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 Falling In Love With The Devil 

Episode 53

Growing up, I never had a family. It was always just Aiden and me. But now that I was about to become a Salvatore, I finally had a friend in Kali and a legion of men who would kill for me.

I grazed my fingers along his jaw, inspecting his perfect bone structure, considering my next painting when his eye shot open.

“You either want to paint me or fuck. Which one is it?”

I laughed into the pillow. “Paint. I’m not sure I can handle fucking you until the pain goes away.”

“Did I spank your ass too hard?”

I nodded.

He smirked. “Maybe you’ll learn your lesson. Don’t challenge me, D.”

“I got caught up at the moment. It felt good.”

He curled his muscular arm around me. “Is my baby girl sore?” His lips brushed my nose. “You want me to kiss your bruises better?”

Over the years, I had kissed all his scars, whispering that he was safe and that I was there for him. It wasn’t often Luca showed me the same kindness, and I wasn’t about to turn down his offer.

“Yes, please.”

He flipped me onto my stomach and got on top of me. Starting at my shoulders, he massaged my skin, working the tension from my muscles. His cock hardened against my ass, his intimate touch creating a direct link to my pussy. Within seconds of the sensual massage, liquid heat pooled between my thighs, my core aching for him.

He dipped his head down, his lips inches from my ear. “Already wet for me, Queen D?” Luca nibbled on my skin. “You smell so good, baby. You awaken the animal inside me.”

I rolled my head to the side. “Think you can take it slow?”

Luca inched his way down my back, his fingers working their magic on my body. He rubbed my slick folds from behind. “You make me crazy, woman. The thought of anyone touching you…”

“Don’t go there, Luca. If anyone can protect me from your enemies, it’s you.”

He slid his cock into my wetness, breaking through my inner walls in one quick thrust. With his chest against my back, he held my hand on the mattress, weaving our fingers together as he took his time. My body relaxed once I realized he was honoring my wish. Slow and steady, Luca took me from behind, but without his usual roughness.

There was no spanking, choking, or pain.

Before I was about to come, Luca pulled out, and his tongue replaced his cock. My skin dotted with tiny bumps as he lapped up my juices. I buried my face in the pillow, one moan after another pouring out of me. He spread my lips apart with his tongue, consuming me with each flick.

A wave of heat rushed down my arms and legs, on the verge of another orgasm that Luca denied me. He left me panting and begging for more, then flipped me onto my back.

“Is this my punishment for not wanting to fuck?”

He shook his head, wiping my juices from his mouth. “I’m taking my time with you. Decide, baby. Rough or slow?”


“Patience.” He rolled his thumb across my lips. “You’ll come.”

Luca lifted my legs and wrapped them around his back before he buried himself inside me again. Our eyes met as he stretched me out, making room for his cock one inch at a time. He raised my arms above my head, slipping his fingers between mine as he made love to me. His movements were so slow and passionate an intense wave of pleasure shot throughout my body.

His lips grazed mine, the heat from his breath warming my skin. “Feel good, baby?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

He rocked his hips and sucked my bottom lip into his mouth. “I could fuck you all day, baby girl.”

“You’re not fucking me.” I raked my fingers through his hair. “This is love.”

He silenced me with his lips, forcing his tongue into my mouth. My body hummed as if made of electricity. Every nerve ending in my body came alive at once, set on fire by the orgasm working its way down my spine. Luca groaned with each flick of his tongue, pumping his cock into me with so much care and love.

When I came, his mouth covered mine, silencing my screams. Long after he spilled his cum inside me, he kissed me, making me forget about everything but him.

In his arms, I was not in danger.

His family was not under attack.

And he loved me.

Luca rolled off me. “No time for sleeping, baby girl. The Founders’ Ball is tonight.”

I laid my head on his chest. “Do I have to take over for my grandmother?”

He nodded. “It’s your birthright as it’s mine to be the leader of The Devil’s Knights.”

“Is it safe to leave the estate?”

“We’re going to the marina. I think we can make it there and back without getting shot.”

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