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 Season 5

Episode 71


"Yeah, here it is,"  Burke affirmed, a soft smile lighting up his face. "You'll be teaching here soon. Are you happy?"   

 "Yes, of course,"  Pamela replied in a happy tone, her eyes sparkling. She was over the moon at the prospect of starting her new job. She turned to face Burke and clashed into his smiling eyes. The air sizzled with the strong chemistry between them that they both looked away hurriedly. Pamela's face turned red while Burke tried to look nonchalant.   

  Burke cleared his throat and said, "It's getting late. Let me bring you home."    "Sure,"  Pamela agreed readily. When she left home to study abroad, Pamela didn't really forget about Burke, despite how much she tried. Seeing him again like this made her realize that she still loved him.    

 They were both quiet on the drive back to Pamela's house. Upon arriving, Burke parked in front of her gate. "Here we are,"  he said as he turned to Pamela, finally breaking the silence.   

Before leaving the car, Pamela decided to speak. "Thank you, Burke. See you later!" Pamela said, trying to sound cheerful. Deep inside, she was disappointed that he was leaving so soon. She smiled up at him, overcoming her shyness. "Do you think we can hang out later?"    

"Of course. You can call me anytime." His reply came without hesitation as he was seemingly pleased at her request. He was almost afraid he sounded too eager, shaking his head as he drove away.    

 Meanwhile, in the Dream Garden, Autumn was blooming with good health. Brent seemed to turn over a new leaf after receiving much scolding from Nancy. Nothing went missing at home after that.     

With Chris and Sam's wedding fast approaching, both families were busy with wedding preparations.   

Time passed in a blur. Autumn never missed her regular check-up at the hospital while actively helping Chris with her wedding preparations. Since there were only three days left before the wedding, Chris stopped meeting Sam. Instead, they resolved to call each other daily.    

 Chris hung up the phone and met Autumn's teasing eyes.    

 "Stop it, Autumn. Quit teasing me!" Chris reproached Autumn.    

 "I was just wondering about what you guys talk about these days,"  she started. "You're getting married real soon. Do you have some important matters to discuss that you must fix immediately?" Autumn asked with mischief clear in her voice. 

Autumn knew Sam very well. She knew he was not such a talkative man. She could tell from their conversation that it was mostly Chris talking and Sam was just listening, maybe talking shortly on and off.    

 She was surprised that he could tolerate Chris' nagging.   

"Stop making fun of me, Autumn!" Chris flushed. "We used to meet daily. But now it has been days! It has been truly difficult."    

There was a custom in Y City warning couples not to meet each other before their wedding day because it brought bad luck. Therefore, Sam and Chris decided to follow this tradition and avoided each other the past few days.  

   "Well, there's only two days left. So try to be patient,"  Autumn advised Chris. 

"Besides, Sam has to wrap up his work so he can free some time for your honeymoon. What do you think?"    

"But…" Chris stammered, blushing. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess I just miss him a lot. You know the saying, 'One day apart seems like three years'. Now I understand that feeling,"  Chris said with a heartfelt sigh.    

 "My goodness, where is that shy girl I knew? Girls should have self-restraint." 

Autumn reminded Chris gently despite knowing well what she was going through.   

Instead of getting mad at her, Chris suddenly burst out laughing.    

 'I'll be his wife in three days but I'm too impatient. I wish I could marry him tomorrow.' Chris giggled.     

Autumn gently caressed her belly as she lay down to relax on the sofa. With twinkling eyes, she told Chris, "Don't be impatient. Two days will go by in the blink of an eye. Besides, I'm sure you will miss us in no time."   

 "I suppose so,"  Chris said seriously, suddenly feeling sad. Drawing nearer, she grabbed Autumn's arm, leaned her head on her shoulder and started to speak, concern apparent in her voice. 

"You know what, Autumn? It's actually you I'm going to miss most when I leave here. Because I worry about you most." 

   "Don't be silly. I have Charles to take care of me so there's no need for you to worry." Autumn gave her a reassuring smile.   

"But Charles…" Chris hesitated. After a short pause, she continued, "After living with Charles all these years, I know my brother very well. He is a serious but inconsiderate man. I'm afraid…"    

"Don't worry,"  Autumn reassured Chris with a gentle smile. She reached for Chris' hands, clasping it gently. "Look at me. I'm good now."    

"Don't defend him, Autumn,"  Chris scowled at her. "I know Charles loves you very much, and he clearly adores you. But marriage can't live on love alone." 

She paused and further added, "He should pay more attention to you. He also doesn't know how to treat you well, how to please you when you're mad. I know he broke your heart many times since you got married."    

Since marrying Charles, Autumn had been embroiled in a lot of troubles. Most of the time, Charles had not been around when she was in danger.     

Chris had never doubted his love for Autumn, but she knew his brother could be so indifferent sometimes. He even ignored Autumn's emotions and feelings.   

"That's enough,"  Autumn interrupted, holding up her hands to stop Chris. 'I've been married to Charles long enough to know what kind of person he is.   

  I know his flaws and I've accepted his shortcomings. Besides… he's not always inconsiderate.     

We got married without seeing each other. That's why our marriage started on the wrong foot. 

    It doesn't mean that Charles is a bad husband. Once I got to know him better, I knew how lucky I was to be his wife.' 

Autumn thought to herself.    

 "I know Charles. Your assumptions about your brother are wrong. He really is a good man,"  Autumn defended her husband staunchly. "You will also be a wife in just a few days. The only thing you need now is to get some beauty sleep to make sure that you'll be the most beautiful woman at the wedding. 

On top of that, you also need to plan your married life. Focus on those two important tasks instead of worrying unnecessarily about me."  

"But..." Chris said, interrupting Autumn. "I'm worried about you and your unborn babies,"  she continued, mimicking a man's voice and looking concernedly at Autumn. Autumn laughed spontaneously at Chris' hilarious expression, clutching her belly. "You're impossible!" she said, after a few minutes of laughter.    

 Charles got off from work early and went home directly. He heard laughter coming from the living room as he stepped inside. He found his wife and his sister sitting companionably together. A soft smile broke on his tired face. 'They are the two most important women in my life. One is pregnant with my children, and the other is about to get married. 

After her wedding day, she will now be a wife in another house,' he thought as he gazed at them affectionately.   

Despite feeling happy, he also felt upset at the thought of Chris getting married and finally leaving home.

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