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 Season 5

Episode 78

(Due date)

"I bought some clothes for you. They will protect you from harmful radiation." Isla excitedly pulled two colorful dresses from the bag. "Summer is around the corner. I can't resist these lovely dresses. 

I knew you will look good in them so I bought them for you. I hope you'll like them."   

 Isla pulled more stuff out of the seemingly bottomless bag and explained, "These are for my sworn children. I bought baby formula, clothes, diapers and other small stuff for babies.

 There are also some toys which I'm sure my sworn children will like. The shop keeper said they're good for developing children's intelligence. I hope I didn't miss anything."    

Autumn was speechless, looking at Isla with amazement. She obviously went overboard on shopping for the twins. "Are you crazy? Why did you buy so many things? Some of these things are not necessary for now."  

"It's all right." Isla shrugged, smiling at Autumn. "You can set them aside and bring them out at the right time. I also bought four suits, two for baby boys and two for baby girls, to be safe,"  Isla added.     

With a resigned expression, Autumn sighed, "You're a hopeless spendthrift. You shouldn't have bought so many."   

 "Hey! Remember they're for my sworn children. I can spend as much as I want for them." Isla grinned cheekily. "By the way, did you check the gender of the twins? Boys or girls?" Isla asked with excitement.    

 "No, I didn't,"  Autumn replied, shaking her head. "I don't have any problem whether I have boys or girls. So there is no need to know the gender. Charles also thinks the same."   

 "I just thought that if you knew the gender of your babies, you didn't need to worry about buying the wrong baby stuff. What do you think?" Isla reasoned with a smile.   

"I don't think it's a problem. Besides, Charles and I are looking forward to the surprise at the last moment,"  Autumn replied laughing softly. Autumn suddenly thought of Leila who had brazenly feigned her pregnancy. At that time, Isla was busy preparing for her wedding so Autumn was not able to bring up the subject. Seeing Isla relaxed from her recent honeymoon, Autumn decided to tell her. She cleared her throat before saying, "There is something I've been waiting to tell you..."   

 "What is it?" Isla asked alarmed at the ominous sound in Autumn's voice. "You can tell me anything. Did Charles bully you?"    

"Oh no… it's not about Charles,"  Autumn replied quickly. Fixing her gaze at Isla, Autumn continued, "Do you remember Leila?"  

"Leila? What about her?" Isla asked, looking puzzled. 'If it hadn't been for Leila, Cloud Advertising Company couldn't have been cleared of suspicion for plagiarizing and Paula wouldn't have ended up in trouble,' Isla thought to herself.    

 "Why did you bring her up all of a sudden?" Isla asked curiously, her eyebrows slightly rising.     

"I ran into her several months ago, a few days before Chris' wedding. She had an evident bulging belly. She told me that she was pregnant and she was going to marry her boyfriend soon. She seemed like a different person and even apologized to me. I forgave her for the sake of her baby,"  Autumn concluded. 

As soon as she heard the story, Isla's face turned grim. She turned to Autumn and rebuked her in a sisterly tone, "How could you have forgiven that shameless woman? You fell for her tricks after what she has done to you? You're so naive. If you continue to have mercy on your enemy, they will teach you a lesson sooner or later. So be careful."  

Being soft-hearted and forgiving, Autumn was not the kind to hold grudges for a long time. Isla had advised her to stop being so tolerant and forgiving but she didn't listen to her. If only she could be cruel and tough, she wouldn't have been bullied by Wendy like that.     

"You make me sound like a pushover." Autumn protested. "I'm not always so gullible. Put yourself in my shoes, an unmarried pregnant girl came to apologize to you looking convincingly sincere, what would you do?"   

 Isla sighed and asked, "So what happened after that? What happened to her?"   

 "I saw her boyfriend, Burke at Chris' wedding. I asked him how Leila was doing and when they were planning to get married. He told me they already broke up. You can imagine my embarrassment." Autumn recalled feeling stupid at that time.   

Isla couldn't help but laugh, looking at Autumn's disgruntled face. After a while, she said scornfully, "Two-faced bitches like Leila are difficult to get married. 

She's a liar and a gold-digger. Her boyfriend had a lucky escape."    

Isla sighed and continued sadly, "I feel bad about her baby. Who knows if she will keep her child? Even if she decides to give birth to her baby, her child will have no father. Poor little soul!"    

"There's something that really bothered me,"  Autumn said. "I asked her boyfriend why he dumped her knowing she was pregnant with his child. But that guy denied that Leila was pregnant. It's really weird because she looked obviously pregnant when I saw her."   

 Isla was dumbfounded. She didn't expect the twist in the story. The boyfriend said she was not pregnant, but Autumn said she looked pregnant. "Well, is she pregnant or not?" Isla asked impatiently.   

"Honestly, I don't know,"  Autumn said, shaking her head. "I didn't see her after that. I tried to call her but she changed her phone number."   

 Isla knitted her brows and asked Autumn, "Did you tell Charles about this?"    

"Not yet,"  Autumn mumbled. "I don't think it's a big deal, so I didn't tell Charles. I still don't know why she pretended to be pregnant. Besides, I don't know how to broach the subject. 

What do you think is her motive? Any ideas?" she tossed the questions one after the other, looking expectantly at Isla.     

"How would I know that?" Isla tossed back at Autumn. "Anyway, just be careful of Leila. Try to avoid her when you see her. Until you give birth to the twins, you shouldn't see her again,"  Isla warned, her tone grim.   

  "I see,"  Autumn replied thoughtfully, a cold shiver running up her spine. She was relieved that she finally got it off her chest. As for Leila, she had already made up her mind not to see her.   

All she wanted was to bring her unborn children to the world safely.    

 She knew that while Isla was in charge of the company, everything will run smoothly. Now, all Autumn had to do was relax and wait for the arrival of her children. She was due to deliver the twins by late September.

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