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 Falling In Love With The Devil

Episode 47

He nodded, then his eyes fell to the floor.

Still struggling to catch her breath, Alex looked at me with a crazed look in her eyes. She threw her arms around my neck and crushed my lips with a kiss. I picked her up, my head swimming with bloodlust as her back hit the wall behind us.

Alex tugged at my shirt, pulling it from my pants. She was so greedy and desperate to fuck. I loved fucking her after I’d done something horrible. It was an even better release than killing my enemies.

As our lips separated, Alex muttered, “Aiden, get out.”

“C’mon, Lexie,” Aiden protested. “Let’s just go home.”

“I don’t want you to see this.” She tilted her head to the side as I kissed her neck. “Leave, Aid.”

“You heard your queen,” I shouted. “Get the fuck out.”

He left the apartment without a word, slamming the door behind him.


So that happened. I killed a man with my bare hands, sliced his skin open until it hung from his body. Something broke inside me after the first time Cal had tortured me. And with each hour that had passed in that room, I felt myself becoming a different person.

My heart was as cold as steel.

Numb to everything, I wrapped my legs around Luca as he pinned me against the wall with his chest. He looked over at the remaining Knights. Marcello, Drake, Sonny, Bastian, and Damian stood a few feet away from us.

Maybe I was losing my mind.

Or maybe I didn’t give a shit anymore.

Because as I looked at them, I slid my shorts and panties to the side. Luca fisted his cock in his hand. I covered his hand with mine, and then he pushed inside me. He was so big and hard he stretched me out in one quick thrust.

The Knights watched.

Between kissing Luca and screaming his name, I studied their faces. I liked the intense expressions they wore and the fact their cocks were hard for me and straining against their pants.

I held onto Luca for dear life as he rocked his hips to meet mine, pounding into me so hard I thought we would crash through the apartment next door. He was wild and had a crazed look in his eyes.

I leaned forward and sunk my teeth into his neck, releasing an animalistic scream from his throat. Luca loved when I marked him during sex. We were both sick for loving it.

As I lifted my head from his neck, I met Sonny’s gaze. He grabbed himself over his pants with a wicked look in his eyes. Sonny usually seemed so composed and collected, but tonight, he looked deranged, like he would gladly take Luca’s place. But no one could ever compare to Luca.

My Devil.

My tormentor.

The love of my life.

An orgasm swept through my body like a storm, taking control as Luca slammed into me one last time, spilling his cum inside me.

Luca kissed me before he lowered me onto the floor. Panting for air, I leaned my back against the wall and stared at him. I shoved my hand through his hair and smiled. His cum slid down my inner thighs as he fixed himself back into his pants. We stood there for a moment, ignoring the men watching us.

I accepted my position as the future Queen of the Devil’s Knights. All of his brothers in crime would come from around the country to meet me.

“What’s next?” I whispered against his lips.

“Since you got the Knights so worked up, I think they need to blow off some steam.” He glanced over his shoulder at the Knights. “Call Kali. We’re going to the Founders Club.”

* * *

Kali texted me on our way home to see what I was wearing to the exclusive club. I didn’t know how to dress. It was a gentleman’s club of sorts, though I wasn’t exactly sure. All the men in Devil’s Creek paid for the pleasure of joining the Founders Club. Luca and his brothers had been members since they turned eighteen. And from what I gathered, they also ran the club. Like they needed any more businesses to manage.

After we got home, I hopped into the shower. Blood dripped from every inch of my body, the evidence of my crime sliding down the drain. I felt nothing for what I did to Cal Kurti. Maybe I was numb from the pain he had inflicted. A sane person would have cared. I should have felt something, anything.

Had I become like Luca and the Knights? One experience couldn’t have changed me that much. Could it?

Luca got in the shower with me, standing behind me as he soaped up my hair. He gave my scalp a quick massage, then lathered my skin with a fruit-scented body wash. For once, Luca didn’t make showering sexual. Though, he stole a few kisses as he twisted my nipples to tease me, to make me want more.

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