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 Falling In Love With The Devil

Episode 50

As I met Luca’s eyes, I slid my hand up Kali’s chest and to her throat, knowing how much this would turn him on. I tightened my grip, and she clutched my curls, tilting my head back until our eyes met. If we were into each other, it would have looked purely sexual. But with Kali, this was nothing but fun.

I released my hand from her throat, watching Luca’s response. He licked his lips and rubbed his hand over his crotch.

I gave him a look that said, I know what makes your dick hard.





Kali’s back was to Luca, and her eyes pointed over my shoulder at Damian and Bastian. Drake Battle was on a bench in the corner with a woman on his lap, peeking over at us as he pinched the girl’s nipple between his fingers. Cole Marshall was beside him with a girl on each of his thighs, taking turns spanking them. For his age, it surprised me to see such aggression. But then I recalled what Luca was like during his final year of college and shuddered. By then, Luca had already killed at least a dozen men.

Sonny grabbed two women and sat on the couch next to Marcello, passing a girl to him. Luca sat on an oversized leather chair that looked more like a throne, on a platform set above the leather benches around him. He raised his hand when our eyes met, beckoning me with his finger.

His friends spread throughout the room, some with naked girls on their laps. A brunette fisted Finn’s tie in her hand, rubbing herself against him. Drake didn’t waste any time. He already had a dark-haired girl kneeling on the floor between his legs, sucking his cock, gripping her hair.

The song flipped to “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams. And with that, Kali made her way over to Bastian and Damian. I stood at the center of the room, shaking my hips as Luca watched me.

Kali sat on Bastian’s lap with her back to his chest and her legs spread for Damian, who kissed her inner thigh. She rolled her head back and moaned as Damian slid her dress up higher.

I moved my hips to the beat as I made my way over to Luca. His eyes traveled up and down my body like a predator studying his prey. He reached out for me, gripping the back of my thigh.

His fingers snaked up my leg. “Dance for me.”

I studied him for a moment. “I thought I was.”

He patted his thigh. “Get up here and ride my cock.”

I climbed on top of him and straddled his thighs, rocking my hips against his. Luca pawed at my dress, slipping his hand beneath the top as I gyrated against his growing erection. My eyes slammed shut when his mouth closed over my nipple, sucking and biting so hard I squealed.

He looked up at me with my nipple between his teeth. I shoved my hands through his gelled hair and moaned as he nibbled on my skin. My panties soaked through with each flick of his tongue, each bite ripping a moan from my lips.

The room filled with groans.

Kali whimpered Damian’s name, then Bastian’s. Drake bobbed a girl’s head up and down on his enormous cock, while Cole bent one girl over a bench and fucked her while he fingered the other. Sonny and Marcello were on the other side of the room, both of their cocks buried into a petite blonde with big fake tits. I assumed Kali was in the same position behind me with Luca’s brothers.

Sonny wasn’t kidding about debauchery.

I went with the flow of the crowd, allowing Luca to consume me, getting off on the orgasms of those around me.

When in Rome, right?

Luca slid his hand up my throat, his fingers branding my skin. He tightened his grip as he brought my lips to his, invading my mouth like the animal I craved. We kissed each other as if we were fighting for power, the same dance we had done for years. He moved his free hand between us, shoved my dress up my thighs, and plunged two fingers inside me. I thrust my hips into his hand, greedy and begging for more.

Luca sunk his teeth into my shoulder and finger fucked me so hard my body went numb from the intense wave of pressure followed by insane pleasure. I leaned forward, pressing my hand to his shoulder to steady myself as my skin heated from the inferno brewing within.

“That’s it, baby,” Luca growled the words. “Come for me. Squeeze my fingers like they’re my cock.”

“I want that, too,” I whimpered as my orgasm rolled over me in waves, spilling out of me like water breaking through a dam.

“You’re gonna get it.” His tongue rolled across my hot flesh where he’d just bitten me. “Patience, my queen. We have all night.”

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