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 Season 5

Episode 77

(Impossible to get pregnant)

"It is not possible." The weird conversation that started between the two strangers was getting to clarity slowly. Autumn could not help asking Burke about Leila as it was a matter that bothered her a lot. Leila's getting out of their lives so easily and getting into a romantic relationship with this person, claiming to carry his child and then this sudden break off — all these incidents happened too soon and one after the other. Now that Autumn met Burke, she wanted to get to the depth of the matter.

 So she continued, "Last time Leila told me about her pregnancy after long stay with you, which dispelled my doubts and concerns."   

 Autumn could sense Burke's uneasiness for being challenged by this matter. But she wanted an answer.    

 "Earlier, Leila had promised to invite me to her wedding. Is there any misunderstanding?" Autumn asked Burke, her eyes set on his face, trying to analyze even the mildest twitch of his facial muscles just to make sure that he was not lying to her.   

Burke on the other hand felt trapped. Autumn being Charles' wife stopped him from being absolutely pointblank with her and tell her to stay out his personal life. He had to be polite and hence had to answer her questions. "Mrs. Lu, may I take the liberty to ask when was the last time that you met Leila?" Burke asked, trying to be as polite as possible. He had absolutely no clue about Leila's pregnancy.     

Autumn paused to think back the exact time when she met Leila at the hospital. Then she said, "I think it was a month and a half ago. Is there anything wrong with it?"    

Burke had no clue about Leila's intentions. Yet, he had to explain the matter to Autumn to the best of his abilities. "Mrs. Lu, actually I have parted ways with Leila. And I find it embarrassing to mention the reason behind our failed relationship. More so, I was not the defaulting party."  

Burke paused for a while and continued, "It is impossible for Leila to get pregnant even for one month, let alone three-to-four months, as we have just parted ways half a month ago, when she had no signs of pregnancy."   

 "How could it be?" Autumn became completely numb when she heard Burke speak these words. 'Who is the one that has lied to me, Leila or him? What does she get out of all this? It was unbelievable for Leila to deceive me on the pretext of her pregnancy!' Autumn wondered.     

"I haven't yet figured out the motive behind her doing so." Burke was equally surprised. He looked at Autumn gently and then suggested, "Mrs. Lu, you are better at judging Leila than I am. Leila is absolutely unworthy of anyone's respect and trust."  

After saying this, Burke excused himself from Autumn's presence.     

In just a few steps ahead of Autumn, Burke spotted Pamela approaching toward him. Burke thought it to be the best opportunity to engage with her to avoid further conversation with Autumn.

 He had met Pamela just a few days back and found her to be a very nice girl with whom he could think of getting married. On the other end of the hall, the nuptial was getting solemnized.    

 Pamela, catching the glimpse of Autumn, asked Burke, "Who is she?"    "One of my previous patients. It was an coincidence to meet her in this wedding, so we had a quick chat." Burke smiled at Pamela and asked, "What brings you here suddenly?"  

  "Aunt Madeline asked me to call you back for an interview with an important client she would introduce to you." Pamela replied with a gentle smile.   

"Okay. So let's go." Burke accompanied Pamela as they proceeded towards the hall.     

As Burke left with Pamela, Autumn stood there, wondering at the unscrupulous intention of Leila that made her to lie to Autumn about her pregnancy. The more she thought about it, she got more and more confused.    

 Autumn somehow sensed something of a more catastrophic proportion.     

After reaching home from the wedding, Autumn was still lost in thoughts. It was utterly unconvincing about how a woman could fake pregnancy. She was seated on the couch looking tensed when Charles walked into the bedroom. He got disturbed to find her in that state and asked, "Autumn, what is up?"    

"Nothing serious. I am just fine." Autumn forced a smile and appeared to be normal in front of Charles. That day was Chris's wedding. Autumn had to maintain the party mood in front of all the guests.

   After the wedding was over, Autumn came home, took a shower and laid down on her bed to relax her body and mind. The thoughts about Leila kept haunting for a while and eventually faded away as she fell into a deep slumber.  

   Subsequently, as the time flowed, happy days rolled in: days passed as Autumn proceeded towards her delivery date with no sign of Leila anywhere around her to create trouble for her. In May, Isla got married with Aron. Colin and his family were denied the admission to the wedding reception by Aron as he feared of any kind of family dispute to ruin their special moment.   

  Autumn was the first person Isla met right after she was back from her honeymoon. They met at a coffee shop in the downtown. Brent still served as a chauffeur for Autumn entertaining her with casual conversations while on the drive.    

 Brent was now a more stable person dedicatedly serving Autumn. He had learnt from his past mistakes and resolved to lead a much sober life. This change in Brent came as a blessing for Nancy who was happy and proud to see her son amend himself. Everything seemed to be falling into its own place.  

 Nancy started musing about getting her son settled to have his own family. Thus, she thought of arranging a blind date for Brent.     

At the entrance of the coffee shop, Autumn turned to Brent and said, "You better take a stroll around. I will call you when I am ready to go."  

  "Okay, I will come around upon your call." Brent left after dropping her at the coffee shop. Autumn pushed the door open and spotted Isla standing right in front of her.     

Isla had a happy glow on her face. Autumn approached her lovingly and said, "Turn around, and my my! Look at you! You seem a little plumper."  

Isla looked happier and more well-rounded than before. Every girl has a marked change in her appearance after getting married. The change from a girl to a wife is so apparent and swift! Isla looked happier than ever.     

"Definitely." Isla complained laughing, "Aron made me eat highly nutritious food on a daily basis.     

I am not as chiseled as I used to be!" She blushed while she spoke. Autumn was delighted to see Isla in a happy space.     "You are a lucky and pampered wife.

Autumn smiled at Isla, "Aron is a very caring husband."   

 After the initial niceties shared by the two women, Isla motioned to offer something to Autumn. "I have come to give you something."   

 "What is it?" Autumn was curious to know what Isla has got for her.     

Isla put down a big package in front of Autumn and said, "This package contains something really special for you."  

"What is there in this pack?" Autumn expressed her curiosity toward Isla. As her pregnancy developed, Autumn had been showered with many gift from friends and family. But coming from Isla, it had to be very special for Autumn.    

 "These are the stuff that I specially bought for you during my honeymoon." 

Isla smiled at Autumn as she handed over the box to her. "These make-ups were highly recommended by the salesperson to effectively erase your stretch marks. Hence I picked these for you. You may want to try these and let me know if you want to buy more."

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