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Season 2


Hey Eve,” my cousin Eric, hugged me grinning and twirled me in his arms, “I told you, you would see me soon,” he said letting me down. I was extremely happy to see him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him surprised.

“I work for Benjamin,” he replied smiling, “Did you come with the king?”

“Yeah, he told something about attacks happening in the west region,” I told him, “Do you know what it is about?” I asked him.

“Humans have gone missing and some were attacked by vampires for blood, it’s a serious issue. Especially when the law clearly states such things are banned,” he explained and I nodded my head.

“So how have you been? You look healthy and happy,” he said.

“I’m alright, I have been attending Preston’s,” I told him.

“That’s good,” he said thoughtfully,” It’s a good place to learn things, you know- what’s that mark on your neck?” he asked me checking it and I saw his eyes go wide, “Who the hell marked you, Eve?!”

“Did someone force on you?” he asked me angrily.

“Eric, I have a mate,” I said quickly.

“What?! When did that happen and why didn’t you tell me?” he asked shocked now, “Don’t you consider me as your brother?” I could sense the slight disappointment in his voice.

“Of course I do! It was supposed to be a secret,” I told him, “Its Ruka.” Eric stayed silent for few seconds and then spoke.

“So you are his beloved,” he said, “I’m glad you have a mate Eve,” he kissed my forehead and that is when we heard a growl.

Ruka was standing there with Benjamin, his hand fisted, eyes blazing. In a blink, if an eye Ruka had his hands on Eric’s neck.

“How dare you kiss my mate!” Ruka roared and punched him.

“Ruka, stop!” I said trying to pry his hand off Eric’s neck, “He’s my brother!” Ruka snapped his head at me.

“How is this vampire your brother,” he asked me furious and I caught glimpse of his canines that had grown.

“He is, please let him go,” I pleaded him, “I’ll explain.”

He let go of Eric and pulled me in his embrace, taking in my scent to calm himself. Eric was coughing.

“I was adopted by Eve’s aunt and have been her brother since then. I assure you I have no interest in her in the romantic sense other than the brotherly feelings,” Eric explained.

“So you’re a lower vampire?” Ruka asked who had considerably calmed down.

“Yes,” he replied and I heard Ruka sigh softly.

“I’m sorry for my behavior,” Ruka apologized Eric.

“That’s alright,” Eric grinned. For a person who’s neck was going to snap a few minutes back, he looked carefree, “I’m glad she has someone to take care of her.”

“Now that everything is sorted out, let’s have dinner,” Benjamin suggested.

During dinner, Eric and Ruka spoke a lot about me. I don’t even know how many times I rolled my eyes, as Eric told stories about me. Ruka listened to it smiling.

While leaving Benjamin told me I could come and visit anytime I want. Telling bye to Eric both Ruka and me left the place. The trip was over and all of us came back. A week had passed.

I sat in the class now, which was taken by Leo. If you think he behaved soft and nice towards me, then you’re mistaken. He was the same that is if you weren’t attentive in his class. I felt tired today, my muscles a little achy since I got up.

I had seen Trent in the morning talking to his jock friends. His face was bruised and looked pale. Ruka had done a number on him. When our eyes met, he had averted his eyes quickly.

Ruka was still taking our class, where did he send our regular teacher? I had fun during the trip, especially the time I spent with Ruka. I was so excited to see his wolf. It was beautiful with pitch black fur and his amethyst eyes. His wolf was big and looked lethal.

Though Ruka and Eric had met each other in an inappropriate, I was glad that they got along well after clearing up any misunderstanding.

Someone cleared their throat snapping me back to the class. Looking up I saw Leo with a raised eyebrow. Crap.

“Ms. Whitlock, if you would come back from your dreamland and concentrate,” he said.

Later I went to the next class which was Ruka’s. I felt dizzy as I walked. Was I catching the fever? It had been long since I had one.

Before I could enter the class, I felt my body weightless and blacked out.

When I woke up, I saw I was in the bedroom.

“You’re awake.” It was Ruka, he was sitting next to me brushing my hair. He seemed a little tense.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“You passed out in front of the classroom. I got you home,” he replied, “You had me worried.”

I felt hot as minutes passed by, feeling uncomfortable and an unknown ache forming.

“How are you feeling, Eve?” It was the elder, Annesana.

“I feel hot,” I replied to her and she sighed, “Ruka it’ll only worsen as time passes by.”

“I know,” Ruka said looking at me, I scrunched my eyebrows with confusion at her.

“Eve, a mating process has two steps. First is the marking; second is the mating,” Annesana spoke,” Nature always pushes to get things in the right direction. It is not necessary that you have to mate right away. Its full moon tonight and you being Ruka’s mate, your body is preparing for him. As I said, it’s not that you have to mate but your soul will call out for him making it difficult to resist each other.”

I did hear things as such, I gulped hearing her knowing what it meant and Ruka confirmed it.

“Love, you’re in heat.”




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