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 Season 5

Episode 75

(Chris wedding (3)

"Is everything okay? You seem so upset and bothered." As Autumn stared at Charles, she was amused by his expression somehow especially since he rarely showed his emotions in front of outsiders.     

"I am fine,"  replied Charles briefly but she somehow did not believe him. He shook his head slightly, but he still wore a sad expression. "Actually, I am quite frustrated and overwhelmed right now. 

Chris grew up with me and now she is going to get married and move out to live with another man. It is hard for me to accept this reality in such a short span of time. All these years I knew this day would come sometime but now that it is here, I can't believe how time flew by us,"  he confessed his feelings and confided to her.     

"But what if we have a daughter and she gets married someday? Would you still be so devastated?" Autumn joked with him to lighten the atmosphere.   

"No. Autumn, please don't talk about this with me now. Let's change the topic. 

Every time when I am reminded that my daughter will leave us and live with another man someday, I feel as like a knife is piercing my heart. Just the thought of our daughter moving away is so unbearably painful,"  Charles responded with dripping emotions and honesty. He clutched his chest while speaking which amused Autumn and made her realize how emotionally vulnerable he was at the moment. She giggled, patted his shoulder to comfort him and then said, "Come on, Sam has arrived."    

As soon as she finished her sentence, Sam opened the door and walked in with a bunch of red roses. He wore a big wide smile and his cheerful and happiness was reflecting on his bright face.     

Chris, who had been always carefree, was now so anxious and bashful that she kept rubbing her hands together and asked Tina who was standing beside her, "Tina, I have been waiting here for a long while, but why isn't he here yet?"  

"Don't be so nervous, Chris. Your brother is downstairs. Perhaps they have something to negotiate. I am sure he will be here soon,"  Tina comforted her.Just as Tina said that, there was a flurry of excitement in the vestibule a few minutes later. And soon Nancy's voice was heard. "Mr. Lin has arrived!"    

Hannah stepped forward to ensure the door was closed. They were ready for Sam to pick up his bride.     

Sam's groomsman was his classmate in college and they all knew each other very well, including Tina and Hannah. They began to knock the door as they reached Chris's bedroom. "Chris, open the door! 

We are here to pick you up!" They shouted from the outside alerting the girls of their arrival.     

Upon hearing this, Chris smiled gently while Hannah responded, "Fern, Chris is here. But before opening the door, we have to check if you have enough red packets."  

"Hannah, it's you again!" Fern's voice sounded rather helpless. "Hannah, why are you again? It seems that I run into you everywhere I go. Today is a red-letter day for Sam and Chris. Hurry up and open the door. Don't ruin their auspicious occasion,"  replied Fern sternly.    

 "Don't utter absolute nonsense. Just hand the red packet to us first. You must know this Chinese traditional rule very well." Hannah was simply unwilling to display any sign of weakness.     

Sam was amused by their conversation, so he turned to Fern and said, "Don't stand around and flirt here please. Have some sense of urgency and hurry it up, Fern. Hand them the red packets."    

Shocked, Fern widened his eyes since he thought that Sam would stand at the same front with him but that was not the case. His cheeks soon blushed out of shyness by Sam's remark. He handed over the red packets through the crack of the door again and over again. However, after the fiftieth red envelope had been stuffed across to the other side, Hannah still refused to open the door. Anxious, Fern asked in a loud voice, "Hannah, you have got enough red packets, so why don't you go ahead and open the door?"

  "Don't get so worked up, Fern. Good things come to those who are patient,"  Hannah giggled as she sarcastically spoke out. She continued to speak, "It is a big day for Sam and Chris, so I am also glad for them. But as you are Sam's Groomsman, I have one last requirement for you. Why don't you sing us a song? I will open the door as soon as you finish a melodious tone. What do you think of my idea?"   

 "Hannah, you have crossed the line. 

There is no way I am going to sing a song standing in this corridor." Fern felt incredibly awkward to sing a song before so many people since he never could sing a song in tune. In fact he was quite a bathroom singer. Therefore, he lowered his voice and tried to persuade Hannah instead, "Hannah, I sincerely request you to open the door. It is unnecessarily getting late for their wedding ceremony."  

Hannah was pleased and content as she heard this. She finally got a chance to get even with him and she had to grab this opportunity to take him down a peg.   

  Sam also smiled and put across some encouraging words, "Fern, just please sing a song and she will open the door. Please hurry up. It is your personal vendetta with Hannah, but it is my wedding day. Your stubborn decision will delay me from picking up the bride. So please put your ego aside and just sing a small hymn."   

 After hearing this, Fern felt even more helpless. He then realized that he had no other option but to submit to their request. Taking a glance at Sam with his piteous eyes, he began to sing a song. 

  "In your arms as the dawn is breaking..."    

Fern blushed uncontrollably while singing, but Hannah was still not content with him. "Sing a little louder. I can't hear you from across the door,"  she yelled out at Fern.     

With increasing embarrassed, Fern raised his voice. In order to be a responsible groomsman and help Sam pick up his bride earlier, he had to sing louder to please Hannah and hurry up the process.     

There is a famous Chinese old saying that opponents always meet, just like Fern and Hannah.    

 It took him a few minutes to finish singing the song while Hannah also kept her promise and immediately opened the door. She was understanding, so she knew when enough was enough and she drew the line there. The wedding couldn't be delayed any further.    

 "Well, come on in,"  said Hannah. She opened the door for them. Stepping in, Sam found Chris sitting on the bed elegantly, waiting for him quietly yet brimming with excitement.   

Sam always knew how Chris was pretty, but until this moment he never knew that she could so incredibly beautiful after she was dressed. She looked like a fairy from up above with the sun rays complementing her skin.    

 The white wedding dress served as a foil which accentuated her sharp features and fair skin, her cheeks rosy, with her head lowered slightly. Sam understood that she was nervous, so she dared not to look at him.     

Sam wore a bright smile, and walked up to her step by step, slowly and cautiously as if he was treading on Chris's heart. Sam knelt over and raised the bunch of roses in front of Chris with such grace and love.    

 "Honey, you look incredibly beautiful. I cannot believe today we will be united in holy matrimony,"  said Sam with great affection and admiration. Sam was honey mouthed while Chris was not used to it. Taking the bunch of roses from Sam, she said coyly, "Sam, don't speak nonsense before so many people. I feel so embarrassed."  

"It is not nonsense, Chris. I am just telling the truth,"  Sam defended with all honesty. Squinting at Chris from across her, he further added, "You are the most beautiful bride in my heart and no one else can catch you." His eyes filled with tender affection for her.    

 "Well, that's enough. Stop the lover's prattle. You can say all this to Chris at your nuptial night and no one will disturb you. I can be sure.But now please don't display your sweetness and gratitude here. After all we are still a bunch of many bachelors,"  joked Hannah poking fun at their blossoming love. After a small pause, she then continued, "Well, now it is about time for you to go downstairs. You still have to serve tea to your grandpa and dad to express your gratitude for this day."  

Chris still lowered her head like a shy little teenager. She then accompanied Sam downstairs, hand in hand. Gary as well as Edward were waiting with hopeful eyes for them in the hall.    

 Though Chris had come to accept and regard Edward as her father, she still called Gary as her grandfather and Charles as her brother. After all these years, those bonds were strengthened and could not be changed over night.   

  She was calling them that and it was hard for her to change now after all these years, while Edward also did not mind it at all as he actually appreciated them being there for her in the capacity they were.     

Two round mats were arranged in front of the seat of honor where Gary and Edward sat. Autumn took tea for them and they began to serve the tea to Gary and Edward. "Grandpa, thank you for bringing me up. Please drink the tea,"  said Chris with gratitude.   

"Grandpa, thank you,"  said Sam too. From now on, Gary was also Sam's grandpa as well. They were all one big family.    

 "Sam, Chris, I am so very happy and excited for you to start this wonderful chapter together." Gary smiled cheerfully since he was growing excited just anticipating this day for a long time. He took a sip of the tea and then took out two big red packets, handing to them. 

"Sam, you have to take care of Chris from now on. You have to keep her from harm's way at all time."    

"Don't worry, grandpa. I promise you that I will take good care of Chris. She is my wife and I will be considerate to her. I won't wrong her ever,"  said Sam firmly and sincerely. He then took a glance at Chris who was moved by his determined and optimistic words and assured her with a wide smile. It all seemed so perfect and she wanted to cherish this moment for eternity.     

Gary nodded with great satisfaction after hearing Sam's firm statement. In fact, Sam had won Gary's approval long time ago as he was just a brilliant, compassionate and charming man. 

Therefore, Gary felt relieved now that Chris was getting married to him. He would not have had it any other way.  

Autumn took another two cups of tea for Sam and Chris, because it was time for them to serve the tea to Edward.

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