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Season 1

Episode 4

had left the castle around a quarter past ten with my parents. I went straight to bed after changing into shorts and a tank top. My parents and friends threw questions at me when I returned to the table after the dance, asking me what I was doing dancing with the King. I had to explain that it was just a mere coincidence that he had asked me to dance. Rini had bombarded me with most questions about the King – how he was if he was rude or kind. Jessi, on the other hand, did not ask too many questions; she just advised me to be careful.

Nevertheless, I could not shake the thought of what he had said before I left. It sent chills down my spine, but at the same time, I felt a warm tingle deep in my body. Maybe it was just because I was attracted to him.

And what was with that trial free education thing? Was it some kind of scholarship?

Tomorrow, Jessi would leave for France. Coming to think of it, there would be no more sleepovers, shopping together, or watching movies. With Alex being the beta, Rini would soon be moving to the packed house and would have many responsibilities. Things were changing so quickly, and I was not very fond of it. Yawning, I stretched my legs and pulled the quilt closer as I fell asleep

In the morning, I went with Rini to see Jessi off. Although she was the strong one, Jessi had tears in her eyes before departure and promised to call us when she reached. William seemed a quite person who spoke only when required. I noticed he was waiting quite patiently for Jessi, as she hugged and bid goodbye. Although they were soul mates, they were not as open with affections as Rini and Alex but we did not miss the looks they gave each other.

“We’ll miss you,” I said quietly.

“Me too,” Jessi replied hugging me, “Will told you guys could come and stay with us there until vacation gets over.”

“Hey! I have pack duties!” protested Rini, “that’s not fair!”.

“Yeah,” I said, “maybe once you settle down completely we can come to visit you.”

“Alright then, I’ll talk to you guys later. Love you guys.”

“Love you too! Bye,” chorused both Rini and I.

“You better take care of her,” Rini playfully warned William for which he chuckled.

“Sure I will,” he replied, smiling.

Later that evening, I went grocery shopping with mom, which took, like forever! Dad had somehow escaped the torture by giving reasons that he was working late today, clever daddy.

I wanted to get a few books as I had a lot of free time. “Mom why don’t you go ahead, I’m going to make a stop at the bookstore,” I said to mom as she took the bags. “Okay sweetie,” my mom replied, walking out of the store, “Don’t wander around okay?”

“Yes Ma,” and I left, walking down the street and taking a left heading to where the bookstore was situated. I pushed the door, which made the bell tinkle above it.

It was like an old library with many shelves that contained almost every genre. Mr.klein who was in his fifties owned the place. He was very sweet and a warm person. I would often come here during vacations borrowing books after books.

“Eve,” the owner said in a happy tone, “I was wondering when you were going to visit”, making me smile.

“How do you do Mr. Klein?” I smiled.

“As good as a horse,” he replied, “Last week we had a few books shipped from Italy. They are in the B section, you might find them interesting”, pointing towards a section.

“Okay,” I headed towards the shelves examining all the books there. I picked three books from the romance section and one from history. I would never miss the romance novels. “Did you get the book I had asked you for the last time I was here?” I asked but did not get a reply. ‘Maybe he went out’ I thought.

Heading towards the counter I gasped at the sight. There was blood splattered on the wall. I took a step closer and saw Mr. Klein’s body limp on the ground.

“Mr. Klein?” quickly getting down on my knees I first checked for a pulse on him, placing my fingers on his wrist and neck and felt nothing. Oh God, what was I supposed to do! Call the ambulance or police? I felt dizzy by just looking at all the blood.

I took my cell phone out and started dialing a number when suddenly it was snatched from my hand. What the -? looking up I saw a man with pale skin. Vampire, my mind registered. My heart started beating loudly and felt as though it would burst out any minute.

“Calling for help were you?” he asked me with a sly smile, to which I did not respond. Think, think, I told myself. “What do you want?” I asked, trying to distract him.

“Kill you,” he told bluntly. My head spun even more. Talk about a direct approach. I was right near the counter and moved my hand cautiously to find a pencil or anything sharp.

“But why?” I questioned my attacker, trying to calm my nerves. I had to think straight if I was going to pull this off, “I just caught a flu yesterday, I won’t taste good”, I tried reasoning. This made him chuckle darkly. God this was scary. He was moving closer to me now. I found the pencil I was searching for behind my back and gripped it tightly.

In the blink of an eye, he was holding my neck ready to snap it. “Please don’t kill me,” I pleaded, “You already killed one”.

“Shut up girl,” he snapped at me.

I had to do it now. I brought my hand up and stabbed his neck. Take that ha! This action had taken him back. Taking the opportunity, I stabbed him again in the same spot making him groan. It resulted in him taking a few steps back. I grabbed other pens and pencils from the counter darting towards the door but froze in my tracks when I saw another one in front of me, standing in close proximity. If it weren’t for their red eyes and pale skin, I would have mistaken them as a human serial killer.

“Going somewhere?” he asked me in a wicked way. Did he think I was stupid or something? Of course, I was. What were two vampires doing trying to eat me? Wasn’t it banned?

“I told you to finish it quickly,” the man said to my killer who was right behind me. I was really scared by now, my entire body trembling.

“She stabbed me! You little-”

“Enough, let’s get this done”

I tried to run as soon as I heard that but was caught by the second killer.

“Let me go,” I screamed, struggling in vain.

“Stop moving girl,” said the one who had me now by the neck, “I don’t bite…much,” he gave me an evil grin, bearing his fangs slowly. I shut my eyes tightly. This was it. This was how I was going to die. I didn’t want to die. Oh god, please, please.

I saw my killers close in on me and then in a split second as I closed my eyes I saw a faint streak of something, which I probably imagined. Suddenly there were sounds of tearing and screaming. Scared of what I would see, I had still kept my eyes closed. I opened my eyes trembling from head to toe, clutching the bag tightly. I saw two bodies lying on the floor. On a closer look, I realized they were my killers. Their necks were punctured and blood was oozing out; this made me feel nauseous and I felt my world spinning around me.

“Are you alright darling?” said a voice in front of me. It was a tall blonde-haired man. I looked up to see blood red eyes. Another vampire? I gulped. He had a lean yet muscular frame and I realized I had seen someone similar to him next to the king but I wasn’t sure. He wore blue jeans with a pale blue formal shirt which now had few blood stains on it.

I nodded not trusting my voice, afraid I might squeak. I was so scared. In fifteen minutes I had seen things which I could have never thought of. “I’m sorry that you had to see such a sight,” he sighed looking at the bodies. He took out his cell phone from his jeans pocket and called someone.

“I need you to clean up something on the street of avenue….yeah….hmmm…I’ll be there in few minutes…okay,” he put his cell back in his pocket.

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