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Season 1

Episode 6

I didn’t have the heart to get up. It was too much of sudden change and I didn’t like it a bit.

I had spoken to Rini and Jessi about me going. Rini being herself was ecstatic about it. She told how someone could maybe fall in love with me in the process.

After having my breakfast, I sat on my bed reading one of the books the temptation I got recently. I flipped the pages slowly reading it. Though I had immersed myself in the book behind it, I could think of only what was going to happen. It was about two actors who fall in love and get married but also where the husband is suspected to have killed his wife. However, I believe that the main character didn’t do it because if he was really in love, he would have never hurt her.

Though I had immersed myself in the book behind it I could think of only what was going to happen. My grades were okay it wasn’t something that I excelled in it exactly. Jessi was the brightest of all of us.

I missed Rini and Jessi a lot. It had been only four days since Jessi had left. I continued reading my book and after an hour or so, I was right. The hero was not the one who killed his wife. I closed the book feeling tired after straining my eyes.

Dad had not said much about me going to the castle and mom said encouraging words that I would be okay and it would be fun. She trusted Sebastian I don’t know why, but when I asked her, she said it was a mothers intuition and that she felt Sebastian could be the one for me. I rolled my eyes thinking about it. Trust mom to make a serious situation into something. I couldn’t take my thoughts away from the prospects of meeting Ruka again. Who could guess that he was the king?

I flopped on my bed pulling my blanket and closed my eyes wanting some sleep. When I got up I felt my blanket tug. I pulled it up but felt it tug again.

“Mom,” I groaned my eyes still shut, “I just got into bed,” I said.

“That’s not a nice way to welcome,” a familiar voice spoke which made my eyes open.

“Eric!” I said jumping out of my bed and hugging him, “I missed you. When did you come?” I questioned him.

“I missed you too Eves,” Eric said hugging me back.

Eric was my cousin who was done with college. We were four years apart. He was half vampire adopted by my aunt. Never did I feel sad about not having a sibling, as I had him. He was smart with dirty blonde hair standing with his six feet stature and brown eyes. When he smiled, his dimple could be seen on his cheeks, which I would often playfully poke at times. He was a cool person, quite a player I would say. Smart and charming, that is what every girl said.

If anyone picked on me even the slightest during school, they had to go through him. Sometimes when he was home, he would sit with and help me finish my homework.

“I just reached a few minutes ago and wanted to check how my baby sis was doing,” he ruffled my hair earning him a pout from me as he laughed.

“I’m okay,” I replied while we sat on the floor.

“Really?” he asked raising one of his eyebrows.

I sighed knowing mom or dad might have told him about the whole incident that had happened two days ago.

“No,” I replied slowly, “I don’t even know how it happened.”

Eric chuckled listening to this.

“Can’t you help me, Eric,” I whined, “I’ll be missing TV.”

“You are worried about that? I don’t think it is a bad idea to go there,” he suggested squeezing my hand.

“What if someone sucks me dry before that?” I asked to which he started laughing.

“That won’t happen, sis,” he replied whipping tears from his eyes.

“But-” and he cut me off before I had to say anything.

“It’s not bad as it sounds,” Eric said cheering me up, “Just give it a try, okay? And I agree with your mother, it’ll be a good change.”

“Alright,” I said.

“Don’t worry you’ll be safe,” he kissed my forehead, “and if it makes you feel any better I know few of them there I’ll have them watch over you…okay?”

“Yeah,” I replied with a smile. Let me give it a shot it was for two months after all.

After our heavy discussion, Eric and I went out to watch a movie and shop at the mall. I brought a few clothes so that I could wear them when I stayed at the castle. I did not buy much though as Eric was paying for all of it. Eric knowing that took me to all the stores to buy stuff. Now that I think about it, he never gave a proper answer when I asked where he worked. We stopped by Baskin Robbins to get ice creams and came back home at nine and he had to go as he had work.

“Come on don’t be sad Eve,” Eric said pulling me to a hug. It made me sad that he was going so soon. God knows when I would see him again.

“I promise you’ll see me sooner than you expect,” he winked at me.

“Huh?” what was that supposed to mean.

“Don’t think so much it’ll hurt your pretty head,” he said tapping my head playfully.

“I hate you,” I said to him turning my head the other way.


“Honey, I think Eric’s getting late,” my dad said.

“Alright,” I gave him one last hug, “call me,” I yelled loudly as he walked out of the porch.

“Yeah,” he grinned waving his hand and got into his white sedan car, that was parked in front of our house. I saw his car leave and then got inside the house.

The day had finally come. Today I was going to the castle. I was as nervous as a jitterbug. Sebastian had called saying he would personally pick me up. Rini and Alex had come to see me off too. We were sitting on the couch, with my luggage kept near the door.

Mom had made sure I packed everything including few necessities which was actually not required. Dad and Alex spoke about how things were going on in the pack. The doorbell rang.

“Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock,” Sebastian greeted with a nod to which my parents greeted back. The room was silent like something was going to happen. Rini held my hand reassuringly.

“I’ll miss you,” she said as we hugged, “I hope you get kicked out of there real quick,” she whispered in my ear and pulled back to grin.

“Yeah, I hope so too,” I smiled.

“Take care,” said Alex giving me a hug and stood by Rini’s side holding her. I was definitely going to miss them.

“Mom,” I said as she engulfed me into a hug. She had few tears in her eyes.

“I feel like you’re going to your husband’s house already,” she said making me blush slightly and pulled away. Leave it to her for the dramatics!

“I love you to mom,” I told her trying to change the subject and she chuckled, “love you more sweetie,” kissing my forehead.

I then hugged my dad, “Stay safe sweetheart and call us when you reach there.”

“Yeah, dad.”

“Your daughter will be under our care. You have nothing to worry about her safety or comfort,” Sebastian said to dad as they shook hands, and then turned to face me, “Ready?”

I nodded my head. He picked one of my luggage and put it behind the car. He opened the door for me and I got inside his red car. He then moved to the other side and got in, starting the engine.




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