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Season 2

Episode 15

Ruka’s POV:

“So…” I said. Once Eve had left I had pulled the boy named Trent in my room. I had crushed both his hands completely. It would take a month to regenerate the bone as he was a lower rank vampire.

A lower rank vampire had the same lifetime as the humans, the only thing was they survived on blood and stronger compared to the humans but not as strong as the higher ranked vampires did. It was like a half-breed.

“Enlighten me why you were asking Eve to come with you a few minutes back,” I told looking at him. I could see him trembling slightly, making me smile internally.

“I-I was just joking,” he stuttered, I could make out he was lying.

“You know Trent,” I said taking his hand and he winced at what I might do, “I hate people who lie.”

“I didn’t know she was your mate,” he said in fear.

“Hmm let’s make sure you don’t do it again,” I twisted his arm back and he screamed in pain. After inflicting some more pain on him I told him to get out.

My wolf wasn’t pleased with such small torture, he wanted blood but at the same time please his mate. Eve had asked not to kill him.

Louis had informed me about yesterday’s events. He gave an up-to-date information about whatever happened, be it inside the school or outside. The whole area we were in was an anti-ground for werewolves and vampires. Witches had put a spell making our eyesight and smelling senses of no use.

Lizzy had piqued an interest in Eve regarding the cave. My clever cousin had asked her to get permission from me as none of the teachers had given the permission. Looking at her brown innocent eyes I had them go.

I went up to her room and saw they were playing cards. Looking at me she folded the cards and got up, walking towards me.

“Is he still…” she asked me carefully.

“Yes,” I replied putting my arms around her and she sighed.

“I’ll be going out for some time,” I told to which her head rose to meet my eyes.

“Out?” she asked her eyebrow knitting together.

“Yes, my wolf needs a run,” I replied to her and saw her eyes lit up.

“Can I come too?” she asked me eagerly.

“You want to?” I asked her and she nodded her head happily, “Let’s go then,” I kissed her forehead.

We were walking on the grassy fields and had come far away from the camping site. I began taking my clothes out making Eve turned around quickly in other direction and I laughed.

I felt my bone cracking and in a few seconds, I had transformed into my wolf form. Eve had her back turned on me; I went near her and nudged the side of her leg with my head, making her gasp in surprise.

She turned back and looked at me. My fur was pitch black and my wolf form was big.

“You look gorgeous,” she said in awe, I laughed at her comment, which came as a bark.

Getting down she ruffled my ear earning a low growl from me, I nuzzled her face when she came near, earning a giggle from her.

She sat down near a tree, while I ran in wolf form. After that I went and sat next to her, placing my head on her lap.

“I always wanted a mate,” she spoke as she brushed my fur lovingly,” Wondering if I did have one, would I get a vampire or a werewolf. I got both of them.”

“Can you not publicize me being your mate, like it’ll be awkward during school hours,” she said softly.

I heard her speak as she went talking about her childhood, listening to her intently. At one point she spoke how she found me hot. Later grabbing my clothes, I changed back from my wolf form. I swept her off her feet then.

“So my mate thinks I’m hot, huh?” I asked smirking slightly and she nodded smiling. Using my vampire speed we reached the site and let her down.

“Eve, I need you to get ready and meet me an hour later,” I informed her.

“Where are we going?” she asked me.

“I need to meet someone for some work. I would like it if you came along.”

“Okay,” she said leaving. I would feel at ease having her near and didn’t have to worry.

Eve’s POV:

We had arrived at the palace after an hour where Ruka was going to meet a person called Benjamin Arrow. I had worn a collared shirt and skinny jeans.

“Ruka,” a curly-haired man greeted whom I assume was Benjamin.

“Benjamin,” Ruka said looking at the man.

“How can I help you,” Benjamin asked with a smile, he was a tall man and looked at me, “And who might this beautiful lady be?”

“This is my mate, Eve,” Ruka introduced me while his hand was on my back.

“Mate? That’s new,” Benjamin said curious and bowed slightly,” My Queen.”

“Hello,” I said awkwardly.

“I needed you to work on the attack that’s been occurring lately in the west,” he spoke.

“Why not send Leo?” Benjamin suggested.

“His hands are full guarding the school,” Ruka replied.

“Hmm,” Benjamin thought for a while, “Let’s discuss in our study shall we?” as we walked I tugged Ruka’s arm.

“What is it, love?” he asked me.

“Can I look around?” I asked him, I would be bored for sure if I went inside the study.

“Okay,” he agreed and kissed me before leaving.

I roamed around the palace taking my own time admiring it. I wonder what attacks was Ruka talking about and I had no idea Leo was looking after our school. Louis was excellent with his studies; I guess he is around for the same reason.

As I walked I felt someone’s presence behind me, I turned around ready to swing my hand.

“Eric?” I asked shocked, “Oh my god it’s you,” and jumped on him.




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