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 Season 5

Episode 81

(Bring Lisa and Anthony get together)

On Saturday night, Autumn headed straight for the Zhao family house. Charles was occupied with some other prior engagements, so Brent drove Autumn there.     

Autumn had called and informed Arthur in advance on Anthony and her visit. Before going to the Zhao family house, Autumn demanded Brent to take her to the Y Hospital first. Instead of going to Anthony's office, she went directly to Lisa's. As Lisa had just finished her last appointment, she didn't expect another patient. So when someone knocked on her office door, she felt slightly surprised and wondered who it might be. She looked at the door and caught a glimpse of Autumn. With her forehead wrinkled, she asked in a displeased tone, "What are you doing here?"    

"Surprise!" Autumn responded in an enthusiastic voice, as she gently closed the door behind her. "I'm here for you."  

"Me?" Lisa asked, as her eyes widened in disbelief and confusion. "But for what?" 

   Autumn had no idea why Lisa was behaving so hostile towards her. Despite this apparent awkwardness, she still sincerely hoped that Anthony and Lisa would get together. And that was why she paid a visit to Lisa. Autumn explained, "I know you like Anthony. And I want to help you guys get together. I invited Anthony to eat at home. I'm wondering if you have time to join us this fine evening."    

"Why would you invite me? I mean you barely even know me,"  Lisa asked with her eyebrows raised. 'Hmm, Anthony likes her and yet she has come here to invite me. It seems like she came here to show off,' Lisa thought with discontent. 

    "I want to give you two a chance to stay alone and sort things out. If you have no problem, I will text you where to meet later,"  Autumn replied patiently as she ignored Lisa's rude tone.   

Lisa gazed at Autumn's bulging belly and she wondered, 'She is pregnant now. 

They are impossible no matter how much Anthony likes her and wants to pursue her. He has no choice but to give up on her. This will only end badly.'    

Staring at Autumn, she put out her concern laced with confusion, "Do you really want to help me pursue Anthony?"    
Lisa had often considered giving up on Anthony. After all she had come to Y City almost half a year, but there was still no progress between Anthony and her. With each passing day her determination, hope and love for him were wavering. 

She grew so frustrated with her countless failed attempts to reconcile their relationship that she now wanted to give up.    

 But when time and again she had moved on, she just couldn't bear to actually give up on that excellent man. She loved him with all her heart.     

That was why she still stayed here after all this time.   

"I don't understand why you want to set Anthony and me up?" Lisa asked again, looking bewildered. She just could not understand why Autumn would want to do that.     

"Well Anthony is my friend,"  Autumn replied, a warm smile flashing across her face, "and with that said, I just want to see him to be happy and to be with someone who loves him wholeheartedly."    

Autumn drew closer to Lisa, grabbed her hand and observed friendly. "I have liked you since the first time we met each other. I think Anthony and you can work it out and will actually make a great couple. That's why I intend to bring you both together. Please don't doubt my good intentions. I have nothing but positive feelings for you."   

 As she looked at Autumn, Lisa nodded and said, "Well then, if you insist, I'd love to join you."   

 "I'm glad that you agreed,"  Autumn exclaimed, as she let out a cheerful smile. "Well then I gotta head out now. I will text you the details soon. I'm looking forward to seeing you there."  

Autumn left the hospital in a good and cheerful mood. When she arrived at Arthur's house, she saw Emily sitting on the sofa in the living room. Emily had been ill abed. Upon earning that Autumn was visiting today, she gathered the strength to get out of the bed and dragged her exhausted body outside.

After talking to Autumn for a while, she couldn't bear her overwhelming weariness any longer.    

 "Come, I'll escort you to your room,"  Autumn offered as she rose slowly from the couch.   

  Emily refused stubbornly, "Please just stay here, Autumn. Lucy can accompany me to my room. Don't worry about me, I am just an old woman. But you my dear are a pregnant woman now, so you need more rest and attention."    

As Emily insisted, Autumn had no option but to agree.     

Sharp by the clock at 5 pm, Anthony reached the Zhao family house and rang the doorbell. Arthur opened the door and saw Anthony lugging many bags. With a frown, Arthur said to him, "You're so formal with us. You didn't have to go through the trouble of bringing us so many presents."  

"It's simply impolite to visit elders empty-handed,"  Anthony returned with a courteous and warm smile. "I just brought some herbal supplements for everyone. I hope you will like them."    

"Come in, please. Dinner is almost ready to be served,"  Arthur said with an approving and pleased laughter, as he moved aside to let Anthony into his home.     

"Sure,"  Anthony replied. As Anthony entered the living room, he saw Autumn and Abby sitting on the couch engaged in a serious conversation. The two expectant mothers had many discussions about baby to keep them occupied and oblivious from everyone else present there.   

  Abby's baby was two months older than Autumn's. Recently, Abby had undergone a color Doppler test, and the doctor told her that she had a malposition. With great fear, she confessed her concern to Autumn. But upon noticing Anthony had arrived, Autumn immediately took his arm and dragged him to Abby. She then said to him, "My aunt has a problem. She has a malposition. Can you give us any suggestion about the diagnosis?"  

"You..." Anthony stammered as he was shocked by this sudden question. With a speechless look, he whined to Autumn, "Did you really invite me just for dinner? Or was it a front because you just needed a doctor?"    

"Anyway. The meal isn't prepared yet. Now that you have nothing to do now, you can put your time to use and help out a lady in distress." Autumn grinned.     Anthony wasn't mad at Autumn. He went through the B mode ultrasound images, and remarked with a relieved smile, "Don't worry. This is not a big deal. 

Please just be extra careful and do a set of exercises to correct the position of the fetus. Otherwise, you will need a cesarean section."  

"I prefer a natural labor,"  Abby pouted. "When I was carrying Cindy, I had a c-section. I don't want that again."    

Looking at Anthony with concern, Abby asked optimistically, "Is there any method to adjust the position of the fetus?"   

 Anthony asked Autumn to bring him some sheets of paper, and then jotted down some cautions and useful exercises for her to do often. Instead of writing words in a cursive style, he practiced his beautiful handwriting. 

Autumn was surprised at the sight of those neatly written characters.     

"I never expected that... you could write so well. Your handwriting is impeccable,"  Autumn praised him as her eyes remained wide-open in shock.     

After hearing Autumn's compliment, Anthony did not respond. He turned to Abby and advised, "Follow these instructions and I'm positively sure that you'll get better."    

After a pause, he continued, "You will also need to go to the hospital and get some test after a while. For now concentrate on exercising properly."  

"I understand. Thank you so much!" Abby thanked Anthony with a grateful smile.  

   'I heard that Grandpa Craig's grandson is an experienced doctor. But to my surprise, he is so very young yet exceptionally good,' Abby thought to herself.    

 "Wash your hands, Autumn. The dinner is set on the table,"  Amy informed Autumn. Autumn took a glance at the door, and replied, "Please wait for a moment, grandma. I had a friend who was supposed to join us and she hasn't come yet."   

 "Who is this friend you talk about?" Arthur was surprised. 'She didn't tell me that she invited another friend for dinner,' he thought.     

"It doesn't matter really,"  Anthony smiled at Arthur. "I want to ask you some medical questions, Grandpa Arthur. Is it okay if I pick your brain?"  

"Okay sure that seems reasonable. We can have a discussion in my study,"  Arthur replied with a welcoming smile. Arthur led Anthony to the study, closed the door, and poured Anthony a cup of tea. Noticing Anthony took a seat, he asked, "Is this about Autumn's disease?"

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