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Season 1

Episode 8

When I entered the dining room, I saw a long rectangular table. There was a chandelier on the center top of the ceiling. Beautiful paintings were hung above just like other things in this castle. It had this golden warm look, which added beauty to this place.

Ruka was already seated at one end of the table where a head would sit and next to him Sebastian was present. I saw Grenda bow taking her leave. Ruka was wearing a black V shirt that showed his chest and his muscles.

“Eve,” Ruka gestured towards a chair next to him he said, “sit here.”

Hesitantly I walked and took my seat which was next to him. I looked everywhere other than him. He made me extremely nervous.

“Won’t others be joining?” I asked as I looked around.

“It’ll be just be us today,” Sebastian, chirped, “few of them will be back by tomorrow.”

“Oh okay.” Sebastian grinned looking at Ruka.

When I looked at Ruka, his eyes were intently watching me making me feel clumsier. I saw his lips curl so slightly, could I consider that as a smile?

Servants entered holding food in their hand elegantly and placing them on the table. So many dishes were placed that my mouth started watering. Steak, seafood, sausages and many more were on the table.

The glass next to me was filled with a pink liquid and the glasses of Ruka and Sebastian were filled with something red. Was that blood?

“It is,” as though reading my mind Ruka answered my doubt. I wondered if he had the ability to read minds.

Both of them picked the fork taking hold of the items they were going to eat. Seeing this I put chicken sausage and salad on my plate and began munching it slowly not wanting to be seen as a hogger.

The meal was super quiet unknowingly I was humming a tune and realized it when Ruka wore an amused look. Sebastian just chuckled at it. Crap.

“Will Eve be attending Preston’s?” Sebastian asked out of nowhere as he drank his wine.

Preston’s?? It was a highly regarded educational institute that gave the best quality education. Mostly only rich humans, vampires and werewolves attended there. They had best out of best things. To sum it up it was a prestigious place where people like us only dreamt of going.

“Yes, that’s already fixed,” Ruka replied curtly and turning to me he informed, “you will start tomorrow.”

What?! I didn’t get settled yet and here they already are sending me to school . They had a different deal before.

“But didn’t you tell me that i would be taught right here?” I asked Sebastian. I remember him saying something like that.

“Oops I misplaced the words,” he faked a gasp earning a glare from me.

“It won’t be a problem, will it?” Ruka asked raising his perfect brow.

“Ah no,” I mumbled not wanting to cross him, after all it was just two months.

“Good,” he said, “It starts from nine so be sure to be ready by then,” and I nodded my head to it.

Three maids entered carrying three bowls and placed it. I looked to see delicious looking ice cream with nuts,pastries. Yummy.

One of the maid served us then left bowing her head. I took my spoon and spooning the pastry first. This was amazing, it melted like butter in my mouth. I really had to get this recipe when I meet the chef.

I was so occupied in the world of pastries and ice cream when someone called out my name.



Ruka put his right hand next to my face that the his palm rested on my cheek and his thumb rubbed my skin next to my lips.

“You have got cream on your face,” he said in his low voice. I felt his thumb stroking my skin so ever softly. I had literally stopped breathing; the whole thing took me by surprise and heated up my face instantly.

“Um thanks.”

Someone coughed and I saw Sebastian trying to hold in a smile and intently eat. Ruka looked annoyed and took back his hand.

The rest of the meal was quiet and I excused myself after eating from there feeling awkward and not to forget I had school to attend. I went up to where my new room was closing the doors behind me.

Going to the other side of the room I went to the balcony feeling the breeze. The weather here was definitely more cold and clean. I had a bad feeling about tomorrow. Would people be nice or bullies. How was I going to even cope up with studies?

My cell phone rang and saw it was from dad shit I forgot to call. I answered.

“Sweetheart, did you reach?” he asked worried.

“Yes dad, finished dinner too,” I replied.

“Oh that’s goo-” I heard the sound of shuffling on the other end, “hey-“.

“Sweetie are the people nice there?” my mom asked worried apparently snatching away the phone from dad..

“I haven’t met many of them but so far they have been nice,” I told her. I had interacted with only Ruka, Sebastian and Grenda till now, “I have my own room too.”

“Oh that’s good,” I heard my mom’s excitement. I could hear dad say something to mom,” Alright honey, I think you might be tired. Call us okay. I miss you.”

“Miss you too mom.”

“Goodnight sweetie.”

“Goodnight mom,” I then sent voice messages to Rini and Jessi that I had reached.

I got inside and brushed my teeth later changing myself into my cute pj’s. I was placing my clothes in the cupboard when there was a knock on my door. Might be Grenda I thought.

“Come in,” I was setting the clothes and turned to ask her if she could get me a spare cloth but only to be greeted by Ruka who stood there solid as a rock.

He just kept on staring at me. Did I look weird? crap Pj’s I cursed myself.

“Tomorrow on the way is it okay if I make a stop? I would need money for lunch,” I asked fidgeting. This made him growl lightly.

“You won’t be paying for anything when I’m there,” he took out a wallet from his jeans and pulled out a card, “Here use this for anything you want.” It didn’t look like this topic was up for discussion and accepted it from him.

“Did the maid tend to your needs?” he asked his purple eyes boring into mine. It was as though it was made of glass. I hadn’t come across such a color. So mesmerizing yet deadly.

“Yes, thank you.” It was not that I needed a maid. I was perfectly fine without one. He sat on the edge of bed looking around the room.

“Your hig- ” I caught myself as he looked at me with an annoyed look,”I mean Ruka when will I get to go back home after all this?” I asked him, “I don’t want to be an adviser,” being upfront about this whole thing would be good. The clearer the better.

“I know that you didn’t want to come here but there has been quite a mess around the town and leaving you unprotected is something I wouldn’t want to in the current situation,” he told me, “Being called for trial education was just an excuse. The day you were attacked I don’t think it was a mere coincidence that they came after you.”

“What?!” did I hear that right, “You’re telling me that those two vampires had specifically come to kill me?”

“Yes that’s what we think,” he said in a matter of fact.

“We? But why?”

“By we I meant Sebastian and I. You will know it in time.”

“No way! That’s impossible, why anyone would want me dead when I haven’t done anything wrong,” I justified.

“I know love,” he got up from the bed pulling my hand and embraced me, “You’ll be safe here. I’ll protect you myself,” the last part of his sentence sending butterflies in my stomach. My body first got rigid at the gesture but loosened later.

What was this fluttery feeling I got when he hugged me. It was a new overwhelming feeling my heart burst out.

“And you have nothing to worry about school,” he said pulling back looking at me now, “I’ll see to it that you’ll be taken care.”

The next action what he did had my mind frozen. He bent his body facing me in eye level and pressed his lips on my cheek. It was a soft feathery kiss.

“Goodnight love,” he wished me with a smile and left the room.

I was sure I looked like a gaping fish with my eyes and mouth hanging wide open. A handsome hunk; my king; our king had kissed my cheek as though it was nothing. Was that how royalty wished goodnight? Of course not!

But as much as I wanted to scold him for kissing me, I was imagining how soft and sweet the contact was. I was really hopeless.

I got into bed with my face still red with the gesture, pulled the quilt over and switched off the light. Yawning like a cat I closed my eyes.

I woke up early in the morning not able to sleep that well with the thoughts of school and the kiss I received last night. Getting up I hopped into the warm shower. There were so many shampoos, soap bars that smelt exotic and aromatic oils. Quite a collection. Washing my body, I wrapped my body with the towel and got out. I wore a skinny jeans and a top wearing white sweater on it. I applied some cream to protect my skin from the sun and my usual eyeliner. Checking myself in the mirror, I felt myself good to go.

It was eight past eleven. I got out of my room and spotted Grenda coming towards my room.

“Morning Miss Eve,” she greeted me.

“Good morning Grenda,” I replied cheerfully. I was hungry and needed something to eat, “Is the breakfast ready?” I asked her.

“Yes Miss, why don’t you go ahead I’ll send someone to prepare for you,” she offered me and I said okay. I walked down the hall. Servants were moving around cleaning the place. I did not find Ruka or Sebastian. I was drinking my orange juice when I spot Sebastian coming. He waved at me smiling and I smiled back.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked me while he grabbed a toast and ate it.

“Yeah,” I replied back. I wondered where Ruka was.

“I’m leaving now sorry we are not able to have breakfast,” he apologized, “There’s a situation that came up at the north border. Ruka left early in the morning to attend it and I’m supposed to be there now.”

“That’s not a problem,” I told him assuring. He ruffled my hair.

“Hey,” I whined and he chuckled.

The driver is out waiting, eat up quick,” he chuckled and left. I looked at the watch and gasped. It was 8.30am already and I gulped the remaining juice. Picking my bag I went out walking quickly there was a car in front and I got inside as the driver held the door for me.

“How far is Preston’s from here?” I asked the driver as he started the car.

“Twenty minutes ma’am.”

“Okay,” and laid back in my seat. Lucky me I had my headphones in my bag so I listened to my music staring out of the window. Finally, I reached the school and got out of the car. Augustus, my driver told me that he would come to pick me up after I was done with my classes. I added his number into my phone just in case I would need it.

Oh my, I thought looking at the buildings. This was much better than what I had heard. Taking a deep breath, I started walking inside the building. Most of them here looked like a supermodel from the catalog from head to toe. The clothes and accessories looked expensive.

Now where was the main office. I had to ask as I was in the wrong side. After ten minutes I found it. A grim lady sat there looking at a few doc.u.ments.

“Hi, I’m here to collect my schedule?” I called out.

“Name?” she asked in a bored tone.

“Eve Whitlock.”

She pulled out the drawer and took out a sheet handing it to me.

“Thank you,” I looked at the paper to see which was my first class.

Class 3H:Literature-MrGrant.

Class 1C:Advance Mathematics.




And the list went on. I had lunch break at one well that was good. I reached my class and knocked on the door enough to catch the teacher’s attention. I caught even the student’s attention feeling their eyes on me.

I showed him my letter, which told that I was a new transfer student.

“Class we have a new student,” he announced, “Why don’t you introduce yourself.” To say I was nervous was an understatement. I faced towards the class.

“Hi my name’s Eve Whitlock. And I um ..ah.. like to sketch,” that was enough right. I saw people staring, some smile , and a few girls glaring at me. Well, was I not popular already.



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