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Season 5

Episode 67

(Liela's badgering (2)

"You found out that my parents own that hotel yesterday, didn't you?" Burke asked, taking a stern look at Leila. "You initially refused my proposal because you thought I was just a doctor and couldn't earn much to sustain a luxurious lifestyle for you. But when you learned about my identity, you regretted turning me down.

 That's why you feigned your fever and came here to gain my sympathy. Am I right?" he continued grilling her scornfully.    

 "Do you think I'm a terrible and manipulative woman?" Leila asked, staring at Burke with sad eyes. "We've known each other for a long time now, I thought you know what kind of person I am."    

"Who knows anything really?" Burke snapped with a sneer. "We have known each other for over ten years, but I didn't know your true colors. It's so ridiculous!" he sighed as he expressed his clear disbelief.   

"After all you turned out to be such a good actor! You've been fooling me for so many years,"  Burke added with a bitter smile.     

'In front of me, she pretended to be a proud and innocent girl. While behind my back, she threw herself at old men to please them for the sake of business deals. Now I won't believe a single word from her. Mom is right,' he thought to himself.    

 "You're disappointing me,"  Leila opened her mouth, as she turned her head away with dismay. She didn't expect that things would take such a drastic turn after last night. Obviously Burke despised her now. After pausing for a moment, she continued, "I just said that I needed time to consider our relationship, but how can you take me for a shameless woman? You disgust me, Burke."   

 "Disgusting? I disgust you? It's funny you should say that." Burke snapped with a snarl. 'It's funny and amusing to hear her assume a high ground.   

I feel sick of her at the very thought of her flirting with that old man in his arms,' he thought.     

"Whatever,"  Burke remarked casually with no intention of wasting any more of his time speaking to her. He was done. 

He gave Leila a cold glance, and went on, "From today on, you have nothing to do with me. I won't see you again, and I hope you can just get out of my life. One more thing, you don't need to see me at the hospital. There are other doctors who can cater to your needs. I resign today."    

"What? Why?" Leila asked nervously wondering what caused him to take such a drastic step, as she fixed her sight on Burke. 'As long as he works here, I can always find a way to change and influence his mind.    

 After all, he has liked me for a decade. I can always get him to fall in love with me all over again.    

 But if he quits the job, it'll become difficult to meet him, let alone getting him back,' she thought, furrowing her brows, as she grew anxious and concerned.   

"Do you detest me so much that you have decided to quit your job to just to avoid me?" Leila asked with a heart-broken expression.     

Noticing Burke's silence, Leila gnashed her teeth and confessed, "I admit I learned you're Mrs Zhou's son. But I don't think it has any influence on our relationship. I want to marry you because of you and how you've treated me, not your background. No matter who you are, my feeling to you are true."   

 Burke gave a contemptuous smile. Now no matter what Leila said, he knew that she was acting just to access his wealth.     

"But I don't want to marry you now, it's that simple. Didn't you hear what I said just now?" Burke snapped. "We're not possible anymore. We've known each other for ten years. If we were meant for each other, we would have already gotten together. I have given up on you and I'm thankful for the way things have turned out. Anyway, I wish you fulfill your dream of marrying a rich man. Best of luck!"  

"You..." Leila stammered angrily, as her face turned red. Burke ignored her anger and said, "Take care of your health too. I must leave now."   

 Watching Burke walk out of the ward, Leila lost her patience. 'I took a cold shower yesterday so that I can meet him at the hospital. To get Burke back, I even ensured I caught a fever. I can't give up so easily. There has to be a way back into his heart,' she resolved.     

Right after Burke walked away, she lay on the bed lost in deep thought. 'If I don't give up on him, will he accept me again? 

Compared to Charles, it is easier to get him.'    

After leaving Leila's ward, Burke went straight to the HR department. After hearing that Burke was resigning, the dean came to meet Burke in person and persuaded him to stay. Despite of this, Burke insisted on quitting.   

The dean took a deep breath and said, "When you came here in the first place, I didn't trust you much. I didn't think a rich second generation could be a qualified doctor at the hospital. At that time, I was sure you would quit soon after all you had no reason to work here."   

 With an approving smile, he continued, "But to my surprise, you worked here for several years and make yourself an example by being an excellent doctor. To be honest, you impressed me by your work etiquette, your skill and humble nature."    

He then sighed, "We lack hands here on the desk, and you're experienced. I hate to let you go like this so unexpectedly."   

 "You flatter me, dean. I really want to take this moment to thank you for the opportunity to work at this prestigious establishment,"  Burke responded humbly. "You've got so many skilled hands on deck. Besides, you have Anthony and he is an expert on traditional Chinese and even western medicine. I'm sure they will all do an excellent job."  

"If you don't mind, can you tell me why you decided to resign so suddenly?" the dean asked him upfront.    

 After some hesitation, Burke explained, "You know my family background. My parents agreed to let me do what I like all these years. But now they're getting older, so I think I should help them with family business."    

With a wide smile, he politely said, "I hope you can understand my pressing circumstances."   

 "I can completely understand. You're a dutiful man who wants to support your family,"  the dean replied with blessings for his future. With a benign smile, he went on, "If this is the case then, I won't force you to stay here. Your family needs you and that is of supreme importance."

    "Thank you. I appreciate your understanding nature,"  Burke replied in relief. After he left the dean's office, he felt relieved and grateful.     

The news of Burke's resignation had already spread like wildfire within the hospital. Since he had kept a low profile, all this while no one knew that he was from a wealthy family.   

After learning about his family background, several nurses even made fun of him. "If I had known that you're an affluent second generation, I would have pursued you."    

"What a pity! I wish I could have found out your identity earlier. The things that could have been..."    

"Me too."    

Burke felt bashful when he heard their jokes. He said to them, "Please stop teasing me. I will treat you to a lavish meal later."    

"That sounds great. After all you're a rich master. You must treat us to a big and grand meal." Burke nodded in agreement cheekily.     

He went to bid farewell to the doctors with who he had been always on good and civil terms. When he had walked halfway out of the premise, he ran into Anthony who was just getting out of a ward. Anthony said to him, "Burke, I just met your girlfriend..."  

"You must be kidding, Anthony,"  Burke interrupted him almost immediately. "I'm single. How would I possibly have a girlfriend?" he asked.    

 "I thought she was,"  Anthony replied with a sense of doubt. When Anthony had been on his daily round, he was taken aback at the sight of Leila admitted in the hospital. He wondered why she had been hospitalized. As he knew that Burke had a soft corner for her, he had paid extra attention to her. He left her after learning that she just had a fever.     

Anthony asked in confusion, "Didn't you plan to..."    

"I forgot to tell you one rather important thing, Anthony,"  Burke cut him hurriedly. 

"I resigned just now. I will leave the hospital soon after winding up all my pending work."

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