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Season 1

Episode 9

Class went on and I searched for the next classroom once my class was done. Last hour before lunch, thank God, I thought. I had advanced math now. My schedule looked like high school one but they were taught in depth; as though I was doing my mini masters on each subject.

For my next class I had to ask a fellow mate where I would find it and had the direction but still could not find it. The corridor was mostly empty before I saw a group of guys walking from the other side. One of them who had spike hair seemed to notice me and whispered something to the person next to him. He looked at me and had a wicked grin on his face, which made my stomach drop.

I could smell trouble. Thinking quickly I took an about turn taking quick steps but to my dismay, a hand came on my shoulder gripping me tight and making me stop.

“Hey sweets what’s your name?” the person said gripping my shoulder. I pushed his hand away and moved away but three of his friends seem to crowd around.

“You didn’t tell your name human,” the spiked guy asked.

“And why should I?” I asked glaring,”Now move,” I said loud and clear. They didn’t seem to budge.

“If you don’t we’ll make you,” he sneered at me and the others seemed to laugh at it. They were bullies I could say.

“Listen here I’m really getting late for class so can you go bother someone else,” I tried to make my way but they just blocked. One of the people with piercing caught hold of my sweater roughly which had me worried now.

“Now not so busy are we?” he sneered. Before he could speak another word, an empty can hit his forehead, making him wince.

“Let go of her Trent before we beat you up,” a female voice came behind. I caught sight of two girls and three boys.

The person called Trent cursed and hissed something under his breath, letting me go considering it, “Next time we see you, you won’t be this lucky,” he said in a harsh tone that made me flinch and they walked out.

“Are you alright?” one of the girls asked coming to my side. She was beautiful with olive eyes and her brunette hair.

“Yes thank you very much,” I thanked her.

“You must be Eve right?” the blonde girl asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied to her. Going to class was pointless now half of the class might have already finished.

“My names Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzy, I’m Sebastian’s cousin,” she smiled at me warmly. Oh god, what was with their family and me meeting them in troubled situations. I smiled back.

“This is Isabella, Kyle, Ashton, and my twin Louis,” she pointed at everyone and I said my hi’s awkward. Lizzy and Louis did not look similar at all. It looked like she was the tomboy and he was cool, collected one. Louis had blonde hair but was taller than Lizzy. Kyle had the happy face with his black hair falling over his forehead. Ashton looked like a big teddy bear.

“Sorry about Trent and his stupid friends, he’s a jerk,” she said to me in a matter-of-fact tone, “Come let’s go have lunch,” she told pulling me happily skipping.

“Lizzy it’s not polite,” Louis scolded to which Lizzy scowled, “do you even know if she has the same break?”

She stopped and turned to me, “You have break right?” hope in her eyes. I nodded my head even though I had one class left before the break and wasn’t in the mood to attend. She dragged me along with others.

We went to the lunch hall and they sat picking up a table. Isabella, Lizzy and me went to get something to eat. My mouth watered at the sight of things that were in front of me. They had different varieties of cuisines, pizza’s, burger’s, milkshakes. Lizzy did not let me pay insisting it was her treat. Isabella looked at me and smiled.

“She can be hyperactive,” she said looking at Lizzy who was going through the food and seeing what to eat for us.

“That’s alright,” I told her, “I have a friend who gets excited as much as she does,” I remembered Rini.

She then sighed, “That’s good, I thought you might run away after this,” she laughed. She looked like an angel with a petite figure and long lashes, blonde hair in curls.

Lizzy came up and stuffed our hands with the sandwich, burger, and fries. We went towards an empty table and sat while the boys were still ordering.

“So Eve,” Lizzy beamed at me, “how do you like here so far?”

“Boring?” I said.

“Don’t worry it won’t be any more,” she said and Isabella nodded agreeing with her. I smiled at it.

“You know you can fill up a form to reschedule your classes and we can match it with ours,” Isabella suggested.

“Yes we can do that,” Lizzy exclaimed clapping her hand.

“Do what?” Kyle asked her as the boys sat down with their food.

“Change schedule,” Lizzy said.

“That’s a good idea,” he said as he picked a fry and popped in his mouth and sent me a wink, which might have widened my eyes. Lizzy smacked his head.

“Don’t even think of hitting on her,” she warned him.

“Oh baby you’re jealous,” he cooed to her, “I know how much you lov-“followed by another smack.

“Ow,” he said in pain and pouted, “alright alright, so Eve,” he said, “how come you changed school suddenly?” he asked me.

“It’s complicated,” I told him. He made an oh with his mouth, but didn’t pester me about it.

Everyone was nice to me. They all had quite a personality. Lizzy was the hyper-excited tomboy type, Bella was sweet who was the peacemaker, Louis was the calm collected one who kept quiet, Kyle was the clown and Ashton seemed like a serious guy. Kyle and Ashton were the only werewolves in the group while Lizzy, Louis, and Bella were a high-class vampire.

Luckily, after the break, Louis and I had the same class, which was arts. After the class, Louis dropped me to my next class and left. Class got over quick and I was off for the day. I called up Augustus if he could pick me up and got out of the building. As I walked, I felt something and looked at my left. Crap, it was that Trent person who was there and seemed to come slowly towards with a sly smile that said no-one’s-going-to-help-you-now.

I heard a honk near the gate. Augustus my hero I darted towards the car and got inside as fast as I could.

This made him look at me with a question. He looked at the way I came and saw an annoyed Trent looking at our direction. He didn’t say anything and just drove back to the castle.

Augustus looked in his forties and was a werewolf. I’m sure he noticed something was wrong. Of course, if you come running anyone can notice it you idiot, I thought to myself.

I got out of the car and got inside walking towards my room.

“Miss Eve you’re back,” it was Grenda, “Shall I get evening snacks to your room?” she asked me.

“No that’s alright,” I replied shaking my head, “Is Ruka home?” I asked as I did not see him in the morning and missed his presence around me. I wondered why.

“Yes his highness is in his study,” she said.

“Okay. I’ll go up and rest for a while,” I said to her and went to my room putting my bag down and flopped on my bed. I guess the first day of school did not go that bad after all. I had made friends too. I felt tired and closed my eyes to get some sleep.

I woke up when I felt a hand brush my hair. Mom? Was I back home? I was at the castle. I opened my eyes still half drowsy.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” it was Ruka.

I got up and sat, “Mm no”, I hummed my sleep still lingering. I was swaying due to sleep. Ruka who was sitting on my bed pulled me into his lap. This made my head snap from whatever sleep I had. I tried moving out of it but he had one of his arm wrapped around my waist holding me securely.

“Stop moving,” he said huskily his cool breath blowing in my ear that had shivers running down my body. Did he think I was that kind of girl?

“I’m not like that,” I told him looking at the blanket. My legs were on the bed and my side facing him.

“What are you talking about?” he asked me a little confused.

“Why do you treat me like this?” I asked him with sadness, “like I’m special when I’m not.” He was silent. I liked the way he took care of me, the way he would call me to love but why me when he could have so many falling on his feet. He was a vampire and one day he would find his soulmate.

“Your anything but more than special to me Eve,” he said, “There’s something I wanted to discuss with you.” I listened to him intently as he spoke.

“I am 1352 years old Eve and you know that I’m a vampire right?” I nodded my head, “I wasn’t born just as a vampire but a werewolf too. Not many know of it. But as years passed the gene of werewolf became less active and has been recessive or inactive you could say. But a few months back it’s been clearly showing its presence, though it isn’t as strong as the vampire in me. I guess your birthday is around the corner?” to which I nodded again not knowing where this conversation was heading.

“Sebastian has this theory that once I felt your presence in this world the wolf within me woke up. My wolfish side as you say isn’t completely awake, but once you turn eighteen our soul will intertwine with each other.”

“You’re my mate Eve,” he said his eyes piercing mine.

What did he just say?? I had a mate. This made me smile internally. I was his mate.

“The pull will increase as days go by both from mine and your side,” he told me. This was a lot of information. Although what he was saying did make sense, that is why he didn’t go all MINE on me. When a werewolf found his or her mate they would go all mine, mine on their other half. I was made for him; the thought had my stomach churn.

If I was his werewolf’s mate then…

“Won’t your vampire side have a beloved too,” I asked him, I did not want to share him with anyone. He chuckled hearing this,

“My vampire side does not have a beloved, you don’t have to worry of sharing me with someone else kitten,” he smirked at me. I blushed like a tomato hearing this and hid my face in his chest. He grabbed my chin and lifted my face up.

“Don’t hide from me,” he said sternly as he moved few strands of my hair from my face, “How was school ?”

“It was okay. I met Lizzy and Louis.” He looked serious now. Did I say something wrong? I started panicking.

“I heard you were troubled this evening?” he asked me. He knew.

“It was nothing serious,” I told him trying to hush the topic.

“Really?” he asked his eyebrow raised. God, he looked good when he did that.

“Yeah,” I told him, “if something happens I’ll let you know.”

“Yes you will,” was his reply as he held me in his arms inhaling my scent.

I was sitting on his lap and consuming the information he had told me. My heart bubbled with the thought itself. I didn’t think I could sleep tonight.




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