivided attention. I dipped my hand beneath the lace, touching myself just enough to make him jealous of my hand.

I climbed onto his lap and put my palms above his head, shaking my breasts in his face. He tried to bite me, but I backed up before he could latch on like an animal ready to sink his teeth into my flesh. His hard length dug into my thigh, making my panties even wetter.

Tired of waiting, he slid his hand behind my back and unhooked my bra with one finger, stripping it off me.

“Who’s the impatient one now?” I taunted.

He cupped my breasts in his hands, rolling the pads of his thumbs over my painfully sore nipples. “I need to fuck you.”

“Let me finish my dance,” I breathed against his lips.

I grabbed the arms of the chair and arched my back, so I could throw my leg over his shoulder, leaning back to give him a delightful view of my body. A second later, his lips were on my skin, kissing and nibbling his way to my throbbing core. The hell with the dance. His lips and tongue felt too good for me to stop his slow perusal of my body. He unsnapped the belt from the stocking and ripped it off my leg without a second thought. Then he lifted my other leg over his shoulder and repeated the process.

“Yeah, sure. I can get new stockings,” I deadpanned.

“I’ll buy you a lingerie store,” he said with a smirk.

Luca removed a knife from inside his jacket pocket. My heart caught in my throat as his eyes met mine. He sliced the thin lace, tearing my panties clean off my body, discarded as if they were nothing. He dropped the knife onto the arm of his chair, his eyes wild as he stuck out his tongue and dove into my pussy like it was his last meal. Licking me front to back, he slammed his fingers into my wetness, breaking through my inner walls with one thrust. My eyes slammed shut when he added another finger and sucked my clit into his mouth.

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