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 Season 5

Episode 69

(Leila badgering (4)

"You... You are treating me in such a cold and harsh manner for her, aren't you?"

 Leila questioned him as she raised her voice, being fully aware of where they stood. Noticing that more and more passers-by gathered around them, Leila tried to utilize this growing attention to embarrass Pamela. With a hurt expression, she stared at Burke and asked, "You changed your mind overnight because of her, didn't you? Just tell me the truth."    

"It's all between Burke and you. I had nothing to do with it. So why are you suddenly shifting the blame on me?" 

Pamela snapped back in defense as she flushed pink with embarrassment. 

Pamela was a shy girl. Realizing that crowd was whispering to one another and casting her reproachful glances, she basked in embarrassment. She explained and defended herself in a hurry to save face, "I just came from abroad. I knew nothing about you. So how can you possibly blame me for your failed relationship? This is not fair."  

"Oh come on!" Leila sarcastically led her on. "Burke and I were getting on perfectly before you appeared in the scene, and he even proposed to me yesterday. But now suddenly things have changed and turned sour in my favor. You are a self-righteous and entitled bitch. You must have spoken ill about me in front of him, didn't you?"   

 "You..." Pamela was too infuriated at this point to even finish her sentence. Her good breeding and demure stopped her from stooping down to her level and scolding her like Leila did to her. She knitted her brows and remarked, "You're being too unreasonable, so there is no point to engage in a conversation."    

"I'll teach you a lesson for what you did," Leila pounced at Pamela with a furious look. Burke dashed forward and stood between Leila and Pamela. He seized Leila's hands while howling at her, "That's enough of this charade. Haven't you done enough already that you had to create a public spectacle over nothing and blame this girl for your shortcomings?"  

"Burke..." Leila called his name affectionately with a pathetic look. She stared at Burke and begged for mercy, "Please don't leave me. Please just give me another chance. I know you still love me."    

"That is impossible,"  Burke replied with a resolute expression. He realized that the only way to get rid of Leila was to leave the hospital premises. A doctor who was walking past Burke stopped and out of good will, he turned to Burke and reminded as he whispered, "Burke, don't let things get worse. After all, this is a hospital."    

"I understand,"  Burke replied, looking a bit guilty and awkward for the situation he was caught in. 'Fortunately I have resigned. I won't bring shame to the hospital even if Leila continues to stir up trouble like this,' he thought to himself.  

   He looked at the passers-by and said, "Just go back and mind your own business. There is nothing to watch here!"  

Leila moved closer to Burke and said, "This isn't over yet. You must make things clear to me today, Burke. What are you going to do about us?"    

Burke was always getting on well with his colleagues thanks to his good temperament and humble nature. The nurses too began to actively help him by dismissing the on-lookers while saying "It was just a misunderstanding. Please go back to minding your own business."

    Upon noticing that Leila was about to speak yet again, Burke seized her arm in one strong swift moment and warned her, "I have quit my job here. You can't scare me even if you still stay here and create a debacle like this."    

Leila glanced at Burke with fear, growing fully aware that quarrel wouldn't help her situation anymore. She grabbed Burke's hand and said in a soft tone, "I just want you to give me an answer, Burke. I..."    

"Follow me!" Burke interrupted her with a stern expression. He dragged Leila to her ward, and asked impatiently, "Tell me, what is that you want from me? Tell me the truth."  

"Nothing..." Leila said casually, as she looked into Burke's eyes hoping to seem sincere. "You have loved me for over ten years. I finally realized that you are the one who treats me best, with love and care. But why did you decide to dump me suddenly? Did you leave me because of that entitled bitch?"    

"Just shut your mouth!" Burke shouted at her realizing there was no use of having a chat with her. At this moment, he regretted loving and wasting his time on Leila for ten years. With a sneer, he said defensively, "Don't call her bitch. She has a name. The reason I decided to break up with you has nothing to do with her. Please shove that in your puny little brain."    

"But you do still speak for and defend her... like she is your own,"  Leila said in disdain. "How could you let me believe that there is nothing going on with her?" 

 "Will you let me go once I explain the situation to you?" Burke offered her an explanation hoping that she would leave after that. "You want to know why I am so resolute to break up with you, don't you? Well, fine then, I'll tell you the reason."    

Giving her a scornful look, he blurted out, "I thought you were a kind and innocent girl. But I found out that you're nothing but a materialistic girl, a whore who is willing to sell herself just for some money. Did you forget about how you landed contracts when you were Charles' secretary?"    

He was so mad at Leila, for the way she conducted herself, that he spoke out some mean words. When he saw Leila's face turning pale with embarrassment, he gave a laugh of contempt.    

 She never expected that Madeline would air her dirty laundry in front of Burke.  

   "That's... what my job required of me. Do you think I willingly did that, that I enjoyed doing that? It is what I had to do." Leila responded with a downcast face, knowing it wasn't the best decision to admit that, but she had no other choice in the matter. She smiled bitterly and went on, "If you must know, I hated doing all of that. I hated being used as a pawn in the barter system.

 But... I didn't have other choices back then. If I had failed to get those contracts, by hook or by crook, I would have lost my job. Besides, those men just took advantage of me and that's all.

 It's not a big deal..."  

 With a pitiful look, she stared at Burke and said, "I hope you can understand that I had no option and it wasn't what I wanted. Everyone has a dark past, something they are ashamed of and this is mine. If you are going to judge me harshly on the worst thing I ever did then I can't possibly influence your mind."    

After observing Burke remaining silent, she tugged on his sleeves and went on, "If you don't want me to do that, I'll not do it again. I promise. You was born in a rich family of privilege, so you will never understand how hard it is for poor girls like me to be recognized and stand out. 

We have to struggle every day to just make it through the day.   

Sometimes my pretty face might land me in trouble, but... sometimes it also helps me a lot. And I just had to use it for my advantage."    

"Now you're just making excuses for your horrible conduct. No matter how dire the situation was, you always had a choice Leila,"  Burke returned coldly. He continued with a snort, "So many girls work hard in this city. How do they remain unblemished and dignified but you couldn't?"    

With a repulsive face, he stated, "You really disgust me, Leila. And I'm glad I found out about all of this after you rejected my proposal. It is a great relief." 

   "Please listen to me, Burke..." Leila pleaded as she hugged Burke tightly just hoping that somehow he would come around to understanding her. "I realized I was wrong. Please give me one more chance. I will do whatever... Anyway, I really like you. I really want to make this work. I will change for you in whatever aspect you want but just give me another chance."  

"There is no need for such drastic measures,"  Burke said in an adamant tone, as he looked at Leila. He then opened the door, and said to Pamela who was waiting at the doorway, "Please come in now, Pamela. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. We will head for lunch right away."    

"That is alright, I'm just coming in,"  Pamela entered the room. Pamela was a sensible girl. She realized Burke needed to bid farewell to his ten-year one-sided love, so she hadn't followed Burke into the ward until this moment.     

"Here I am,"  Pamela said meekly, not knowing what to do next. Burke smiled at her and then turned to Leila, "Didn't you keep asking what Pamela and my relationship was?"    

He moved closer to Pamela, took her hand in his warmly and said to Leila, "Well, Pamela is my girlfriend. Now I hope you can stop harassing me. We'd better cut off from each other. Things are over here now."  

"No, you're lying,"  Leila retorted in disbelief of this sudden revelation. 'Burke is mad at me, so he is using Pamela to force me to leave. But I won't give up so easily,' she was determined. She calmed down and went on, "It's not funny anymore, Burke. We're going to get married, so how can you possibly date her?"   

 Burke grasped Pamela's hand nervously, his palms wet with sweat. To get rid of Leila, he had no choice but to use Pamela as a pawn. He was growing anxious that Pamela might disapprove and be hurt by his act.     

Pamela then tightened the grip, almost like a sign, which made Burke much relieved.     

"I will not repeat myself twice. You and I are over. I will never get back with you. If possible, I even want to forget our past. I strongly advise you to do the same."

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