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Season 2

Episode 14

I went to the locker and stuffed my books inside. While I walked, I saw Trent with two other people. He had his arm around the girl.

“Look it’s the new girl, showing off her hickeys,” the girl spoke loudly.

“So true, Kendra,” Trent spoke to the girl he was holding, “And here I thought she was innocent.” They laughed at it and I rolled my eyes. Jobless people.

I left the place ignoring whatever they spoke. I met Ruka outside; he was waiting for me like he told he would.

He looked at me skeptically, “Did something happen?” he asked me.

I shook my head no and gave him a smile, “Where are we eating?” I asked him changing the subject.

“You’ll know in a few minutes,” he kissed my cheek.

After lunch in a classy restaurant, Ruka and I had been to gallery admiring the art. We later came back to the castle and were in the music room.

I was sitting and listening to him play the cello. The music it produced was sensual and consuming. I wish I could play like a pro too. He knew to play all the musical instruments.

The next week we came on the trip and were finding the cave now. Well not everyone was on his or her way to the cave. It was just our group consisting of Lizzy, Bella, Louis, Kyle, Derek and me. Ruka had come too but he was with Leo and other teachers.

“Where is the stupid cave?” Lizzy grumbled.

“I think we have to take right,” Kyle said rubbing his chin.

“No, we have been taking right,” Bella said looking at the map, “Kyle being a werewolf its a shame you can’t find where the cave is,” she said disappointedly.

“Hey! you girls are vampires, shouldn’t it apply to you too,” he scowled.

None of them could track the cave because the place we were in now was once used for war, no matter how good persons tracking senses were, they were of no use. So here we were walking in circles. Derek was amused where as Louis was getting irritated. He wanted to go back and sleep.

“I’m sure its this way,” Bella said. After fifteen minutes we had finally found the cave.

“Finally,” Louis sighed.

“Let’s go in,” Lizzy dragged Bella and me excited.

It looked like a medium-sized cave from out but as we went inside, it looked big, having steeps and slopes. All of us had lanterns in our hand. It was utterly dark as went further. I couldn’t believe people used to live here before. As it was used during wars, werewolves and vampires sight didn’t work nor did any torch or electronic item. There was no light except for the lanterns we had lit before going in.

“Oh no!” Lizzy groaned.

“What happened?” we asked simultaneously.

“The oil is out!” she replied bringing the lantern close to her face.

“So is mine,” Bella said holding up her lantern.

“Didn’t you guys check if there was oil in it?” I asked them.

“Lizzy was given the task,” Bella said pointed her finger like a little girl.

“I told it to Kyle.”

“I forgot,” Kyle said sheepishly, “We’ll share.”

“Let’s just hope none of us run out of it,” Derek said, lifting his lantern which had the light falling on the ceiling of the cave.

“Ah guys,” Kyle said unsurely looking up.

“Is your lantern out too?” Bella asked worriedly.

“Look up,” he said as he stared up and all of us raised our head to see millions of bats above us.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” we screamed disturbing the bats and they started flying everywhere, making us girls scream even more.

“Ouch,” Derek said. Wait where was he?? It looked like Louis, Kyle and I was the only ones having a lantern now.

“We need to get out-right-now,” Lizzy stressed every word in panic.

“My lantern fell down,” Derek groaned in the dark, “And why are you scared of bats?” he asked confused.

“Let’s head back now,” Louis said tired, “and stay close. Those are cousins with the pirhanas, bats that suck blood,” he explained before we got out of the cave as quickly as possible. Once we got out, our eyes took time to adjust with the light. We came back to the building where we were staying. Rest of the evening we were in our room playing indoor games.

During the second day, I went to the kitchen to get some water. While going back someone bumped into me.

“My favorite person.” It was Trent and I groaned. “I wanted you to meet some of my friends,” he said making me flinch and grabbed my hand.

“Let go of me,” I said trying to pull my hand out, struggling.

“Mr. Gray.” Thank god it was Ruka. He came forward and held his hand, “We haven’t met before, I’m Mr. Reed,” he said with a certain edge in his voice.

“Ah hello,” Trent replied letting go of me.

He is an idiot, he didn’t know what was going on and shook his hand but Ruka didn’t let go of it.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” Ruka said, he had a ghost-like smile etched on his face, and that’s when I heard the crack sound, “You’ve been warned to stay away from her yet you keep coming. It makes me feel you have a thing for my mate,” Ruka said cooly.

Trent’s eyes went wide then his face turned into a painful expression and I heard more cracking. That’s when I realized Ruka was crushing his bones with his hands.

“Ahhh,” Trent yelled in pain, “I’m sorry,” he tried apologizing.

“Too late for that,” Ruka replied laughing, “Love, why don’t you go up. I’ll be there in a while,” he instructed me.

“Please don’t-”

“I won’t kill him,” Ruka assured me, “I need to have some talk with him.” I nodded and went up. Trent was in so much trouble.




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