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Season 1

Episode 7

Waving goodbye to everyone, we left. My nerves were going haywire. In less than an hour, I would be meeting his highness and his subjects there.

“Calm down Eve,” Sebastian said as he took a turn on the road, “You have nothing to worry. You could meet your parents in between when you want.” I gave him a small smile.

“Yes,” he replied. There was silence in the car except for the light piano music that played.

“It’s beautiful,” I blurted out now feeling embarrassed, “I mean the music.”

“Well thank you,” he bowed his head in a playfull manner.

“What do you do in the kingdom?” I asked making a conversation.

“General as in the military you know,” he replied.

“Oh okay,” I nodded, “Aren’t you busy today?” I asked since he was picking me up personally when he had other duties to attend.

“Orders by my cousin,” he smirked thoughtfully. By then we had entered the gate of the castle.

“Cousin?” I asked. Was there a higher rank than a general was?

“Yup,” he said, “The king of course,” he smiled at me stopping the car.

My eyes grew wide listening to this. Was he serious? All this while I was talking to a royalty. Stupid, stupid Eve.

I got out of the car and followed Sebastian closely, scared where I will get lost again in this huge palace. The place was guarded and by the look of their red eyes, they were vampires. I loved the place and watched in awe the carving on the wall which had a few writing’s which I had no knowledge of, ceiling held paintings and every little detail was looked on.

People bowed in respect as we walked through the corridors. We then reached a room, which looked quite huge with high windows. A figure stood near the window with his back to us. It was Ruka. He turned towards me meeting his purple eyes.

I admit he was the most breathtaking man I had ever met. He was staring at me, which made me more nervous.

“Safe and sound as you asked,” Sebastian interrupted my thought flow.

“Thank you, Sebastian,” his husky voice said which sent warm chills down my spine.

“Anytime,” Sebastian grinned, “I’ll take my leave now. See you around Eve,” and he left me with Ruka.

He was wearing black jeans and a buttoned-up ink blue shirt. Busy checking him out I had forgotten he was looking at me a small smile playing on his lips.

“Finished checking me out?” he asked smirking. My cheeks turned red at this and I turned my head away from him.

“Don’t hide away when you blush, especially when I’m the reason for it,” he said as he came near turning my head with his finger. His purple eyes seemed piercing my eyes right down to my very soul. I really felt small when I was standing next to him.

I felt his cool minty breath fan on my face. In the blink of an eye, I felt his hand wrap around my waist and inhaling my neck. My heart was beating a million beats! I do not know why I felt warm and safe. No other person had this effect on me.

“I hope you forgive me if there was any inconvenience,” he said releasing me from his embrace. I just nodded my head not trusting my voice.

“I’m glad,” he smiled. Before I could say a word to protest he took me by my hand and led me through the staircase.

“Umm my bag,” I trailed.

“It’s already in the room love,” he replied which made my heart speed up when he used the word love. It made me feel happy making me giddy within. I liked this feeling.

“Okay,” I responded.

We reached a door that was carved. Ruka pushed the door open leading me inside. There was a huge bed, the wall painted in white, big windows, balcony attached. It was in a word- a princess’s room.

“This is your room for now,” Ruka said.

“It’s beautiful,” I was in a daze looking at the room, “thank you, your highness.”

“No, just call me Ruka,” he said with a light smile, “There’ll be maids attending to you in few minutes so feel free to ask whatever you need. I’ll leave you to settle down; my room is just a door away if you have anything to ask.”

I nodded my head. Oh, my god I was having a room next to his Highness; just wait until I tell this to Jessi and Rini. With one more glance, he walked out of the room.

I spotted my bag and pulled out my clothes to change taking a pair of jeans, a tank top, and my undergarments. I got into the bathroom, which had a tub in it. Could this get any better?

After taking a shower I got out to be greeted by women of mid-forties. She was wearing a short-sleeved black dress that came below her knees with a white apron around her waist.

“Ms. Whitlock,” she bowed her head, “I’m Grenda and will be to assist you with anything.”

“Please call me Eve,” I told her not wanting to be called as Ms. Whitlock.

“Ah,” she seemed to be in turmoil.

“Eve,” I said with a smile. She now smiled at me warmly as she gave in.

“Let me help you with your hair,” she said taking the towel from me and wiping my hair gently.

“Thank you,” by then my stomach made its presence known. Grenda smiled knowingly.

“His Highness told me to inform you that you’ll be dining with him at eight,” she said.

“Ah okay,” I replied, it was almost eight. Time did pass quickly. I wore a polka dotted knee length skirt. I checked myself in the mirror to see if I was presentable and followed Grenda to the dining hall.




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