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Season 2

Episode 7

I was now sitting in my class, twirling the pencil in my hand as the lecturer spoke about the anatomy of the deer. I know it is weird when normally we learn about a frog or a c.o.c.kroach but here it was about a larger animal.

I guess it is taught because of the werewolves and vampires who are studying here so that they can hunt down the animal more efficiently.

I had not slept at Ruka’s room yet. Jessi and Rini left this morning, all of us slept in the same room including Lizzy and Bella. It was fun, having girls talking about everything. Though it was for a short span, I enjoyed the time with them. I wished the time stayed still.

During the dinner, everything went fine except for the looks Jessi and Rini gave looking at Ruka and me.

My parents had decided to stay at home a little longer, for a day more and then continue their world trip. Mom had asked me to come for dinner. Hearing this, Ruka insisted on coming with me, not that I could say no.

The bell rang indicating the end of the class, students dispersed and I went to the girl’s restroom. Getting out from there as I walked to my locker to stuff my books in I saw Trent near the locker too.

Stuffing all the things I was about to leave when he spoke up,

“The smell of your blood keeps getting better,” he said. Not wanting to interact with him, I turned to leave but he caught hold of my wrist, “Not so soon.”

Before I opened mouth to talk someone’s hand connected with Trent’s jaw making him loosen his hand on me. I turned to see Louis standing next to me.

“Didn’t I say to stay away from her? I guess my fist didn’t put enough sense in your brain last week,” Louis said coolly. I could see the gold color forming in his iris. So Louis was the one who hit Trent last week then.

He pulled me from the locker place leaving an angry Trent behind. That guy was jobless seriously.

“Thank you,” I told him as we walked to the canteen.

“No problem.”

“But why did you punch him?” I asked confused.

“I could smell the fresh antidote on your skin last week and the slight blood of yours on him,” he said nonchalantly, “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened.”

I looked at him with awe; he was definitely a smart person. Everyone was already at the table. I just got a fruit pulp to drink.

“Was there a problem?” Derek asked sitting next to me.

“What?” I asked perplexed.

“I can smell a faint scent of Trent on you,” he said raising his brow in question.

“Yeah, I mean no, no problem,” I replied.

“Okay,” I could see a few girls giving me glares. I wonder if it would ever stop. The Rest of our lunch went normal, just talking and eating.

“I wonder where we are going this time,” Lizzy said. They were talking about the college trip, which was coming up in two weeks.

“Hope it’s not some boring sightseeing,” Kyle said.

“I heard its trekking this time with some cave. I would like that. Your coming right?” Bella asked me.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied, I do not think my parents would mind me going.

“Yay,” both Bella and Lizzy exclaimed. I had no classes for the remaining day as we were getting out of the canteen; Louis spoke to when everyone went to their respective classes.

“I think you should ask Ruka about the trip,” he said scanning the crowd.

“Yeah, will do,” I replied and I got a text from Ruka telling me to come near the college entrance. He was picking me up, “I’ll see you later.”

“Sure, take care,” and he left. Going outside, I found Ruka casually leaning on his car. He looked s.e.xy and hot with his white buttoned up shirt and jeans. I could see a few girls checking him out and boys looking at him with envy.

I guess people did not know who the king was, maybe it’s because he never made much of an appearance outside. Seeing me, he smiled.

He opened the door for and I got inside the car. Getting to his side, he got in and started the car.

“How was your day?” he asked me as he drove.

“Boring?” I asked unsure because the classes today was boring and I had spaced out thinking about him.

“I guess I’ll have to talk to the principal to recruit fresh lectures.”

“No no!” I said panicked, “I wasn’t listening to the classes today”. He chuckled hearing it.

“Alright,” he replied, “We’ll first go to the castle and you can freshen up before we go to your parent’s place,” he said.

“Okay,” I replied to him. Going to the castle I went to my room to change forgetting that my things were moved to Ruka’s room. He wasn’t in the room when I went inside. Taking my necessities and a towel I hopped into the shower.

I picked plain jeans with a top to wear and applied a lip balm of cheery flavor on my lips. I was not going to a party or anything, so makeup was not necessary.

We were on our way to my home now. Thinking this was the best time to ask, I spoke.

“A trip is being arranged from the school after two weeks. I wanted to go…” I trailed waiting for him to talk.

“I don’t think its a good idea, love,” he said which made my heart drop.

“But everyone’s going to be there,” I told.

“No, Eve,” he said and rest of the way I played with the radio tuner making a silent protest. Was it even working?

Once we reached home, I walked towards the door ringing the bell. Looks like mom watered the plants. Dad opened the door, talking to my mom.

“The box is in the left shelf of- oh honey they are here,” dad said. Ruka looked quite intimidating to a person and I could see dad was affected a little by it.

“Hey, dad.”

“Hey sweetie, your highness,” my dad greeted, “Come on in.”

“Good evening, Mr. Whitlock,” Ruka greeted back.




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