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Season 2

Episode 8

I went inside the kitchen where my mother was cooking leaving Ruka with my dad. She had prepared so many things, which was already placed on the table.

“I hope his highness likes it,” my mom said worriedly.

“He will mom,” I told her hugging her from behind.

“Hope so,” she sighed. I helped her with the rest of the things and set up the table making it presentable. Dad had eased up and was having a conversation about current affairs with Ruka. Ruka being the gentleman he is complimented mom on her cooking.

We had a small dining table unlike the one in the castle; I was sitting in between mom and Ruka. Everything was going fine until Ruka decided to place his hand on my leg during the middle of a conversation, his finger making circles. Glad that I did not have water in my mouth that time.

Uwaah, what is he doing! My face was turning to a red shade as seconds passed.

My parents were right here, eating quickly I got up and went to my room. Everything looked same, as I had left it a month back. I missed my room. Sitting on the bed, I saw a white envelope on my desk. I do not remember having any envelope as such before leaving to the castle. Curious to see what it was I tore it open and was shocked as I read its contents.

Dear Eve,

You are lucky to escape twice but you know what they say, the third time is always the charm.

I gulped. I stuffed the paper in my pocket throwing the cover in my drawer.

“So this your room?” it was Ruka.

“Yeah,” I replied. There were posters stuck in one side of the wall and now I regretted doing it.

“It looks comfortable,” he noted. I was debating on showing the paper to him or not. The threat was scary, better to tell him. I pulled out the paper and gave it to him. He raised his eyebrow in question but took it and opened it. In three seconds, he had crumpled the piece of paper.

“Your parents can’t stay here any longer, I’ll have it arranged if they want to stay in the castle or I can send them for a longer vacation trip and neither will you be coming back here for some time,” he said angrily.

“I think we have to tell them,” I said him softly.

“Yeah,” he agreed, ” let’s go down,” we went down.

Ruka had explained to my parents about us being mates and the current situation. Dad was rubbing his temples hearing all this.

“So, what you’re telling is my daughter is your mate and there are people who want to kill her?” dad asked warily.

“That’s right,” Ruka replied firmly. Dad sighed, “Your daughter will be safe and happy under my care, you have my word.”

“Okay,” my dad said, “Its just too much to take in at once.”

“I understand,” Ruka replied.

Mom had pulled me into the kitchen to have some time for us to talk. I’m sure you can guess what my mom’s reaction was. She was thrilled with the idea of me having a mate and worried at the same time too. She gave me one of her long talks, making me want to die with embarrassment.

My parents had saved up enough money and mom thought continuing their world trip was a good idea. They told they would visit me before going.

I was in the bathroom now brushing my teeth in my pj’s. I felt a bit nervous, coming up with all these different scenarios in my head about tonight with Ruka. I banged my head on the wall next to me in frustration.

“Is everything alright, love?” Ruka asked me across the door.

“Uh- yes,” I replied quickly. After brushing and washing my face, I got out. Ruka was already in the bed reading some files. He wore a white V cut tee and I could see his defined abs, getting on the other side of the bed I got in the covers.

Ruka had spoken to Sebby and Louis about the letter in his study once we reached home, sending me up to his room. Or our room.

“Do you really want to go on the trip?” he asked me as he kept the files down.

“Bella said it’s trekking with some cave exploration this time. I wanted to go,” I replied to him.

“Alright, but,” he said, “Only if I mark you, then you’re allowed to go. I don’t want unmated males around you,” he explained.

He wanted to mark me, it was the first step of the mating process. A mark is given by a mate which let’s other know that the girl was taken. It tells the male to back off in short. Mates can feel emotions after the marking.

“I don’t mind you marking me,” I told him letting him know that I was okay with it. His eyes were turning into deep purple, pulling me closer I felt his minty breath.

“Are you sure?” he asked me his voice deep and husky. I nodded my head.

He wrapped one of his arms around my waist and closed the distance between us. My heart was picking up its beat quickly. His other hand traced the side of my jaw. Bending down his lips met mine. It was a soft and a tender kiss; tracing his tongue on my bottom lip, he bit it. When I gasped, his tongue found mine, fighting for dominance and I gave in gladly to him.

It was a blissful and an intense kiss making me forget things.

He traced small kisses along my jaw line and went down kissing my neck until my shoulder; he licked a spot making me m.o.a.n. I bit my lip not wanting to make another embarrassing sound.

“You smell incredible,” he murmured on my skin inhaling my scent making me blush. Suddenly I felt pain at my neck connecting the shoulder and clutched his shirt tightly silently screaming.

“Shh,” he cooed me, “It’s over love,” he licked the spot and kissed it. The pain had ceased, sending tingles in my body. Switching off the lights, I got under the covers and felt Ruka next to me.

He pulled me flush against his chest my back facing him and wrapped his arm around my waist. He put his face in the crook of my neck and I felt him inhale deeply. My mate.

“Goodnight love,” he kissed the mark.

“Goodnight Ruka,” I wished him. I had not nicknamed. What shall I call him, baby? Na sounds too cheesy. Let me decide one tomorrow morning. I yawned feeling tired and closed my eyes, feeling Ruka’s arms around my waist holding me securely.

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