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Season 2

Episode 5

You did this?” I asked Sebastian impressed with the treatment given to the rogue.

Sebastian smiled and shrugged. The rogue lifted his face up to look at me.

“Finally his grace made his presence,” he mocked. I took a chair and placed it in front of him, and took the seat.

“What’s you name rogue? Whom do you work for?” I questioned him.

“Hmm, I wonder,” he smirked testing my ice thin patience.

“Answer the questions and we’ll think about sparing your life,” I told him and he laughed.

“Her blood might be sweet, isn’t it?” he sneered, “Once he finds out how she smells, my master will drink her every single drop of her blood and then have her-” and that’s when I lost my temper.

Grabbing hold of his face, I crushed it with my bare hand until the bones on his face were disfigured. His blood dripped from my hand.

“Ask someone to clean this up,” I growled, the anger raging. How dare he speak of her like that!

“Speaking to him went down the drain,” Sebastian said shaking his head, ” What are we going to do now?” he asked me.

“We bait them.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he smirked.

After applying for the medicine, what Annesana gave, on the wounds, it looked a bit better. I fed Eve myself and offered her to give her a bath, which she refused feeling embarrassed. Grenda helped her washing her body on my insistence.

Tonight I was going to the eastern province to look at a coven related work. There were complaints telling a few of them were breaking the law. Eve was currently fumbling with the blanket sitting on the bed.

I pulled her to me, to which she let out a small squeak. Placing her on my lap I circled her with my arms, getting her closer.

I could already see a faint blush forming on her face. She looked at her fingers as though they were the most important thing now, it was amusing. All these small things about her made it adorable which made me want to tease her even more.


“Yeah, what is it?” I asked her turning her around.

“Can I ask you something? You won’t say no right?” she said looking at me.

“I won’t know until you tell what it is Eve,” I wonder what she wanted to ask.

“Can I go to the club that’s in 14th street on my birthday, please? My friends planned something for me,” she asked me hopefully and I frowned at her request.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Eve,” I told her to which she suddenly sank. I sighed, “If you want to go, Louis and that Derek boy will accompany you.”

Listening to this she hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on my cheek. She was wrong if she thought I was settling for a kiss on the cheek. Not losing the opportunity of our closeness, I slipped my arm around her small back and placed my lips on hers, tangling my other hand in her hair.

Her lips were lush and soft, I started with a light pressure not wanting to rush the moment. Hovering over her slowly, her back was on the bed as I kissed and nipped her lips. Tracing her bottom lip with my tongue, I bit it making her eyes go wide.

I smirked as I kissed her, I would never get tired teasing her. I could taste the faint taste of her blood on my tongue. If I didn’t stop now, I don’t think I could fight the need to taste her more, which wouldn’t end well. Giving a small final peck on her lips I let her up.

“Advance happy birthday, love,” I wished her as she inhaled for air.

“Thank you,” she said softly and something made her smile. I raised my eyebrow in question and she replied, “You’re the first person to wish me.”

“Yes, that’s right,” I smiled back at her. She was thinking something deep biting her lower lip, “Is something wrong?” I asked her and she looked up through her lashes.

“Why did the elder call Derek a protector?” she asked me.

“Only a protectors eye can turn to a golden and silver mix, when the person he’s supposed to protect is in danger,” I explained as she heard me intently, “Protectors or the knights don’t have a mate.”

“So Derek won’t have one because of me?” she asked sadly.

“No, he won’t,” I answered her and continued, “You don’t need to worry about it, the sole purpose of a Knight is to protect you, they are born without a mate,” I said to which she nodded and kept quiet.

After few seconds she spoke, “Derek is a warrior wolf,” she said to which my eyebrow raised slightly with surprise. I did not think I had to worry about her after hearing her say that.

We do not know who the second protector is yet. Though I did not like the whole thing about her having protectors, it was inevitable. Derek was decent to be a protector; I hope the second protector was too. Only time could say.

Currently, she was talking about her college, the classes she attended and lecturers. She spoke how she did not know to paint properly. She was expressing herself moving her hands as a child would. Painting reminded me of something.

“I would like to make a portrait of you,” I said her and she furrowed her eyebrows together.

“Like drawing me?” she asked me with wide eyes.

“Yes, something like that, love.” I saw her bite her inner cheek and replied hesitantly,


“And Megan is away for a week,” I said her. She brightened up listening to this.

“Really?” she asked and I could see that she was trying to hide a smile.

“Yes, her father asked her to come back for some time”. She nodded and I saw a small smile form on her lips.

I am sure that Megan had spoken to Eve. She was just a decoy here else, I would not have her here in the castle. If she were smart, enough she would not try anything, because I would not give a second thought in snapping her neck.

Both Sebastian and I were on our way to the eastern province. I had kissed Eve good-bye when we were leaving, tomorrow her parents and friends would be coming to the castle to meet her.

“You know,” Sebastian spoke as we drove, “Once she turns eighteen and the bond completes you can turn her to a vampire, she can protect herself perfectly,” he suggested.

“I have thought about it but she personally had asked me not to turn her at least until a year passes,” I answered him, “She wants to spend her human life, we ourselves had turned after twenty-six, I think its fair to grant her wish.”

“Are you really sticking to that?” he asked raising his eyebrow, I chuckled at it and replied,

“Not completely.”




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