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 Season 5

Episode 80

(Charles discover his weakness)

Nancy finally left Brent's room. In the dark, Brent's eyes lit up, as if he had a secret only he knew.    

 With Autumn's condition now more stable, her hospital visits were less frequent. After a refreshing shower, she went to bed. Soon after, Charles arrived.     
He sat on the edge of the bed. "It's late. Why are you still awake?" he asked. 

Charles loved coming home to Autumn and greeted her with a smile.     

She smiled back at her husband and replied, "I'm seeing my ob-gyn tomorrow. And somehow, I can't sleep thinking about it."   

 Charles was a little concerned. He quickly decided to help ease her worries. "Take it easy, love. I'll go with you tomorrow." He lifted Autumn's chin to look into her eyes. "And why are you worried? I'm sure you and our babies are fine,"  Charles assured his wife. "Relax. Have sweet dreams. I'm just going to take a shower and join you."  

The following day, Charles brought Autumn's breakfast to their bedroom so she could eat in bed as soon as she woke up. Autumn was pleased with the attention. After eating, Charles drove her to the hospital.     

Autumn was about to kock on Anthony's office when Lisa came hurrying out. Her eyes were red. When she realized who it was at the door, she threw Autumn a very dark look, and that confused the pregnant woman.     

Autumn could never forget how friendly Lisa had been during their first meetings. But lately, Autumn noticed a change in her attitude each time they ran into each other. It seemed like Lisa was looking at her with hatred.    

 Charles prodded his wife to enter. "Go on. I'll wait for you out here." He took Autumn's bag and turned to sit down in the hallway.   

Autumn tapped on Anthony's door. When no one answered, she knocked again. 

Still, no one answered. With a little hesitation, she pushed it open and entered. At the sound of the door opening, Anthony scowled and growled without looking up, "I told you not to bother me. Can't you understand…"  

 He stopped when he saw Autumn standing inside his office, with a shocked look. "What are you doing here?" he asked quickly, suddenly feeling awkward.    

 Autumn replied, "I have an appointment with you today, remember?" She tried to compose herself. Anthony's loud voice shook her badly.    

 Anthony quickly checked his calendar and saw that he had indeed forgotten about Autumn's regular check-ups.     

"I apologize for the outburst earlier,"  he said. Leading Autumn to the examination table, he instructed her to lie down. "I'll be with you in a minute." He turned to put on his white coat, breathing deeply to calm himself.   

"You looked angry. And Lisa was in a rush to leave as I came in. Was she crying? I noticed her eyes were red. Did you two have a fight, Anthony?" Autumn asked as Anthony walked towards her.  

   "No, it was nothing like that,"  the doctor denied. "What would we fight about?" he said, shifting to a more businesslike tone.    

 "Lisa's a very attractive woman,"  Autumn pointed out. Lisa might not seem very friendly to Autumn recently, but it was hard to deny the woman was nice and would make a good match for Anthony. Autumn thought of giving her doctor some advice. "Don't you want to give Lisa a chance, since you don't have a girlfriend anyway?" she asked.   

  "Oh, please stop! If I hear another word about Lisa, I'll quit being your doctor,"  Anthony threatened Autumn. His threat worked. "Okay. You won't hear anything about her from me again. So, please stay on as my doctor,"  Autumn said quickly.  

 Anthony proceeded with the examination and was relieved that she remained in good health.    

 "You and the babies are doing well,"  he announced to the expectant mother. Autumn was delighted with the good news. And she was certain that Charles would be happy, too. "The babies are due in less than three months. So, it is crucial that you pay attention to your health and get enough rest. Also, moderate exercise is necessary to help with easier birthing,"  Anthony explained. The doctor gave further instructions and Autumn listened patiently.    

 "Okay, got it!" she smiled like a good student. "If you must know, I've been following your advice. Every day after dinner, I take a walk for about an hour and rest when I feel tired,"  Autumn said proudly.   

"That's good,"  Anthony said, while nodding. "Keep this up and you'll be just fine,"  he added.    

 "I will do that, Doctor,"  Autumn teased. She suddenly remembered something and looked at Anthony.   

  "You've been here in Y City for a while, yet you haven't been to my grandparents' house to have dinner,"  she pointed out. "Why don't you join us for dinner at their home? Think of it as a token of my appreciation,"  Autumn smiled.    

 "I'm sorry, I can't accept your invitation. But thank you, just the same,"  Anthony declined without thinking. He believed there was an ulterior motive behind Autumn's invitation. "I'm your doctor, and I'm only doing my duty by looking after you,"  he explained.     

"Well, not to me,"  was Autumn's retort. She had to convince him to have dinner with the family. "You've done all you can to ensure that my condition is properly managed. So, it's only right to treat you to a hearty meal. Besides, my grandfather often talks about you,"  Autumn said persuasively.   

Her mentioning Arthur made Anthony hesitate. He did want to see Autumn's grandfather to consult about a medical concern. "Okay then. I am free the next few nights. Just tell me when dinner with your family will be,"  he finally gave in.  

   "Good! Good!" Autumn could hardly contain her excitement. She stood up and got ready to leave. She and the babies were healthy, and Anthony accepted her invitation to dinner. It was all good.     

Charles rarely took the day off. But he decided to spend time with his wife today. After leaving the hospital, they went to the mall and spent hours buying baby stuff, including cribs for the twins. They made arrangements for everything to be delivered to Dream Garden and then had lunch at a western restaurant. 

Since Autumn became pregnant, the couple rarely had a chance to eat out together.   

In the afternoon, Autumn said she wanted to see a new movie, and her husband readily agreed.     

Autumn found the story somewhat corny, but she still watched with deep interest.     

When they came out of the cinema, Autumn was happy and satisfied. Charles went to the bathroom first, while his wife waited by the cinema entrance. 

All of a sudden, a crowd pushed their way in, and Autumn lost her balance after being caught unaware. Fortunately, there was a nearby wall that broke her fall. She steadied herself and looked up only to see a familiar figure.     

If she was right, the person she saw was Leila. The last time she saw the woman, she was heavily pregnant. But seeing her now, she was slim as ever, like she was never pregnant at all.    

 As she wondered, Leila disappeared from sight.   

  Instinct told Autumn to run after that woman, but a pair of hands stopped her from moving.   

"Where are you going, Autumn?" It was Charles. He had just come out of the bathroom when he saw his wife about to leave.    

 "I…" she stopped and frowned. She wanted to break free from Charles' grasp to catch up with Leila because she wanted to find out why Leila had been lying about being pregnant. But by then, Leila had disappeared with the rest of the crowd.    

 Dismayed, she turned to Charles and replied, "Never mind. I thought I saw someone I knew, but she was gone when I turned to look again." She shrugged with resignation.    

 "Let's go home then,"  Charles suggested. "You should be very tired from being out so long today,"  he added.     
Autumn nodded. She was feeling a bit tired already. On the drive back to Dream Garden, she kept thinking of Leila. She wanted to find out what the woman was doing. 'Was she following me?' Autumn wondered.   

So many questions came to mind, but the most important one was where could she find Leila.     

The baby stuff purchased in the morning was already at home by the time they arrived. Since Autumn was having twins, they bought two of every item, including the cribs. The cribs came with an unexpected challenge. The owners had to assemble them themselves.    

 "Oh my goodness! The babies' cribs are just piles of wood!" Autumn cried out as she stared at two stacks. "What are we going to do with them?" she asked, looking helpless.     

Her husband came to the rescue. "Don't worry. I'll put them together,"  he said confidently. Charles buckled down to work immediately. He rolled up his sleeves and began sorting the pieces. 

Autumn offered to help, but he brushed her aside.   

He did not realize assembling a crib was like a giant puzzle, and he wracked his brain all evening. By eleven o'clock, there was not even one crib put together.   

  Autumn, who was sitting down watching her husband, stifled her giggles. She started to make fun of Charles. "Oh, it seems the high and mighty Mr. Lu has a weakness after all." 

   Charles blushed in embarrassment. "Er… I'll have someone come over to assemble it,"  he said. He couldn't believe a pile of wood got the best of him.    

 'Well, everyone has to be bad at something,' Charles thought and he finally discovered his weakness.    

 It seemed that to assemble a crib was more difficult than to achieve his company's annual sales.

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