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Season 1

Episode 3

woke up to the sound of the buzzing alarm and snuggled closer to the pillow, covering my ears. I felt the soft bed beneath me and a blanket covering me. ‘Wait a second!’ I opened my eyes and sat up abruptly, causing a thud sound next to me.

“Ow! What was that for?” Jessi asked, rubbing her butt while sitting on the floor.

“I’m on a bed rather than the forest floor; what happened to the party!” I questioned, looking at her confused. The last thing I remembered yesterday was that I attended a party, saw a pixie and followed it into a forest. There I had met someone handsome.

“What forest are you talking about? Well, you fell asleep on the couch last night,” Jessi said getting up from the floor and sitting on the bed, rubbing her eyes sleepily, “The bartender found me and told me that you fell asleep. We got you home after that.”

Did the stranger last night drop me there? What was his name he told? Ah yes, it was Ruka. I hadn’t got to thank him properly. “What is it? Did something happen?” Jessi got into her over-protective mode when she saw me frowning. “I’m going to ki-”

“Sheesh! Calm down Jess,” I laughed. “I’m all good, see?”

Jessi inspected me with narrowing her eyes.

“Yes but not like that. He’s a vampire, and I’m his beloved,” Jessi said now smiling wide.

“What?!” Rinni and I exclaimed together. Rinni was standing at the door with a packet of ch.i.p.s in her hand.

“That’s so sweet!” I exclaimed, “I’m so happy for you!” This was perfect. Jessi was someone’s beloved. Beloved was a vampire’ mate just like how a werewolf has a mate.

“That is awesome! This calls for a group hug,” Rini pulled both of us for a hug. “And a celebration,” I added giggling. “So…Do tell us about him.”

“His name is William, and he works for His Highness. He seems to be twenty-five in the human age but he is around eight hundred years old. But I don’t mind it,” Jessi said dreamily. “He’s taking me on a date tonight. He’s just perfect!” she gushed.

“Aww,” cooed Rini, for which Jessi blushed.

We spent the morning speaking about the party, mostly about the big pool, which I had missed. I left out the part about the woods, not wanting them to worry. When it was mid noon, I left the place and headed back home. Lying on the bed, I wondered if I would ever be someone’s mate just like my best friends. I spent most of my time lost in my thoughts and playing Rise of Nations on my computer. It was nine past six and I was now standing in front of the mirror in my room, holding my comb, singing and swinging my body to the loud beats of Maroon5–one more night. I continued singing the song until I felt someone watching me. I turned to see my mother standing near the door with an amused look on her face.

“Mom!” I groaned.

“That was quite something! You should definitely join the dance club,” mom said, shaking her head.

“Only to be embarrassed,” I said rolling my eyes. I was initially interested, but the dance club was so crowded that I had freaked out and returned to my class. My mom was more of the modern type, wanting me to have a boyfriend, going out on dates – well, you could call her the romantic type. My parents had fallen in love, happily married. She wished I would have the same experience with love. Long ago, I did have a crush on this particular boy called Steven, but only to find out later that he already had a girlfriend and was just flirting with me. That was my last romantic experience one could say.

“Of course not,” mom defended shaking her head, “You would do wonderful honey.” She left the door, heading out. “Come on, dinner is waiting!” she called out.

“Yes, mom!” I shouted back. I went downstairs, entered the kitchen to get a glass of water and took a seat at the dining table, which was adjacent to it. Dad came and sat down beside me.

“How was last night, honey?” he asked me.

“Yeah, it was nice. There was a lot of music,” I said smiling. “Jessi ended up being a beloved to one guy!”

“Oh that’s lovely!” my mom clapped her hands together with excitement.

“That’s good to know,” my father smiled and nodded his head, filling his plate with the vegetables.

“It suits her personality and I’m sure they make a good pair.” They treated both Jessi and Rini as their own daughters, and so did my best friends’ parents. After all, we had practically grown together.

I finished eating and was in front of TV flipping channels when I heard mom speak. “They told in the television that there is a ball held in the castle,” she said excitedly.

My father asked surprised, “Really?”

“The whole family must attend,” she said.

“I see,” he nodded his head.

We had nothing against any of the supernatural beings, as they never interfered in our lives other than buying things from our pharmacy. That did not mean we weren’t wary of them. Nothing ever got printed in the newspapers or the magazines about any problems when it came to the supernatural beings doing something they were not supposed to, the matter would be shushed and cleared by the Royal court. I had heard rumors before of vampires sucking the life out of a human or the werewolves beating up humans into a pulp and about His Highness – how he was a cold and ruthless person. Some said otherwise though.

“What time is the ball?” dad asked her. “It said seven o clock, Wednesday,” she replied while picking her empty plate up walking to the sink.

A ball was not exactly my thing, not that I did not like it. Dressing up was something I liked, but talking to new people and having strangers’ eyes on me was something I was apprehensive about. Not to forget, this ball would definitely have vampires, werewolves, witches and of course a few humans.

“Is it really compulsory?” I asked trying to bail out. “You can just say I fell sick.” I was going to miss so many episodes of my serial on TV.

“No hon, it’s mentioned that everyone’s to attend and it would be rude to decline it. It’s just a ball; it’ll be over in no time.”

“Alright,” I said quietly, getting up from the table.

I helped mom clean up the table and kitchen, washed and dried the dishes and kept them in the cupboard. Opening the fridge, I picked an ice cream cone, peeling out the cover and ate it. I wished goodnight to mom and dad going up to my room. Not wanting to disturb Jessi’s date, I called up Rini.

“Hey, Eves.”

“Did you hear about the ball? The masquerade ball I mean.”

“Yeah I just heard it from Alex now,” Rini said.

“Why suddenly a ball now?” I asked, “Although they have been held before, humans have never been invited.”

“I guess everyone has been invited. Alex’s uncle told him that it was decided by the council for having a better relationship between all the beings.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, but it’s going to be fun!” Rini exclaimed from the other end. “There’ll be a lot of influential people and we’ll get to have a glimpse of His Highness close up, too. I heard he’s good looking and people faint in his presence in awe and fear.”

“Rini it’s a masquerade ball and with the masks, it’s not possible,” I pointed it out.

“But I bet it’ll just be grand! You’re coming right?” she asked.

“Yeah I’ll be coming, doesn’t seem like much of a choice,” I answered.

Rini yawned. “I’ll talk to you later then, goodnight Eves.”

“Goodnight Rins.” I cut the call and placed my phone on the nightstand, putting the lights out. Crawling on my bed, I pulled the blanket over myself. Closing my eyes I wished I would be someone’s mate or beloved, and be loved unconditionally. Something that every one wished for.

Just a day before the ball, Rini and I got to know that Jessi was going to move to France as her beloved was a Duke there. There were important matters that he had to attend there. Not that Jessi didn’t put a fight, but later on she compromised. They were going to leave once the masquerade ball got over. Jessi and Rini had a sleepover at my place that night, as we would not get to do it anymore. I was really going to miss her.

The day of the ball had finally come. I decided to pull my black hair back and tie it up completely, into an elegant bun. I wore a deep green gown that showed my shoulders. I put a very light makeup on myself, the usual Eve look, highlighting my eyes with an eyeshadow and a little blush.

“EVE, are you ready?” mom called out from the hall. “We need to leave now.”

“Just a minute,” I yelled from my room. I wore my heels and lastly put on my mask. It was a silver one with gold covered intricate edges. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and took a deep breath. ‘Alright,’ I thought, allowing myself a half smile at my appearance, and left my room.

It was an hour’s ride to the castle. Just like in the movies, it was situated between lots of trees away from the city. The walls surrounding the elegant-looking castle were huge. I saw the other guests getting out of their vehicles and heading towards the main entrance. Everything about this place was beautiful, and it was obvious that the architect had given a lot of thought into designing it.

I saw guards standing inside and out guarding the place. The trip was definitely worth it, I thought to myself. My parents and I went through the main door and were escorted into the main hall where the ball was held. My dad saw my nervousness and said,

“Honey it’s just a ball,” patting my back lightly.

“Yeah,” I breathed deeply. I tried adjusting my mask which I felt was tied tightly.

“Look!” mom chirped pointing out to where Rini, her parents and Alex’s family were seated. We went to their table, occupying the empty seats. Jessi had informed both Rini and me that she would be coming with her beloved later on. Rini was looking pretty with her purple gown. The hall was filled with people now – it was hard to distinguish between the humans, werewolves, witches, and vampires. Everyone looked the same to me. Then a person walked into the hall, causing the whole room to fall silent.

“His Majesty has arrived.” The announcer called.

The King had made his appearance. Everyone bowed. It was hard to catch a glimpse of the King’s face though, due to the crowd. Two men followed him closely, where one was as tall the king and the other was a little shorter compared to them.

“Let the ball begin,” the King’s voice boomed throughout the hall. He moved to sit on the wide, throne. He was wearing black trousers and a vest, his hair swept behind neatly. He was quite tall and looked muscularly lean. Well, I expected an old fat bearded person as the king…kinda like Santa Claus but stupid me. Of course, he would be attractive. After all, he would naturally be a supernatural being too. He wore a black mask through which his red eyes could be seen. He had an air of authority surrounding him. Everybody around him looked nervous.

Soon, the melodious music of the waltz started. People had started dancing by now. Alex had taken Rini to dance, they looked adorable together. All the nervousness building, I felt the need to go to the washroom before anyone could ask me for a dance and I excused myself. The staffs there were kind enough to guide me to the nearest restroom. I took my own sweet time. The bathroom was big, like every other thing in this castle. Huge mirrors adorned the wall with paintings hung next to them.

When I came out, I did not know if I had to take a left turn or a right. I remembered that I had come through a staircase, taking a few turns. Mentally scolding myself for not keeping track, I took a right. If I got lost, I could ask the first person I met for directions. I saw a few of the maids passing and hurried towards them.

“Eh, which way is the hall?” I asked them.

“Take the second left and then another left then go down the stairs, you’ll find it miss,” one of the maids replied.

“Thank you.”

The castle looked old but well maintained. I noticed there were many, many paintings as I walked through the corridor, examining each one of them. The music was audible here and I realized the hall was right there ahead of me. I was near the entrance of the hall. I turned my head to see a breathtakingly beautiful view of the estate – the dark night with the twinkling stars in the sky and the dark forest as the backdrop. I was having a headache now due to the mask and I wanted nothing but to take it out.

I stood there looking at it dreamily until my cell phone beeped. It was from dad asking me where I was. I texted back telling him I was on my way. I went back later walking through the entrance of the hall towards my parent’s table but after a few steps, I was stopped by a velvety voice behind me.

“You took your sweet time to come back.”

My head snapped looking behind; it was the King himself, with a red drink in his hand, leaning against the wall casually, in the hall. Was he talking to me?

“Are you enjoying the ball?” the king asked monotonously looking at people around.

“Ah…yes,” I replied.

He stepped forward and standing dangerously close to me. My heart sped up with fear. Was he keeping an eye on me or something?

“You have nothing to fear in me,” he said, noticing my heart beat.

“Do you not like it?” he asked me referring to the ball. It was better to tell than lie, I decided. I knew that vampires could detect a lie.

“I had been to the washroom, but then I didn’t know my way back and then asked for directions,” I said fidgeting with my dress. My parents were sitting in the other corner due to which they couldn’t see me.

“Wandering around is not a good thing here for a human. Who knows whose drink you might end up as,” he said, looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes. I gulped.

Few women eyed me as though I was a new museum piece. People who passed by us bowed their head and greeted him where we stood. One man walked towards us and bowed his head in a sign of respect.

“Your Highness the box is ready as you asked for,” the man informed him.

“Hmm, that’s good. Ask Sebastian to meet me later,” he said and the man nodded leaving us. He murmured something to himself, which I could not catch. I started feeling awkward as seconds passed, with both of us staying there just listening to the music that played.

“Eve…” he spoke my name to himself with a sly smile. “Say, what do you think about vampires, werewolves, and witches being mates for humans,” he asked me. What was he asking that for? It was like going through an interview.

“I think its really cool. A few centuries back this might not have been the case as things weren’t this smooth but as time has passed relationsh.i.p.s have formed and learned to coexist with each other.”

“That’s good to know,” he replied. I looked at his face properly for the first time, and it oddly seemed to resemble someone I knew, but I couldn’t put my finger on it when he had a mask on.

“Did anyone trouble you in past anytime?” he asked me and saw his red eyes glow.

“They haven’t,” I replied. “My friends stick together so we don’t get into trouble, but the bullying does happen with the others. The few who I have met are good. I suppose it’s natural to have a few rotten apples in the basket,” I blabbered. What was I saying! Oh god, my head would end up on the guillotine if I kept talking like this for sure.

“Hmm, I see,” he chuckled lightly.

“You have a beautiful castle,” I complimented, trying to break the silence between us.

“That it is,” was all he said.

He turned towards me, “Will you do me the honor of dancing with me?” He had brought his right hand up, his palm held open.

“I don’t know how to dance in a ball,” I replied, panicked.

“Follow my lead, love.” Hearing him use an endearment, my cheeks heated up. “I won’t bite you,” he smiled mischievously and took hold of my hand, leading me to the dance floor.

The music turned out to be a little – well, at least I did not have to move around a lot. His left hand held my right, and with his other hand, he held my waist pulling my body closer to his and guiding me. I felt butterflies in my tummy and a little heady. He placed my left hand on his shoulder lightly. We moved to the music slowly, twirling around in circles.

The guests in the ball had noticed their King dancing with me by now – some strange girl who many didn’t recognize, as not only did I have my mask on, but also due to the dull lighting. I felt many eyes on me as we danced. I wished the song would get over soon.

I hid my face lightly in his chest; thankfully I was much shorter than him. “I see your ankle is healed,” he whispered in my ear. My head shot up, my eyes meeting his.

“But…” I spluttered as I was lost for words. “Your eyes had the color of amethyst last time! And your body was warm!” Now his eyes were red and cold. I had known that I had seen him before. Was it even possible? To have two different colored eyes at two different times. Ruka!? He was the king!!?

“I’m glad to see you’re okay. By the way, you look lovely tonight.”

“Um, thank you…”

The song had come to an end. I tried retreating when he caught my hand.

“Eve…” his eyes bore into mine. “I have my eyes on you. Until the next time we meet.” He bent his head and kissed my hand, and then released me.

I was in a daze. I mumbled a goodbye and walked back quickly to where my parents were seated.

A person got on the stage after a while and announced .”There will be free trial education given to three people, sponsored by the royal court,” she said having a big box in front of him, “Here in the box are papers that hold names of every person. The person’s name that will appear will have the privilege to stay in the three different locations. One in the royal court, another in the War force and lastly is the castle for two months of study,” he said.

There was murmuring in the crowd after his speech. Everybody stayed silent later once he put his hand inside the box to see what was going to happen. He pulled out a sheet of paper from the box and then read,

“Ms. Erika Simpson,” he called out the name, “In royal court.” He then pulled out another sheet of paper.

“Mr. James Matthew, War force,” he announced and then he pulled out the last sheet.

“Ms. Eve Whitlock, Castle.”


“Wow,” was my friend’s reaction.

“What?” my dad said surprised.

But Mom squealed like a teenager, “My daughter is going to stay in the castle,” she said excitedly.



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