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 Season 5

Episode 92

(The way to marry charles)

Anthony could hear what was happening clearly across the phone, despite Autumn's repeated interjections that the driver still headed towards the outskirts even after she told him her water broke. 

Worried as he was, he didn't utter a word in the fear of losing the connection. Instead, he focused on following Autumn's car.     

"Here we are, Mrs. Lu. This is the requested destination,"  Brent said with a shiver in his voice, as he turned and looked at Autumn with fear and guilt. 

Autumn had no idea how long she had stayed in the car. When she heard her driver's voice, she anxiously looked out the window. But all she could find was an abandoned warehouse. Brent opened the window, stuck out his head and shouted at the depot, "I brought what you wanted, Ferry."    

"I always knew you were a smart guy and you would make the right decision." 

Ferry's content and happy voice reached the car. Two tall men in black appeared, dragged Autumn out of the car and mercilessly took her to depository.   

Brent thought of stopping them but gave up on the idea. 'I brought her here. 

What's the point of being a good guy now? I have already failed her.' He shook his head in contempt. Out of concern, he walked fast to catch up and asked the men in black, "What are you going to do to her?" 

 "That's none of your business," one of the men replied in a cold tone. The man handed a black gym bag to Brent and said, "This is your reward. Take the money and leave from here now. We don't need you hovering around here at all." 

Thee men dragged Autumn who looked like all the blood had flushed out of her face. She lifted her eyebrow at the sight of Ferry sitting before her. With her fear and surprise, she managed to mumble, "It's you..."  

"Yeah,"  Ferry sneered as he gazed at Autumn with satisfaction. "You must be shocked. I mean so many years have passed, but I didn't forget you for a moment."  

  "What do you want from me?" Autumn shrieked with fear and growing pain.

 Autumn felt that her babies were coming as the contraction got more frequent. Fighting the overpowering weakness, she pulled herself up and negotiated, "I don't know why you brought me here. But as long as you let me go, I'll ensure you that you will be given a big sum of money."    

"Money?" Ferry laughed maliciously. 

"Everything I did was in pursuit to see you suffer. I don't need your money."    

Before he could utter another word, Leila dashed towards them instinctively. With a worried glance at Autumn, she berated Ferry impatiently, "What are you doing? 

Didn't you see that her water broke? Just let her give birth of her child and then we can leave her."  

"Leila?" Autumn mumbled, as she stared at Leila with wide eyes. In that moment, she understood that Ferry and Leila were partners.     

"Are you really surprised?" Leila asked with her lips pursed. "After you give birth, I will treat this child as my own and bring him up. I will take him to Charles and live with him happily. He is after all Charles' blood. Even if Charles doubts my words, he will never find out you're the child's mother. You will finally be doing some good for me, Autumn.   

  What do you think? Isn't this the perfect idea to get away with a crime?" With a smug expression, Leila burst into laughter. Her eyes gleaming with satisfaction, she went on, "The first time I saw Charles, I knew I was destined to be with this man. So you were the wrong choice from the start. Now it's time to get things back on track."  

With no intention of letting Autumn leave the compound alive, Ferry got a midwife instead of a physician. Leila, Ferry and his men left the depository, leaving the woman alone to assist and take care of Autumn.     

Focusing her gaze on the harmless midwife who was in her fifties, Autumn seized her hand tightly and begged, "Please help me. Please. I will give you lots of money in return. Please for the love of god!"    

"I..." the old woman stammered, looking troubled. "I wish I could save you, my child. But it is not in my hand. He took my grandson. I'm vulnerable. I don't have other choice. I'm sorry that I can't help you."    

Dwelling in a countryside, she only had a baby grandson. As the village she lived was away from the town, she had delivered all the children in her country.

 That was why she got into trouble.    

 The old woman heaved a sigh, feeling sorry for Autumn. Fortunately, Autumn had a fast labor.   

The midwife held the baby's face up, showed it to Autumn and said, "It's a baby boy."    

"Boy..." Autumn repeated in a weak trembling voice. She lay on the ground, as she caught a glimpse of a smiley-face birthmark on the baby's wrist.     

Just looking at her baby, she passed a bright warm smile. But before she could hold him, Leila broke in and grabbed the boy from the midwife's hand. "Boy, it's a boy. Charles will be so pleased to see him,"  she exclaimed with ecstasy.    

 With a loud laugh, she grinned at Autumn who was all sweaty and nervous. "Don't worry. I'll take care of this child and treat him like my own until my last breath. After all, he is the key to my happiness and my way to marry Charles."    

"I won't spare you even if I die,"  Autumn screamed at Leila with all her remaining energy. Noticing at Autumn's determined and furious expression, Leila got so scared that she didn't utter another word.   

With the baby in her arms, Leila turned to Ferry and said, "I must leave. Handle her as soon as possible."    

Ferry cast a glance at the men dressed in black, dropping a hint to kill Autumn. 

They were all unaware of the existence of another baby in Autumn's belly. The old woman knew it, but she didn't tell them in hopes of saving the child.    

 Watching the men in black coming in their direction, the midwife walked fast and stood between the men and Autumn. Looking at Ferry, she offered a solution, "Sir, how about just leaving her here in her precarious condition? As you can see, she is already in a bad health and has bled a lot after the labor. If she isn't taken to the hospital, it is certain that she won't survive. How about leaving her here to bleed out and suffer?

 This way you don't need to do it yourself. What do you think?"  

Ferry knitted his brows and then took a glance at Autumn who was slowly turning pale and breathing heavily. 

Realizing that the old woman's advice made sense, he agreed. "Well, let's do it your way,"  he said to the midwife.  

   He walked over to Autumn, squatted down and said with a sly smile, "Don't blame me, Autumn. You deserve this. You shouldn't have intervened in other's matters. Hope you learn your lesson for the next life!"    

"Go to hell, you monster!" Autumn cursed, and then spat at his face. Instead of getting furious, Ferry left the warehouse laughing loudly, considering today's feat a victory in his plot for revenge.     

The old woman gave Autumn a concerned glance and whispered, "That's all I could manage to do for you. If you and your unborn baby survive this, please find it in your heart to forgive me. 

Be strong and gather your strength. Your next delivery will be tougher! Don't seek revenge, and go away from that man. He is mad."  

"Hey lady, don't you want to see your grandson?" Ferry shouted at the midwife impatiently indicating her to rush.     

"I'm coming right away,"  the old woman answered helplessly. She wiped away the sweat from Autumn's forehead, and said to her, "Please take care of yourself and gather the strength to survive this."    Without turning around, she left the depository immediately.    

 After their departure, Autumn was the only one left all alone in the empty and huge room bleeding on the floor.     

The other baby seemed to be a good and understanding child already. When the bad guys were hovering around, she remained silent within Autumn's belly. 

But the moment Ferry's car drifted away, Autumn felt the child coming.   

Soon she heard Anthony's voice echoing from one corner. As Anthony was afraid of being found, he had parked his car away from the warehouse. The minute he arrived, he saw Ferry's car leaving. As he was worried about Autumn's safety, he rushed in immediately to her aid.   

Anthony was stunned at the sight of the blood everywhere and Autumn helplessly lying on the ground. He was petrified.

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