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Season 1

Episode 5

You seem oddly familiar,” the man said looking at me.

“Maybe you saw me at the ball,” I replied softly.

“That must be where I saw you then.”

“There’s a body inside the library,” I said trembling, “they killed him”.

“My people will see to it that you’ll have nothing to worry about,” he gave me an encouraging smile; “Let me give you a drop home, okay?”

I was reluctant. He was a vampire; Should I trust him?

“You can trust me,” he said to me as though reading my mind, “Come.” I followed him silently. Soon we approached a red car. He opened the door for me and closed it after I sat down, went to the driver’s seat and started the car. It was an amazing car although I did not know which model it was.

“How rude of me not to introduce, my name is Sebastian,” he introduced himself with a smile that showed his pearly white teeth.

“My name is Eve,” I replied.

“Eve huh? The one who won the lucky draw,” he said thoughtfully and then smiled more. It was creeping me out now. “What were you doing in such an old library? Malls are safer,” he said turning to his left.

“It has a huge collection, historical books I mean,” I replied holding my bag and playing with the strap.

“History?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, it’s fun.”

“Hmm, I see.” There was a long silence until I spoke again.

“Vampires aren’t supposed to kill or drink blood from us, right?” I asked him. I knew the law had stated it and no one would dare to break one.

“That it is. They were rogue vampires I believe, it’ll be investigated soon,” he told me, “But the v.i.r.g.i.n blood of a youngster is the sweetest blood which can attract vampires like a flower attracting the bee. It’s always better not to walk alone in these places”.

“Oh okay,” my cheeks had turned pink. I gave the directions to my home. Once we reached, I got out of the car and closed the door. Sebastian lowered the window.

“Thank you for saving me and giving me a ride home,” I thanked him. If it were not for him, I would be minced meat by now. The thought made me shudder.

“Not at all. All my pleasure darling,” he beamed at me, “Eve do you have a boyfriend?” he asked me now seriously.

“No, but at the end of my finals I might,” I said smiling. Rini had told me she had someone in her mind that she would like to set me up with.

Sebastian shook his head,”That won’t do Eve you’ve already been taken.”

“Huh?” I was perplexed now.

“Never mind that. You take care! See you soon,” he winked at me.

“Yeah,” I bid him goodbye as he left in his car. I walked through the door and went to the kitchen where mom was cooking dinner.

“Ma,” I hugged mom from behind,”what are you preparing? Smells good.”

“Just grilled chicken, did you get the books you wanted?” mom asked taking out plates from the cabinet.

“Yes, I found a few of them,” I replied quietly. The shop would never be open again; it was going to shut down after what happened today, I knew it. Poor Mr. Kleins…I began feeling guilty that maybe it was partly because of me he was dead. Perhaps I attracted the rogue vampires. I shuddered thinking about the gory memory I had seen. Something I was sure I wouldn’t forget in my life.

“I got it,” I took the plates from her, taking them to the dining table. Telling my parents would only mean more trouble – I would not get to go anywhere and would have a strict curfew. They would be worried knowing that their daughter almost got killed.

I finished my dinner quickly and went up to my room. I was still shaken about all that I had gone through in the past few hours. Picking up one of the books called ‘The River’ I read the prologue, but then kept it down. I could not concentrate on anything. I locked my windows and switched off the nightshade, going to sleep.

When I opened my eyes, it was nine in the morning. I rubbed my eyes groggily. I was brushing my teeth when my mom knocked on the door calling me.

“Evey?” mom called.

“Yeah mom, what is it?”

“Can you come down sweetie,” mom chirped.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” I told loudly from the bathroom. Washing my face I went down in my nightdress with a bunny sign on my top.

“What is it, mom?” I asked entering the hall.

“Eve,” a voice said to which my head turned to make my eyes go wide as I looked at the blonde haired person sitting right there in the hall.

“Sebastian,” I whispered.

“We meet again,” he smiled. What was he doing here??

What was he doing here? “What are you doing here?” I asked, not able to believe that he was here sitting on my couch, his pale face looking at me.

“Sit down Eve,” dad said motioning me to sit next to him. I sat and mom took the other spare space next to me.

“I’m here to remind you about the two months free trial education, that starts from next week, ” said Sebastian.

“What?” I asked shocked not able to process what he told.

“All the necessary things will be provided in the castle, here,” he said handing me a piece of paper,” all the details are in there and my contact number is here down.”

“But sir, she’s already-” my father tried reasoning but Sebastian cut him off.

“Mr. Whitlock your daughter will study in a different environment and it will be only for a span of two months,” Sebastian got up from the sofa.

This must be a stupid joke.”But what about my school? I don’t want to stop going to school,” I had the freedom to do what I wanted, after all, it was my life.

“As I said, you’ll be given special education in the castle and you can go back to your school after two months. You will even have special credits due to this. Thank you for the tea, Mrs. Whitlock,” he said as he got up and walked towards the door.

Dad looked like he was at loss of words and then sighed.

“I’ll take my leave now,” he bowed and left the place.

Mom spoke,” Such a handsome man .”

“Seriously mom?” I asked her. I bet she was super happy about me staying there.

“I think its fine sweetie. It’ll be a good change and you hardly go anywhere,” mom suggested.

“I’ll think about it, ” I replied.

I had tried calling Rini and Jessi after breakfast but Rinni had gone to pack meeting and Jessi was out of reach. I let my breath out closing my eyes lying on my bed. Sleep came quickly with having so much to think about.

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